Home brewed coffee for a sensitive stomach

12 Mar, 2021

Home brewed coffee for a sensitive stomach

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There is nothing like staying at home on a weekend, or even if you are working from home relaxing with a cup of coffee. Coffee made at home is the ultimate luxury, with beans you have ground yourself just in time to percolate the coffee. And if you are a homeowner trying to sell your home you know how evocative that smell of home brewed coffee can be, it always gets a coffee lovers juices flowing.

6 Types Of Home Brewed Coffee For s Sensitive Stomach

home brewed coffee
Many of us have our favourite type of home brewed coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and as most of us would like to have ourselves a cup ‘o Joe, there are some who’ll be sensitive to it. By “sensitive”, it means that you might experience some health reactions to some types of coffee. The most common is the acidic nature of coffee that affects these rare species of the human race. Well, here are some types of coffee that should shield you from the health effects, and at the same time, allow you to enjoy your cup of coffee free of worries. 

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Below are six types of coffee ideal for home brewed coffee for a sensitive stomach.

1. Latte

A delightful cup of latte contains a bit of espresso and steamed milk and foam. A latte is a very popular drink in many countries. This is mainly because with milk, as an ingredient, the acidity of the espresso is limited. A latte is also relatively easy to make as a home brewed coffee. Also, there are nutritional benefits that come with drinking a latte. Some of which include:

  • A cup of latte keeps the doctor away – Sipping a cup of latte might in most cases seem like a normal thing to do every morning or on your tea breaks at work. But little is known of the health benefits associated with it. One thing to note is that coffee aids in fat burning, reduce cellulite, reduces your risk of other ailments, and most importantly, reduces your chances of contracting liver diseases.
  • A cup of latte reduces the chances of contracting liver cancer – If you happen to be a heavy drinker, then your chances of contracting liver cirrhosis are much higher. But do you know what? You can minimize such risks by partaking in your religious cup of latte. Caffeine and green tea have been proven both clinically and scientifically as having the attributes that contain cancer preventive elements.  Visit zesttea.com .

You might ask how is all this possible?

The science bit

Just to understand further, chlorogenic acid and caffeine which are found in coffee stimulate the secretion of gastric acid by the cells in our stomach, causing very high levels of acidity in the stomach, and thus the discomfort. Milk comes in the equation using its proteins which bind with the chlorogenic acid and stopping the problem before it begins.

The science and the experience among coffee users depend on their various medical issues. Some will be sensitive to a cup of latté while there are those who’ll be more sensitive to a cup of mocha. Needless to mention is the fact that various types of coffee varieties can have detrimental effects on your health if you are not mindful of your underlying health issues. If this is not enough to convince you to choose the best coffee products wisely, then this guide from low acid coffee might help to paint a clear picture of the best coffee options you might consider if you have any acidity issues with your digestive system. This means choosing low acidity diets, drinks, and fruits. You’ll help to prevent some of the most common symptoms associated with high acid levels. 

2. Cold Brew Coffee

home brewed coffee
Some of us love coffee so much we collect the paraphernalia at home

You make cold home brewed coffee by soaking the beans in cold water before it is filtered. This raises its Ph making it less acidic. The process extracts less caffeine. As it was briefly explained, this is beneficial to people who are sensitive to acid in the coffee.

3. Cappuccino

This consists of a lot of foam-steamed milk, some cocoa powder, and cinnamon on top of it. Again, it has milk, therefore, it is considered safe for a sensitive stomach. You can satisfy your coffee craving with a cup of cappuccino with a lot of comforts

4. Dark Roasted Coffee

Let us dig into the science again. Roasting coffee beans produces N-methyl pyridinium (NMP) which suppresses the release of gastric acid. More roasting helps in more production of NMP. Thus the stomach is completely shielded from that. So the darker the coffee, whether it is home brewed coffee or not the safer it is for your stomach.

5. Galao

It originated from Portugal, contains espresso and a lot of foamed milk, which makes it lighter. It should give you the satisfaction of taking coffee without taking the risks of caffeinated beverages. But on the brighter side of things, a cup of galao will provide you with textures that you have never experienced before. Also, the taste is amazing and one to die for.

home brewed coffee
And then of course we all have our favourite coffee brands

6. Mocha

And last but not least, when you hear the name Mocha the word ‘chocolate’ comes to mind and the love of chocolate is widespread all over the world. It is made from chocolate espresso with steamed milk and foam, and this would be everyone’s personal favorite drink considering the taste. 

Home brewed coffee for a delicate stomach

The above types of coffee should help you narrow down the ones you can consume safely. At the end of it all, it is your craving or love for home brewed coffee that will stand out, and you need to learn your preferences if you have a sensitivity towards it. Beyond this, staying and maintaining good health is also critical.


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