Home electrical inspection: Top safety checks

19 May, 2023

Home electrical inspection: Top safety checks

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If you own property you will understand the importance of routine home maintenance. As a homeowner you will know the benefits of utilities at home such as electricity, but you will also know the threats if things go wrong. Read to learn more about the benefits of a professional home electrical inspection as routine safety checks.

Professional home inspection – Hire an electrician

electrical inspection
Ensuring a professional inspection will give you peace of mind
Avoid a Shocking Outcome: How to Know When You Need to Call a Kansas City Electrician for an Inspection

Electricity is so invaluable that when it fails, many of us feel like a circuit breaker has been thrown on our whole day. From cooking, cleaning, and entertainment, we rely on the wires and circuits that thread through our house to manage most of our daily tasks. It should go without saying that it’s essential that they function properly – and safely.

This is a direct advantage of a professional home electrical inspection to keep an eye on the electrical wiring at home.

Electricity – Benefits and Challenges

energy efficient homes
Ensuring you manage your electrical inspection checklist increases your safety and energy efficiency at home

While it’s an incredibly beneficial source of power, electricity can also be extremely dangerous. The Electrical Safety Foundation International estimates that faulty wiring causes over 28,000 home fires every year in the United States. This in turn results hundreds of injuries and deaths that are attributed to electrical fires.

It’s clear that keeping your electrical system in perfect shape is integral to the safety your home. If safety at home is a priority for you and your family, you need to prioritise routine home maintenance checks such as a routine electrical inspection. But how do these home hazards happen in the first place – and how can you prevent them?

Today, we’ll discuss the major reasons that wiring fails, how to identify issues with your electrical system, and how a qualified Kansas City contractor can assess your home for any emerging issues with your electricity.


Get a routine professional home wiring inspection

electrical inspection
Regular electrical checks will raise awareness of any aging or weak elements of your home electrical circuit

Poor installation, faulty equipment, and user error are some of the main reasons why electrical systems fail

Electrical systems are complicated, and it’s essential that they be installed by a qualified electrician in order to work properly. If the work is subpar, the resulting electrical outlets and wires will also be subpar, putting users at higher risk of electrocution and fires.

Sometimes the issue isn’t with the system itself, but with what has been plugged into it: if you’re using poorly designed devices, you may cause issues in your own home’s system that can be quite costly to repair.

Even if your home has the greatest brand new electrical system, and you’re using the best equipment available, you mustn’t overload it.

Avoid plugging too many appliances into a circuit. For example, if you have multiple power strips all connected to a single circuit, and each of the outlets on the strip is filled and functioning, you are almost certainly going to trip the circuit. If this happens turn everything off and find the trip switch.

Doing this too often will overload the circuits and lead to greater problems in the future. Hence the need to have a professional home inspection to ensure the health and safety of your electrical wiring at home.


Pay close attention to electrical warning signs

electrical inspection
Ensuring your home electrical wiring is safe, well structured and functional will give you peace of mind and keep your home and family safe

Call an electrician as soon as you suspect trouble

The most dramatic sign that something is wrong with your electrical system are sparks, smoke, or a burning odor. If you see any of these, you need to turn off every single circuit and call a qualified Kansas City electrician immediately so that they can advise you on next steps.

Another obvious sign but one that is often dismissed is that one or more outlets stops working. This may be damage just to the single outlet, but it could also be a problem with the system overall, especially if more outlets start to go dark.

Electrical warning signs to watch for

Other electrical warning signs can be more subtle. Nonetheless, they too can indicate mounting trouble and should be investigated with a professional electrical inspection straightaway.:

  • The first is that your outlets or switches are hot to the touch, as this may mean that the circuits are overloaded or that the wire’s insulation is starting to degrade.
  • Second, consider if your lights have been dimming or flickering, even after replacing a bulb, because this might mean that the wires are failing.
  • Lastly, if you notice that your circuit breaker is going haywire lately, this could suggest that your circuits are overloaded or the wiring is starting to degrade.
A qualified electrician will perform a home safety inspection and advise you on next steps

It’s very scary to hear that there might be something wrong with your electricity, but don’t despair! A great Kansas City electrical contractor can perform an inspection to diagnose issues and explain what will happen next.

First, they’ll examine the electrical panel to assure that it’s labeled correctly and compliant with all the necessary safety codes. Next, your electrician will walk through the house and examine outlets for signs of damage or aging, noting those that should be upgraded or might need replacing.

After that, your contractor will start digging deep: looking at the actual wiring throughout the house, testing for proper grounding, and ensuring that all the bonding connections are secure.

Finally, they’ll check the circuit breakers and fuses before identifying any code violations that will need to be rectified.

Benefits of a professional home electrical checks in summary

A good electrician will ensure that you have a full understanding of their procedures. Bringing in a professional electrician to manage home electrical inspection checklists will pay dividends. A good professional won’t use overly technical language that might confuse you.

Be sure that they are properly licensed and insured; it’s also great if they provide a warranty or guarantee on their work in case something goes awry.

If you notice anything amiss with your electrics, call out to an experienced KC contractor as soon as possible. A professional electrical inspection will help to keep your family, pets and property safe.



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