Healthy cats are happy cats

12 Sep, 2019

Healthy cats are happy cats

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As every pet owner will know pet health is essential not just for your peace of mind but for your pet’s state of mind. Read on to learn about how in our view healthy cats make happy cats.

Healthy cats are happy cats –

By and large the adage that a healthy pet is a happy pet is pretty much true, as any pet owner can attest. With cats it may be harder to detect the degree of happiness, there is very rarely a wagging tail or lolling tongue waving at you with glee. Some types of cats, like orange cats actually are more vocal than others according to a veterinarian quoted in the National Geographic.
Nonetheless, to maintain good health in any pet and more especially in cats can be achieved by following a few simple tenets. Here are some simple guidelines for cat owners and cat sitters alike to show you that healthy cats are happy cats.
healthy cats
A healthy cat is a happy cat

This September Make Sure Your Cat is Healthy And Happy

September is National Happy, Healthy Cat Month. And what is the best way to celebrate this month? By having a happy and healthy cat of course! Cat minders experienced at cat sitting will tell you that cats, contrary to stereotype, are actually easy to please.

Making sure that your feline buddy is healthy may require you to put in a bit of effort but it will be well worth it in the end. For scrupulous pet parents, every month should be Happy, Healthy Cat Month. But, September is as good a time as any to raise awareness for the endeavours that must be performed for our feline friends.

healthy cats

Managing healthy cats – A Time To Heal

One sure way to make your cat is happy is to make sure they’re healthy. You should never wait until you think that your cat might be sick before going to the vet. Cats can be a bit secretive about their pain. This is an evolutionary holdover from when their ancestors lived in the wild.

Take Kitty to the vet for both preventive treatments and regular check-ups. Banish bugs from bedeviling your beautiful, beloved kitty cat. Parasites can even be a problem for indoor cats. Ask your vet about applicable prevention methods.

Should you find pet health care and medication expensive it can be a comfort to know that health insurance is available for cats. Look into it. And if you have a housesitter minding your cat you need to brief them on what to do to treat your cat in your absence. Remember healthy cats are happier.

healthy cats
Some cats need more attention and care – healthy cats make happy cats

Managing healthy cats – A Time To Eat

Most pet parents find that they have no trouble at all getting their healthy cat to eat. Meat is a cat’s favorite food. Cats require food that is high in protein and low in carbs. Cats are obligate carnivores. This means cats must have meat. Your cat food should list meat of some sort as the first ingredient.

There should be no artificial colors, fillers or additives in your cat’s food. Every cat has individual nutritional needs. Ask the vet what would be good.

A common and dangerous mistake is to overfeed your cat. It is so easy to conflate food with love and give your beloved pet more food than you should. Kitty will not turn down extra food. The result is a portly tortie with a high risk towards cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Make sure your cat is getting enough exercise as well.

Managing healthy cats – A Time To Play

One of the best ways to ensure you have healthy cats is to see that she’s having fun. If she has scratching posts and climbing trees she can have fun without ruining your home. Play with her, show her care. Give her toys she can pounce on.

A Time To…You Know…

This may seem like a small thing but it’s a big deal to a cat. Cats like being neat and clean. Grooming is not the only way to keep a cat tidy. Cats like their litter box to be clean. And you will too! Select a tray and litter that suits your cat best.

Do you want to learn more ways to keep your cat healthy and happy?

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