Harrow Pet Sitter and The Boys’ Den

12 Nov, 2023

Harrow Pet Sitter and The Boys’ Den

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Meet Robin our Harrow pet sitter who cared for Blair and Lean in a ‘smart’ home. Robin tells us of his Harrow sitter tales and adventures with these adorable dogs an a great location. Read on to learn more about the Harrow sitter and The Boys Den.

Harrow Sitter and The Boys Den

two pet dogs posing for a the Harrow pet sitter
The Boys posing for the Harrow Sitter

Nine-year-old Westie Blair, and two-year-old Frenchie Lean, live in a Harrow, London. They lie share an open-plan twin-bed den (just like Harry Potter). Much like Privet Drive Harrow is a quiet suburb with friendly neighbours and winding streets and tidy rows of tidy houses.

Darren and Nick are the proud parents, albeit squibs to Blair and Lean. They are bewilderingly organised and would give Hermione a run for her money.

Pets dine in and the Harrow pet sitter dines out

The neighbourhood is culturally diverse, at local restaurants, or delivered by Nimbus, you can enjoy lasagne for breakfast, Malai Kofta for lunch and vanilla slice for dinner.

a West highland terrier lying on a couch
Blair seated on a Muggle sofa

Just around the corner there is a boutique collection of shops, including a pharmacy (Muggle for Potions Storeroom) restaurants and a supermarket, however, Blair and Lean prefer to eat-in on a human tested selection of turkey, beef, salmon and vegetable meals.

Harrow pet sitter enjoys a ‘smart’ home

two dogs with toys on a sofa
Lean is always ready to play with his toys

The home is a magical home, also known as a ‘smart’ home akin to the Wesley household. The lights turn on with rectangular wands, the climate automatically adjusts to optimal temperatures and an iridescent viewing screen appears at the foot of the bed in the Master bedroom.

Alexa the household ghost will obey your commands to summon every musical score ever written, read you global wizarding and Muggle news or answer any of your curiosities – her voice will sound throughout the home including the lavatory and cooking quarters.

dog appears to be climbing a sky scraper but instead is lying on a carpet with an image of a sky scraper
Lean in the magical home

Discovering the neighbourhood a Harrow pet sitter lives like a local

The night bus or day bus will take you to the nearest train station and into central London in 25 minutes. You can reach everything you need within walking distance, including a vast park where Blair and Lean love to roll and stroll on the grass.

There is also a golf course for mild exercise or sealing business deals, tennis courts for Wimbledon inspired rallies and the famous Harrow-on-the-Hill Landmark – the original Harrow Township before the mostly Muggle population grew and flowed down onto the plains of modern-day Harrow.

West Highland terrier looking across a room seated on a chaise longue
Blair posing for another photo

If your visit is timely there will be a fair at the nearby Quidditch grounds and every Sunday there is a flea market a short bus ride away where you can find vintage Muggle tools, formal and less formal robes, or a used set of Bludgers, you may even find some antique diadems and home made Muggle delicacies.

Harrow sitter made friends on the pet sit in Harrow

The Boys quickly become friends in exchange for regular meals and attention from this Harrow pet sitter. Whether you end up pet sitting in Harrow or else where consider joining HouseSit Match as your housesitting and pet sitting platform.


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