Handy tools for home – The essential list

26 Mar, 2021

Handy tools for home – The essential list

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If you have recently bought a house it wont be long before you are reaching for some tools. Every homeowner needs a number of vital tools that they can reach for in a crisis. Whether it’s a hammer to pin down a loose floorboard or put a picture on the wall. Or a wrench to tighten or loosen a water pipe that’s causing trouble. For a quick look at what tools might be handy check out this list of essential tools.

Here is a list of some handy tools that you must have at home

handy tools
The all time time favourite has to be the manual screwdriver

Have you ever had a toolbox at your home? If No, then you might have faced some problems on certain occasions. The toolbox is one of the primary necessities of any home. 

There are certain necessary tools, which are required at home from time to time. For example, if the screw of the switchboard is loose, you may just simply tighten it with a screwdriver. You are not supposed to call the electrician for the simple tightening of screws in the switchboard. An immediate reaction is required in some tragedies. To deal with such tragedies and for immediate repair, you must have essential tools at home.

The handy tools list for home

Buying the quality tool is just a one-time investment. However, you’ll be glad you did it for a long time. Maintenance of any house is dependent on the presence of the toolbox. One such must contain all the simple equipment required generally. With the help of tools, you can do common repairs at home by yourself.

There are a variety of tools one must require at home:

Manual screwdriver

One of the most important handy tools required at home is a screwdriver. Multiple functions are performed by this tool such as tightening of loose screws. Furniture is assembled by it and also required for the tightening of various knobs. 

Suppose you have to upload a scenery frame on the wall and there is no screw in it. Will you wait for a carpenter or a pro to fix a single frame for you? Definitely not! You must have a manual screwdriver and be capable enough to use it efficiently.

Claw hammer

Another essential tool that must be present at home is the Claw hammer. Different functions are performed using these instruments. There are different types of hammers available depending on functions and quality. Claw hammer is one of them. 

The Head of this hammer has two sides. One is the flat surface used for striking and hitting different items such as nails. Another side of the head has a V-shaped notch, which is used for nail extraction from the walls or any surface.


Many household things are generally connected with the help of nuts and bolts. The wrench is required if you want to tighten or lose these nuts and bolts. Two types of wrenches are there, one is fixed and the other is adjustable. An adjustable wrench adapts to the size of the nut and bolt. Fixed wrenches are found in different sizes. 


A handsaw is a blade that presents sharp cutting edges attached to the handle. It seems unlikely and yet it really does qualify for the handy tools list. Every home needs one. Quick cuts in wood can be made using a handsaw. These are easier, simpler, and faster in action comparable to a power saw. 

Generally, these saws are required for various repairing purposes and small-scale buildings. Used to cut the damaged piece somewhere or replace the board. You can save the carpenter fees if you have a hand saw at home and you know how to use it.  

Measuring tape

In daily household activities, you will frequently need some kind of measurement. So you must have a measuring tape at home. Various measurements can be taken using this in centimetres, inches, or feet. For example, if you want to lay carpet in a room, you’ll need to measure the room dimensions accurately.

Similarly, measuring a pipe you need to replace, or for assessing how much space a new appliance will absorb in a room. And to remodel your house, you must measure every dimensions of the house.

handy tools
A number of the handy tools you’ll need as a homeowner

Utility knife

A toolbox of your essential handy tools is incomplete without a utility knife. A safe type of such knife can be used for multiple tasks like opening boxes or cutting wallpapers. Using a scissor otherwise can be difficult in such cases. The risk of damage is reduced with utility knives as the blade is stored inside when not in use. Whenever you need it, it can be extended easily.

A good knife should be comfortable and easy to use by comprising a secure handle. It must have extra storage for more blades. In this way, you can switch to the type of blade you require at a particular time. Having a utility knife in your toolbox frees you from requiring a pro for smaller tasks like cutting or trimming.

A final word on handy tools for home

Every homeowner must have its own toolbox consisting of these basic useful tools. Moreover, at any time you might start looking for one or other of these tools. Therefore, don’t rely on professional contractors for each and every task it’ll be expensive. So, make one such toolbox for your home by adding the above-mentioned gadgets to it.

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