Home decorating trends to watch

22 Feb, 2021

Home decorating trends to watch

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This last year saw many of us adopting our homes as dual work and living spaces. With more people forced to stay at home around the world, working virtually in the wake of the pandemic, homeowners have spent time rediscovering their home space. Home decorating trends have evolved with the pressure of making a home space work harder. Here are the trends that have been gaining traction.

6 Home Decorating Trends for 2021

home decorating ideas
Decluttering can enhance a new look in the home

The pandemic has had a strong influence on home décor trends. As a result of people have been forced to spend more time indoors, many have become more aware of their interiors. Consequently they are starting to crave more beauty, comfort, and functionality.

To keep up with these lifestyle changes, home décor trends have evolved significantly. People have adopted easy to use and cozier home décor options such as durable fabrics, indoor plants, smart lighting, and chic paint colors. These are all used to improve the interior aesthetics. As a result these decorative touches keep their homes comfortable, while expressing the reflection of themselves through their décor.

1. Use of customized doors and dividers

The fact that homes now serve multiple functions for work and play, drives the increased need for privacy and separation. Open plan living is becoming a thing of the past. Home dividers introduce a degree of privacy giving rooms the flexibility for a quick makeover. Other than privacy, home dividers are trendy and are being used to bring out the attraction in studio apartments. Glass dividers can be thematically customized. They can brighten and bring cheer to your room instantly.

Dividers can also play a role introduce additional display and storage options while making the most of a small space. Living in closed-rooms and people spending more time in this space, has created an emerging trend for craftsmen creating hand-painted interior sliding doors.  These details can elevate the appearance and atmosphere in your room, effectively enhance the space.

home decorating trends
Room dividers can create privacy and division in a multi-function space

2. Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are increasingly popular in home decorating trends. They brighten walls and bring colour into a room. Some even consider them a substitute for bouquets of flowers.  Floral wallpapers make a bright and engaging interiors whether in a dining room, a bedroom, or a children’s room.

Enhance the mood and tone of the room using a decoupage technique. The technique involves the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cut outs on too of it in combination. Add special paint effects or silver leaf, gold leaf, or other decorating materials. Brighten a hallway and interiors by adding a bold floral wallpaper in sunshine shades of marigold or hot pink.

3. Edible gardens

Gardens are becoming more popular with more people spending more time at home. Indoor gardens especially have increased in popularity. Nurturing plants indoors is a cheap, natural, and eco-friendly trend for interior decoration. Plants create a natural and functional atmosphere in a home. This is due to their green colour and unique looks.

The plants can be grown in simple bowls placed on a stool set in the kitchen or by a sunny window. Besides bringing out a pleasant natural aesthetic in any room, the indoor gardens can provide freshly grown indoor herbs and vegetables for preparing dishes and beverages.

home decorating ideas
Having a space for an indoor garden can create a wonderful atmosphere

4. Home decorating trends in kitchens

In the 2000s and 2010s, an all-white kitchen was the most popular kitchen design. Recently, designers have decided to shift to an interior kitchen that will go beyond the white interior. Natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves are now very popular styles of décor in today’s kitchen.

Quartz countertop materials are also a kitchen trend that enhances a more colour rich style kitchen. Homeowners still have the bright, breezy vibe experience without being confined to white paint.

5. Window roofs and skylights

Roof light windows are an emerging home decorating trend as homeowners look for more natural light in their homes. The window roofs can add to the value of the house by reducing stuffiness, minimising darkness, and brightening the room. Modify the skylights and adapt them to different shapes and sizes to reflect either more striking or more modest light. Different styles of sky lights are available to buy, including open skylight, fixed unit skylight, operable skylight, and retractable skylight. Consequently, this trend is widely adopted as it serves to cut energy costs while giving your room a more natural brightly lit feel.

6. Decorative smart lighting

Indoor lighting technology is constantly being enhance to express more creativity and offering ways of changing the mood in a room. There is a shift from using neon lights for interior decoration to smart lighting, swapping out irregular incandescent bulbs. The ultimate goal is to create a perfect ambiance and glow for your room.

In conclusion, the home decorating trends gaining traction are those that express a natural theme. They also increase the home’s general comfort and enhance the aesthetics. The pandemic influence in home décor has been monumental, as people seek to improve the efficiency and functionality of their homes.



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