Fun holiday housesitting in Lymington

13 Feb, 2023

Fun holiday housesitting in Lymington

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Like many housesitters and petsitters I took a little break from travelling by housesitting during the recent travel restrictions. With travel returning to normal in my own country and abroad I decided to take the plunge and get back to it. Here is a short article about my short holiday housesitting in Lymington Hampshire.

Holiday housesitting in Lymington, Hampshire

Made a new friend on my holiday housesit – Meet Milly


There have been times in my life, when I have been addicted to travel. There was nothing I liked more than discovering new countries, new cities and indeed unusual rural scenes.  What is more it was a real advantage when travelling for work, and someone else was footing the bill, I could spend an extra day or two wherever I was.

Housesitting helps you save on accommodation fees

After two plus years of travel restrictions due to Covid I have a new thirst to discover all kinds of places. And holiday housesitting is an excellent way to do this. So when an opportunity came up for housesitting in Lymington, a place I didn’t know, I simply had to apply.

Discovering a new location as a dogsitter

housesitting in Lymington
My new friend, the charming Milly

One of my trips last year was for an assignment housesitting in Lymington, Hampshire.

Housesitting – a great way to visit friends locally

I have friends near this particular housesit but have not spent much time discovering the delights of the area. Housesitting in Lymington gave me a great way of visiting with these good friends without imposing too much on their hospitality.

Combining housesitting with other activities

So it seemed like an ideal way to combine a visit with dear friends, without being a burden on them and indulging my love of pets by caring for my new friend Milly. Also I could work in the day, as is my routine, and Milly and would keep her routine punctual together.

Lymington a great place to visit and housesit

My friends had been raving about this lovely part of the Southern UK coast ever since their move from the East End of London some years ago. And Lymington was one of the towns they highlighted as absolutely one they adored.

So housesitting in Lymington was an excellent way to sample the delights of the lovely place.

Lymington in Hampshire – Charming coastal market town

Lymington is a charming coastal market town with connections to the Isle of Wight, Henry VIII and fantastic wildlife and beaches.

Dogsitting for me is always a good idea

On arrival at the housesit, I met the charming Milly. I love dogs, and cats, but can have neither at home because of the allergies sustained by family members. I can and do housesit and petsit as often as I can along with the commitments of running this business – HouseSit Match.

It’s one way to get my fix. And Milly was definitely a good dose of puppy love.

Pet minding for Milly

Adorable in nature, and well trained Milly proved a delightful assignment.

The homeowners were out but they had left some detailed instructions for Milly’s routines, her food, her favourite walks and things I might enjoy while I was along for the ride.

Walking the Salt Marshes

One of the walks that was recommended to me was along the Salt Marshes from Lymington to Keyhaven.  It was an excellent way to discover the local coastal geography.

Along the way  we came across an enormous flock of geese. They were resting perhaps before their annual migration South.

From a distance they looked like Brent geese

It was a large group of what I think were Brent geese. Research later revealed that they migrate in family groups, flying in wavering lines or flocking in loose groups.

Bumping into Brent Geese

“The groups stay together from one breeding season to the next. Each day, they search for marshland, coastal grassland or farmland to rest and feed on, before pushing on at dusk. In places where the grazing is good they may linger for a week at a time.” RSPB – Brent Geese migration

They were certainly there the next day when we passed again out of curiosity.

Hurst Castle on the doorstep

I walked all the way until I nearly reached Hurst Castle, which had been built by Henry VIII as a fort. It has quite a magnificent position and it is easy to understand the vantage point to spot enemy invaders from miles around.

Hurst Castle has a magnificent position

Market town with a holiday atmosphere

On Saturday after walking Millie first thing I met my friend in Lymington town centre. It was a bright sunny day and the town was festooned with bunting and colourful market stalls.

housesitting in Lymington
The town was so lively it felt like a place you could easily return to on a regular basis
housesitting in Lymington
The walk to the old port was very busy  even in late October









Dogsitting for care and companionship

There is a vibrant holiday atmosphere in the town. And the market was very entertaining. Stall holders were selling all kinds of crafts goods, clothing, artisanal foods and produce. What’s more the town boasts a remarkable selection of cafes and restaurants and boutiques. I really think that spending time the town was a great advantage to housesitting in Lymington.

Time flies when you’re having fun house sitting

Three hours flew past and then it was time to return to feed Milly and be her companion for the night.

Milly has a regular feeding routine that the owners had documented

As a pet, Milly was pretty undemanding and rather good company.  She enjoyed TV almost as much as I do.

housesitting in Lymington
She did recognise the dog on screen and barked!

Digital nomad house sitting

And when it came time for me to do a few hours work she wanted to take part in that too. Quite the helpful companion. In fact she was keen to displace my laptop so I had an able assistant the whole time I was housesitting in Lymington.

Milly the would be lapdog

Lymington on the South Coast

As we were so close to the ancient Forest, I simply had to visit. So I took Milly in the car and we went for a woodland wander.  Despite the name the New Forest is far from new. In fact it is recorded as far back as the times of William the Conqueror and was proclaimed a Royal Forest in the Domesday Book in 1085 AD.

housesitting in Lymington
The ponies are allowed to roam wild in the forest

It is one of the largest remaining areas of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest between Hampshire and Wiltshire.  And it has some stunning woodland walks which I have enjoyed on previous housesits in the area. What a wonderful advantage to housesitting in Lymington.

Finding fungi in the forest

While walking in the Forest in the Autumn I was stunned by the extraordinary range of fungi. It is amazing just how many different collections of fungi and mushrooms you can see growing. I love spotting them in the forest undergrowth, and on the trees living and dead.

Here are just a few that I spotted while walking Milly that day.

Some of the fungi I spotted in the Forest


Final thoughts on my housesitting in Lymington

Though my visit was only a short week, it allowed me to visit a few of the great attractions of this delightful area. The charming town had so much more to offer. If I can return for a longer visit I will make a list before to ensure I plan more fascinating visits to these amazing places. My housesitting in Lymington was an absolute treat.

Lots to enjoy while house sitting

There is so much to please the country walker and holiday UK house sitter, those interested in historical monuments, the discovery of nature along the coast and of course the delightful town. Housesitting is a great way to indulge these fascinations, whether you are housesitting in Lymington or elsewhere.



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