Home bathroom décor – Organising your bathroom

1 Mar, 2020

Home bathroom décor – Organising your bathroom

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Planning your home bathroom decor and layout can really optimise how you view and use your space.  As a homeowner you will no doubt be mindful about the bathroom spaces in your home, especially if you are inviting guests or housesitters to stay with you or in your absence. Here are some general guidelines for your home bathroom décor to help you get organised in the bathroom and keep it a fresh and bright space in the home.

Organising your bathroom space keeps it fresh and bright

Home bathroom décor – Key steps

It goes without saying that a well organised space not only appears better, it also appeals more widely to visitors and occupants. This is the first rule of home décor in any room.

The bathroom with frequent use by various occupants and visitors and a variety of products to be stored and use is easily messed up with every visit. here are some focus points on organising your bathroom for practicality and style.

Organising Your Bathroom the Right Way

home bathroom decor
Careful planning helps you gain more from your bathroom space

Nothing’s worse than a messy bathroom, especially when it’s so easy to organise it with some forward planning and the right mindset.

Make sure your sink is well organised and all your specific cleaning products are put away under it.

Keep your shower tidy too

Next, make sure you organise your shower so all your shampoo and soap are put away neatly. After that, you need to make sure your toilet area is as uncluttered as possible for easy cleaning.

Keep your home bathroom decor tidy and well presented at all times

Take a look at your bathroom window if you have one and remove as many unnecessary objects as you can.

Lastly, organize your towel rack in ascending order. This article will review all you need to know to organise your bathroom to perfection for easy of use and cleanliness.

Organise your Sink Area

No one likes a messy sink, be sure its spic and span, especially if you’re having guests over. Only have the essentials that you need on the sink at all times, this means hand soap only! This is essential to maximise the effect of your home bathroom decor. 

Put your things away

Put away bitty bathroom materials, keep them tucked away. All other hygiene materials like razors, shaving cream, deodorant, extra hand soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste should be stored away, either behind a storage mirror or in the drawer, whichever you have planned to use.

Be sure that all your heavy-duty cleaning products like bleach, shower cleaner, and glass cleaner are all stored away under your sink as well so they don’t clutter up your bathroom. This kind of clutter and bottle junk messes up your home bathroom decor. Follow these tips and your sink area will be nice and presentable

Organise your Bath

tidy bathroom with light home bathroom decor
A simple home bathroom decor is enhanced with tidy presentation

Organise an aesthetically pleasing and organised bath or shower space and allow fresh new light into your bathroom to optimise your home bathroom decor. This is essential for your home bathroom decor. These areas are particularly susceptible to being inundated by a variety of bottles and jars and other extraneous products and accessories. Here are some top tips:

Top Tips – Soap holders

Make sure you have your shampoos neatly placed next to the faucet; this will make the area look much neater. Place your soap in the centre of your soap tray instead of leaving it on the side of the tub. You can also put your soap on the shower shelf. But if your shower is a modern glass one and has no ledge, put them under the shower faucet.

If you don’t have a soap holder, you can buy a new trendy one such as the Benjamin shower soap holder. You can read more information and reviews online about these and other products. Check out the different soap holders available in the market. They can make all the difference.

Select few accessories

Another good idea would be to get a shower organiser, these can be hung on the wall of your bath or shower so you can easily access your bath products. 

trendy bathroom ideas
Simple accessories can make all the difference with presenting a crisp contemporary home bathroom decor

Any extra bathroom room products should be stored away in a closet or under the sink; this will help reduce the clutter in the area. If you have any loofah or shower caps, hang them on hooks in the corner of your bath or shower.

Home bathroom decor – The general guidelines

Organise your Toilet Area

The area around your toilet is one of the most important areas in your bathroom to keep presentable because they can easily become dirty. To keep your toilet area looking good, make sure you have all your toilet cleaning products stored away under your sink. Your toilet plunger should be placed as far behind your toilet as possible so that it will be out of sight.

Extra toilet paper for sensitive skin should be also placed under the sink as well to reduce clutter or in another storage area in your house.

home bathroom decor
Ensure your sink area is well organised and clean, to present your home bathroom decor in the best light

Organise your Window Sill

Window sills are often cluttered with unnecessary products. They appear like useful shelves but be ware. This practice can reduce the amount of natural sunlight that enters a room.

If you want to keep your window sill unobstructed, be sure to only leave a candle or a plant on it. Any unnecessary products like perfume, cologne, or combs should be stashed away in your mirror cabinet if you have one.

Organise your Towel Rack

Towel racks can often look disorganised and can be a major eyesore in your bathroom if untidy. Tidy and organise are the priority verbs in home bathroom decor. 

First, remove all unnecessary towels and place them neatly in a closet or another convenient place. Then, hang the towels you use on the highest rung on the rack.

Facecloths need special placement

Next, hang your face cloths underneath your towels, this will make that area of your bathroom much more attractive and organised as it does in a hotel. Avoid putting any other accessories on your towel racks. If you have loofahs or shower caps, find a place for these in your bath or shower.

Tidy things away

Having a well-organised bathroom is the cornerstone of a beautiful house. Be sure your sink area is clear aside from your soap and stow away any unnecessary products under your sink or behind your mirror. Organise your bath or shower by neatly placing your bath products in a convenient area.

Take a look at your toilet area and remove any unnecessary products from that area. In addition, be sure to put your plunger behind your toilet.

Home Bathroom Decor in Summary

Keep your windows clean and uncluttered. This is a priority to manage the effect of your home bathroom decor. Only have one item on your window sill so you can open up the room to fresh air. Hang your towels in an orderly fashion and avoid hanging any unnecessary items on them or the towel rack. Now you’ll have an orderly bathroom, which will be an envy of all your friends! 


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