Has the Doctor made a preventable mistake? What to do

23 Feb, 2021

Has the Doctor made a preventable mistake? What to do

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Whether you are a housesitter travelling or a homeowner at home you may need medical treatment at sometime or another. Often the homeowner will create a ‘book of the home’ with useful contact details. At Housesitmatch we offer the ‘The Easy Sit Guidelines’ document for free. In this document there should be details of local Doctors, Vets and other professional services you might need on a housesit. But what happens when something goes wrong? What happens if you believe the Doctor made a preventable mistake? Here is a short blog that describes what you might do to explore your options, especially if you are in the USA.

What to Do After a Doctor Made a Preventable Mistake

Recent stats have shown that medical errors have increased to become the third cause of death in the U.S. Other statistics have describe at least one patient in every seven patients receives care in hospitals as a victim of medical errors. These horrifying numbers are an indication that many people are experiencing their worst nightmares. Many factors and dimensions that must be taken into consideration when dealing with such situations. If you or someone you know have been a victim of medical errors, we have some essential steps that must be considered to claim your rights back.

doctor made a preventable mistake
Consider your options if you think there was a medical error


Are Preventable Mistakes Considered Malpractice?

Approximately, there are 440 thousand patients die from medical errors every year.  These are described as situations where the Doctor made a preventable mistake. The majority of us postpone being admitted to a hospital as the very last option when we are dealing with any health issue. Patients who find themselves laying on a hospital bed have put their trust in those who are responsible for their health.

However, even doctors can still make mistakes due to many reasons. Errors made by doctors whether they have been caused by misdiagnosis, lack of communication, or any other reason, are still a form of medical practice regardless of the fact that they were preventable or not.

Seek Help

Regulated laws for medical malpractice and preventable errors vary from one state to another in the U.S. In the state of South Carolina, there is a statutory compensation limit. Seasoned lawyers who specialize in such cases from stewartlawoffices.net have stated that this point must be known and understood by the plaintiff to make a calculated decision on whether their case should be taken to court or settled. Seeking legal help from those who specialize in such cases can give peace of mind. Let their expertise, knowledge, and skill work in your favor. These professionals will raise your claim in the right way, at the right time, and they will carry the responsibility of getting the injured party the right compensation amount for the troubles and turmoil they have gone through. So if you think the Doctor made a preventable mistake, seek help. 

Treating Emotional Trauma

The idea of putting your life in the hands of medical professionals, only to end up with more harm can leave an emotional scar. This accident can lead anyone to become traumatized and scared from going to hospitals. Physicians also deal with a constant deep sense of guilt. A sense of inadequacy develops along with self-doubt, self-loathing, embarrassment, and frustration. Scientific research has shown that this traumatizing experience can leave healthcare workers to end up with a number of symptoms. For example, they can suffer from insomnia, severe anxiety regards the possibility of making more fatal future errors. Sometimes it is based on increased job dissatisfaction. Some might be able to get over these symptoms in weeks. Or the symptoms may persist for months and years that results in constant burnout.

We rely heavily on our medical professionals to get it right every time


Help Others

Unfortunately, the impact of preventable errors, specifically, goes way beyond patients and physicians. The circle of those hurt might include loved ones close to the patient. Medical errors vary in severity from no side effects, rashes, and itching, to death. Preventable errors can leave close family members and other loved ones devastated. It is the fact that a Doctor made a preventable error. It could all have been prevented. This feeling can leave a long lasting impact deeper than death itself. These feelings can be much harder to deal with.

Some family members of patients who died because a Doctor made a preventable mistake described a sense of “profound isolation”. While trying to deal with this experience they get disconnected from the world around them.

Consider Therapy

In many cases, getting help from a psychiatrist or therapist can be just as important as getting medical attention. Therapy alone, however, is not sufficient. The patient must build a strong support system to help them get through. In a study conducted with some victims of medical errors, patients reported a long-term impact. This often unfolded in their homes, families, and community such as PTSD, social and behavioral changes. Therefore, seeking therapy is considered  essential for the patients and others affected by this error to be able to move on.

Dealing with medical errors for both parties involved is a laborious process. There are often intricate details to be documented that go way beyond just physical pain. The impact of those accidents can severely hit patients, loved ones, communities, and physicians. Dealing with pain and emotional trauma healthily is extremely important to move on and stop the vicious cycle of hurt.

Even if you are a housesitter travelling between gigs, if you feel there was medical negligence think about what you can do. And then if you feel the Doctor made a preventable mistake, consider your options. 


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