Home elevators and lifts to consider

20 Sep, 2022

Home elevators and lifts to consider

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Many mature homeowners today favour staying in their own homes. One way to future proof a house is to introduce an easier way to climb the stairs to other levels. Here are 6 home elevators and lifts to consider when you are reviewing your options.

Top home elevators and lifts on the market in 2022

home elevators
If you have more than one floor in your home an elevator may be a solution for later years

Home elevators have become much more popular with homeowners over the last decade. Especially for homeowners who frequently need help moving objects, or themselves, between floors, home elevators are a game-changer.

Knowing what you need in a home elevator product is the first step on the journey to modernizing your home’s capabilities. If you’re looking for a stellar home elevator product, here are six of the top home elevators that are on the market in 2022:

1. Pneumatic vacuum

For some of the most luxurious, heavy-duty, and accessible home elevator products on the market, it’s difficult to beat the quality of a Pneumatic vacuum elevator. They are a premium provider of residential elevator installations and residential elevator products.

They specialize in vacuum-powered elevators and can travel through up to five floors. Even with this power, they do not require a separate machine room and can be installed without disrupting the space of your home.

Pneumatic Value offers four different home elevators, and each one comes with its unique features and benefits. By contacting the manufacturer, you can easily determine which would be perfect for your home’s needs.

2. Nationwide lifts

Nationwide Lifts is primarily known for its stellar warranty options (offering warranties that go all the way up to ten years) and home elevators.

The company is also popular with eco-conscious homeowners, as they use 100% recycled materials to create the interior of the cab and keep the manufacturing of the rest of their elevator parts eco-friendly as well.

Their products are also heavy-duty and can move upwards of one thousand pounds with ease. However, many of their elevators require a separate machine room to operate properly, so knowing that your home can handle this disruption to its layout is key when looking for a Nationwide Lift home elevator product for your home.

3. Savaria

Savaria home elevators offer six quality products and their reputation has made them a popular choice with homeowners. The company also provides several choices for the finishes, doors, cabs, and more within each model they offer.

Eclipse, their best-selling model, is one of the most heavy-duty elevator products available on the marketplace today. While some models do require a hoistway, some models are fit for smaller homes that have to be more space-conscious as well.

Three-year part warranties, and other useful perks, have made Savaria a brand to pay attention to. And they can help you find the right home elevator product for your residence.

4. AmeriGlide

One of the most price-conscious home elevator manufacturers in the United States, AmeriGlide is known for getting homeowners the product they need quickly. As soon as you allow one of their installers to inspect your home, you can get quick pricing options that will help you find the right elevator.

These AmeriGlide products are fantastic for homeowners who cannot afford long, drawn-out, and expensive installation periods.

For those who need an elevator installed in their home ASAP, and do not care as much about customization options, AmeriGlide is a great residential home elevator manufacturer to consider contacting.

5. Inclinator

One of the best choices for homeowners that need a highly customized elevator product, the Inclinator company allows you to choose from a wide variety of drive systems, gates, doors, cab styles, lights, and more when finding the perfect elevator for your home.

You can even choose from eight separate wood species to make the interior of your elevator fit your home’s overall aesthetic.

The company’s elevators are all made in the United States and can lift more than one thousand pounds, making them a great choice for those who need homegrown, heavy-duty home elevators in their home. However, you’ll need some serious cash to afford one of their home elevator products.

6. Stiltz

Stiltz is one of the newest competitors in the home elevator marketplace. They specialize in freestanding designs that require no supporting wall or hydraulics to operate. However, a shaft or hoistway is needed to ensure they can operate effectively.

For a budget-friendly choice that requires less power supply, Stiltz can be a great choice for homeowners looking for a quality home elevator in 2022.

You Can Find the Elevator that’s Perfect for Your Home

With enough grit and determination, you can find a home elevator product that will serve all of your needs. Knowing that your search may not be easy at first is important, as you want to consider many important factors before pulling the trigger on an elevator installation.

Doing so will ensure your home elevators function perfectly, and that you will not have to do any expensive maintenance later on.


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