Home gardening safety tips – Green thumb 101

2 Jul, 2021

Home gardening safety tips – Green thumb 101

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Many home owners also have access to gardens, which can be a great joy. Gardens and backyards need tending on a regular basis and this can be fun for some but not to others. Whether you enjoy working in the garden or not, consider these home gardening safety tips to stay safe.

Green Thumb 101: Stay safe while enjoying home gardening

home gardening safety
Surround yourself with plants, it can be therapeutic but protect yourself when working in the garden

For many “green thumbs” out there, home gardening is the most peaceful and relaxing pastime in the world. If you find gardening a worry and a stress you can always call in the Cedar Park tree and garden specialists or a similar service.

However, if you love everything from the quiet of nature to the fruitful rewards of your labor, ie, flowers and vegetables, there’s nothing that can ruin such a beautiful passion… But what if there were?

Home gardening safety is vital

Gardening is indeed a great passion and pastime for many. But you need to be careful, you can’t go about it blindly. Home gardening without any regard for safety can cause harm to yourself and perhaps also your plants.

Trees and the threat of damage

 Your building may also be at risk of damage, especially if you have weak tree branches close to the house. In bad weather, they can easily break off and cause costly repairs. This is why it’s important to find expert tree removal services to take care of such potential hazards in the garden.

The sooner you attend to these safety issues, the less likely you will deal with the aftermath of damage from fallen branches or weak roots. Away from that, other considerations should be made. For example, You have to consider natural elements like sun exposure and even the products you use to tend to your garden.

Sun and exposure

You have to consider natural elements like sun exposure and even the products you use to tend to your garden.  Here are more Gardening Tips that will guide you to a safe and better gardening.

The whole point is to ensure home gardening safety while you are working in your garden. Summer is fast approaching. Before you run out to the garden, take a look at these safety tips. Make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience every time you go into your garden.

Home gardening Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Sun Exposure and Heat

On long sunny afternoons in the garden, take the time to make sure you’re prepared for the sun. That means putting on sunscreen, wearing big hats, and drinking lots of water. Ideally, you want to tend to your garden in the mornings but that’s not every person’s ideal time, and that’s okay.

If you feel yourself getting dizzy or lightheaded, there’s a good chance you’re dehydrated. Stop and drink more water, preferably with an electrolyte drink. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself against the sun and heat if you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time. Too much sun can have damaging effects on our bodies.

home gardening safety
Some of the most beautiful plants in your garden are likely very poisonous when ingested – Home gardening safety extends to monitoring children in the garden and what they are doing

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

There are several different herbicides and pesticides for lawn care in home gardening. Please note for home gardening safety, that some are good for the environment and some are bad for it. And yet, they’re typically sold altogether.

That reason alone is why it’s so important to read the labels of these lawn treatments. Some have even been blamed for birth defects, certain cancers, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Paraquat, in particular, is an herbicide that’s been linked to Parkinson’s Disease. For many years, it’s been used as a weed killer for agricultural workers. Unfortunately, many people are still suffering from the degenerative neurological disease due to being exposed to the chemical. People are currently seeking financial compensation from its harmful effects.

In your search for herbicides and pesticides, do your due diligence to use all-natural products. This will not only protect you but also your plants and even animals, especially if you have pets.

Cuts and Scrapes

In the garden you will want to protect yourself as much as you can. Find protection from everything from scraping your knee to scratches from thorny plants. You want to do everything you can to protect yourself for fear of tetanus or infection. This is especially true if you already have exposed wounds.

The CDC recommends staying up-to-date on tetanus vaccinations if you’re regularly handling sharp or thorny objects or plants. This is simply because tetanus bacteria gets into your body through soil from open wounds. This bacteria can live for up to 10 years, causing serious health problems.

As good home gardening safety measure go, try to always wear sturdy gloves when working in your yard. Trousers or pants to cover your legs will also prevent scrapes when working on your knees.

home gardening safety
Be careful when handling toadstools that pop up in your garden – they can be very poisonous

Poisonous Plants

While you’re outside working in the garden think carefully about home gardening safety. Some plants are actually poisonous. For example, when planting beautiful pulmonaria perennials and other gorgeous flowers, keep in mind they are poisonous when ingested.

Keep an eye especially on small children and your pets when outdoors around your flowers. These flowers aren’t like the honeysuckles we would taste as kids… They’re far more dangerous and only meant to be admired.

Whether you’re new to gardening or not, it’s always helpful to have safety refreshers from time to time. This will enhance your enjoyment of your garden by approaching it in a safe manner, not only for your plants but for your safety and those around you as well.


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