Hiring petsitters? Try a more affordable way

22 Apr, 2021

Hiring petsitters? Try a more affordable way

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If you are a pet owner and need sitters from time to time consider using a service like Housesit Match when you are thinking of hiring petsitters and trusted house sitters. Housesitmatch will help you find suitable pre-checked petsitters, at a fraction of the cost of paid sitters. This is especially helpful when you go away on holiday and simply can’t take your pet with you. Read on to learn more about this very affordable housesitting and petsitting service.

5 Benefits of using pet sitters when you are away

hiring petsitters
Go online to find checked free sitters with HouseSitMatch.com

Pets are like family members for most petowners. No matter what type of pet you have, a cat, a dog, a parrot, a lizard, or a spider you adopt them like family.

The point is that you love your pet. It has been known that students will check domyhomework123 reviews and then order essays there to have more time to spend with and look after their beloved pets. That’s what they tell their parent’s anyway.

Thinking about hiring petsitters

If you are thinking about paying to hire pet sitters think about an alternative way  to approach pet care. Joining a housesitting and petsitting platform like Housesitmatch.com will cost you only a small annual fee and for that they will provide a list of sitters already checked sitters for you to select from and connect with. What’s more, no money changes hands between you. That’s right. The petsitting is for free and beats hiring petsitters every time.

Looking for the perfect pet sitter

Consider this a collaborative arrangement with you providing free accommodation in exchange for free home and of course pet care. So you will want a petsitter who is of that frame of mind. One who is happy to exchange their services for free accommodation. You can ask them to stay for a short period of time.

Sometimes everyone needs to leave from home for a period longer than a day or two. An that’s when membership of a housesitting platform like Housesitmatch becomes a really great benefit. You may want to travel, need to visit your family or friends in another city or stay away for any other reason. And that’s when stress appears for every pet keeper.

It is not always possible to ask a friend or a cousin to visit your pet once per day. What to do in that case? There are two main ways for pet owners to go: to pay a zoo hostel or hire a pet sitter.

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The 5 benefits of finding or hiring petsitters

There are 5 benefits of petsitters to consider before you commit to paying for a service. Most pet owners rush into hiring petsitters, rather than looking for an alternative method of pet care. What are the undisputed pluses of hiring or connecting with a pet sitter via a network like Housesitmatch before leaving your pet home alone? Read on to learn more.

1. Pets will be okay with a petsitter

Fortunately, people working as pet sitters are mostly professionals and true animal admirers. That means your pet will get food, water, walking, attention, and care when they are required. As a qualified person will watch after your pet, the chance of any emergency situation arising is minimal.

Using a service like Housesitmatch.com you know that the trusted house sitters are true pet lovers because they are taking on this working holiday for free, for the love of the pets.

2.  Your pet won’t feel lonely

Pets get used to their owner just as you are used to their companionship. Moreover, particular breeds of cats, dogs, birds, and even lizards require regular tactile contact with someone to feel happy and content

While you are away from your pet they may feel the lack of physical contact. This can be upsetting for your pet. It disrupts their care routine.  For instance, cats and dogs may have a sad feeling when their owner is away. With pet birds, things are even more complicated: the lack of company may  upset them and in some serious cases it causes health troubles.

Finding a suitable sitter, or hiring a pet sitter means that your pet will have the necessary contact with a human. The risk of loneliness causing negative effects on a pet’s mental and physical state will be greatly reduced.

3. Your home interior will be maintained

Let’s be honest here: there’s always a risk for a pet to get hurt, even at home, no matter what animal you keep. Hiring petsitters or finding a checked sitter on Housesitmatch will help you manage the situation. Vases, flower pots, furniture, shoes, wallpapers, pillows, and other delicate things at home are less likely to suffer if your pets are cared for and entertained at home while you’re away.

A pet sitter will prevent a pet from changing the interior as they want. Moreover, the decision to hire an expert will save an animal from possible emergencies like swallowing something unsuitable or injuring its legs with broken glass.

hiring petsitters
Keep your pets entertained and cared for at home with checked petsitters

4. Attention focused on your pet

The main disadvantage of zoo hostels all over the world is the fact that there are many animals for those keepers to look after simultaneously. Pets are limited with space and may feel stressed, too. As a result, you can’t be sure that your pet will get the required attention on time.

Hiring a pet sitter means that your animal remains in a comfortable environment and gets professional care from an expert. They won’t feel stressed and scared because of space limitations and other unknown pets around. That’s how you also reduce potential long-term consequences for a pet’s mental and physical health.

5. Pet sitters at home are a comfort to you and your pet

Actually, a pet sitter is a friend on demand. They are available whenever you need professional service. A sitter is always at a one-call distance from your threshold. So, even if your absence was not planned beforehand, you still can give your pet all the necessary care within an hour.

Additionally, pet sitters might do other services for you after a short negotiation. For example, they could keep your house clear, groom your pet, buy foods to bring to your fridge, and simply control your dwelling. Like, you won’t flood neighbours by accident, and your dog won’t disturb them with barking in the evening, too.

Petsitter bonus: Get cool photos of your pet’s antics 

That’s always cute, isn’t it? When a pet sitter sends you great pictures of your pet doing funny things when you are away from home. It gives you peace of mind to see your pet looking active, healthy and happy. And, of course, those photos will be a worthy addition to a family archive. Choosing your pet sitter from a platform where all members are checked like Housesitmatch.com – the place to find trusted house sitters – gives you confidence. It is also way cheaper than hiring petsitters from an agency.


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