Home décor for pets and their owners

2 Mar, 2020

Home décor for pets and their owners

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Any pet and home owner will tell you that most pets live in the home as family members, so home décor for pets and their owners become inseparable.  But how often do you take time to plan the pet products you buy to ensure the home décor ideas for you and your pet are in sync and sympathetic. Here are some ideas for pet owners to help them choose the next pet bed and pet toy storage with care.

Home Décor Ideas for You and Your Pets

home decor for pets
Designer accessories for pets come in all shapes and sizes and can add to your home decor for pets

Do you have a pet and find that you just can’t get enough of them? Do you find that want to structure your house and home décor to fit their needs?

Pets are wonderful creatures that greatly improve your well-being and can significantly reduce our levels of anxiety. One of the problems with pets, however, is that they can often damage things within your home, making you have to replace furniture and toys regularly. When looking at what to get in your house, consider what speaks best to you and your pet. 

Liven up your home with these home décor ideas designed for you and your pets.

Choosing pets as part of your home decor for pets

home decor for pets
Sometimes pets need their own beds! Choose carefully to optimise your home decor for pes


We’ve all seen those tacky pet beds or play structures around people’s homes and thought to ourselves how undesirable they look.

This does not have to be the case in reality. Furniture meant especially for your pet can be made to look elegant and classy.  You can find real home decor for pets and you the owner.

Take a cat bed, for example. Though regular cat scratching it can be worn down and falling apart. Many cat beds have hideous colours and are made of extremely ugly fabrics.  These make home pet decor somewhat unpalatable.

Product Design

What is more, with the many modern home transformations nowadays, cat beds can be overlooked. You would be surprised how petloving designers offer insights. There are many beautiful designs available on the market to help you with your home decor for pets. It is worth persisting when you look.

They can be cozy and comfortable for your pet. You can even choose something that fits the general theme of your room decor, and many are well designed to  damaged prevent damage.

Fabric Quality

Another thing to consider is the quality of the fabric, it is one of the practicalities of adding home features. Not many people realise that cat beds can be made so that they cannot be torn apart by the feline’s claws. Tighter knit fabric beds are designed so your cat’s claws do not get stuck in them and therefore pull some of the material out. Along with this, this tight-fabric is not appealing to cats to use as a scratch post.

Get the idea that a pet bed is tacky and ugly out of your mind. Look into good pet beds that will increase the overall décor and theme of your house while giving your pet something to look forward to.

Custom Made Pillows

People spend most of the time in their house on the couch watching television, while their pet sits with them. Instead of using your standard pillows on the couch, why not consider replacing them with a customized pillow that has a stitched-on photo of your pet and their name.

These pillows are beautifully crafted and will look absolutely amazing in any pet lover’s home. If you are looking to change up some pillows, see about having your pet’s face added on to one of them.

Practical home decor for pets can help you liberate space

Illustrated Family Portraits

Most houses have photos of the family hung around the walls, but rarely do they feature the pet that lives in the house as well. Your pet is just as an important member of your house as you are. Therefore, you can look into getting a hand drawn photo of you and your pet to hang on the wall. There are hundreds of different drawing styles to choose from.

From a realistic portrait, to a cartoon style image, get a photo that would like perfect hanging on your wall.

Home Décor for Pets

Pet Themed Wicker Basket for Storage

home decor for pets
Pet product design can be sympathetic to home decor

We’ve all been in a position where we struggle to find the toys that we bought for the dog or can’t figure out where we last put the leash. Getting yourself a wicker basket to store such items can help keep you organised so you never lose anything again.

Consider then, you can get pet themed wicker baskets to optimise the look of your home.  It will remind you that this is the bin meant for your pet. If you have a dog, for example, you can get a fun bone shaped wicker basket and store all of their toys in it.

The possibilities for a storage container are endless and will help you stay organised while looking fantastic in your home.

Functional and fun home décor for pets

With these home décor ideas, your house will scream that you are a pet lover. Don’t let yourself get stuck with old and ruined pet furniture.

Choose something that suits your style and adds to the theme of your room. Look to get customised pillows with your pet on them for ultimate comfort and definitely get a photo with them on the wall.

Finally, if you are struggling to find a place to store all of your pet’s objects. Get a pet-themed wicker basket to improve the décor of your room while also remaining organized. The other amazing thing is that many of these products are not too costly either. Do you have any home décor meant for your pets?

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