Home decorating hacks – The inside track

7 Apr, 2021

Home decorating hacks – The inside track

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If you have owned a home, it is likely you will want to make it look and feel comfortable. But decorating a home can be a challenge and not least a costly exercise. Here are some home decorating hacks used by experienced homeowners that will help you get to the inside track.

Experienced homeowners’ top home decorating hacks

Furnishing a large room can be both daunting and incredibly stressful. Often there’s just so much space to fill up.  Without the right approach your room will be disjointed. You could end up wasting space and using random furniture to fill areas that look disparate. Thinking about what experienced homeowner’s might do, we’re going to help you with some home decorating hacks. Here is a helpful collection of tips and tricks to make your main rooms feel more cosy and comfortable.

home decorating hacks
Add plants to breathe life in and colour into your room


Decorate with a different plants

One of the best ways to breathe some life into a large room is to add a bunch of plants. The idea of decorating with plants can be daunting to some people, but it’s actually fairly easy especially if you’re willing to add some large pots for taller plants. This is a great way to add a bit of style to your entire room and plants tend to give off a calm and soothing vibe which is perfect for making a room feel more comfortable.

Position a rug near seating areas

Rugs help keep your feet warm and comfortable when walking on a cold floor. They can also add a new texture and colour to vary the presentation of your floors. If you’ve got an living area where you expect people to gather, then a rug is going to be a wonderful addition that is easy to install. Just make sure you maintain the rug by cleaning it on a regular basis so that its colour stays nice and vibrant. Choose a rug with colours that suit your room colour scheme to ensure a consistent theme.

Split up your rooms with carefully selected dividers

A large room can often be split into several smaller functional spaces by using room dividers. You can find a variety of different room dividers by Tylko that serve as movable walls, or you can consider getting a shelf to create a separate space. There are loads of ways to add barriers around your room and it’s all about thinking of creative ways to use large pieces of furniture.

Add storage furniture to display items

Glass cabinets and storage furniture can be a great way to fill in empty or unused spaces. This is one of the all time classic home decorating hacks. It serves the practical function of creating vital storage space for your things. It also allows you to display your favourite souvenirs, antiques, hobby-related items, or anything that takes your fancy. Storage furniture comes in various shapes and sizes as well. Some have beautiful reflective glass which can also make a room look bigger. It can be a fantastic investment that helps to make a large room feel a little more comfortable or a small room feel less cluttered.

home decorating hacks
Be consistent with your theme if you can

Keep a consistent theme throughout the space

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to furnishing a room is being able to keep a consistent theme. Maintaining a style across the entire room can be fun and engaging if you plan a little. Consider the look of your furniture and plan the accessories accordingly to match.

However, you can usually throw this rule out of the window if you’ve decided to split the room into sections. One of the great home decorating hacks for a large room especially is to split the room with a divider of some kind. However, it will serve you better is you at least try to stick with a consistent style. For example, stick with wooden furniture across the entire room and try to use similar colours when possible. It can create a homely country feel to the room. 

Home decorating hacks in summary

Whether you are a new homeowner or an experienced decorator it always pays to learn from others experience. Home decorating hacks like these can really help you get the look and feel right of a room especially if you are on a budget.



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