Home heating – Top Ways Keep the Bedroom Warm In Winter

28 Sep, 2020

Home heating – Top Ways Keep the Bedroom Warm In Winter

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The changing seasons bring a change in temperature to a home. And every homeowner manages their home heating slightly differently. Here we offer you a top tips list of ways to optimise the temperature of your home regardless of the season.

window curtains can help with the management of home heating
Your hearing can be carefully managed with additional insulation and appropriate curtains

Photo by Petter Rudwall

Top ideas to manage home heating

There are several standard recommendations that homeowners are always happy to share about how to manage their home heating. But what are the very best ideas, and top recommendations? Read on below to find our list of tip ideas.

How to warm up your bedroom during winter

As Summer turns to Autumn, we know that Winter is just around the corner. And that means that our Winter clothes need to be brought out of the closet, and our Summer beachwear needs to be stored away for another year. Our houses go through a change too. Suddenly we need to draw our curtains in the evening as the nights get shorter and the frosts get sharper.

One of the most important rooms to keep warm in the house is the bedroom. We spend up to a third of our lives hibernating away in he bedroom. And the last thing we want is to feel the cold. There are many different ways to improve home heating by warming up your bedroom, from the traditional to the downright modern.

So in this article we are going to take a look at the best ways to manage your home heating that you can spend those long Winter months in as much comfort as possible.

Improve your curtains and insulation

Many people use the same set of curtains all year round. However, this makes little sense when there are vast differences in temperature between the seasons. The best way to improve your home heating and insulation in Winter is to change your window insulation and curtains especially.

Window panes let heat escape very easily, so it is important that you retain as much of the residual heat in your bedroom as possible.

Instead of relying on your summer curtains, why not install a set of drapes that can easily cover the entire window helping to keep the cold at bay. The more closely fitted they are, the less heat will escape, so have them made to measure, and then you will improve the coziness of your bedroom no end.

Home heating with an electric heater

In days gone by, it was normal for people to have an open fire in their bedrooms. An open fire was the main source of home heating. Comfy Home Corner indoor heater reviews have a topic to help you too. In fact, in Victorian terraced houses, there would be an open fire in every room, helping to keep the home as snug as possible in the harsh winters.

Times have changed, however, and today it is much safer to install electric heaters in place of their wood or coal equivalents. They are cheap and safe to run as you don’t have the worries of sparks flying around the room whilst you’re sleeping, which could lead to a fire hazard, and you can easily control the temperature setting for those extra cold nights.

Victorian bedrooms had fireplaces to keep you warm

Invest in Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great way to maintain the temperature of your bedroom. They operate by taking the heat from outside and using it to warm up the inside air. Having a heat pump installed in your bedroom is like having an extra layer of insulation on top of your existing windows and doors.

You will be able to feel the warmth much more quickly than if you had just opened the windows, and you will also be able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night.

Another great advantage of heat pumps is that they work silently, meaning you won’t be disturbed by any loud humming noises throughout the night. This makes them perfect for bedrooms as it will help you get a good night’s sleep every night! And if you ever encounter any issues with your heat pump, finding heat pump repair services is never too difficult.

Most of these services come with a warranty too, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected expenses.

Use rugs around the home

Most people have carpeted floors these days, although occasionally, you will still see homes with wooden floors and the odd rug scattered around. Whether or not you have carpets, rugs can bring a whole new level of warmth to your bedroom and they help with home heating.

If your bedroom has floorboards, then they can help to exclude the draft through the cracks between the boards, and if you already have a carpet, a rug provides an extra layer of insulation that will help to keep you and your loved ones warm throughout the winter months.

You will also bless your rug every morning when you get up as your feet won’t have to freeze on those hard floorboards. Instead, you’ll feel the lush fabrics of a sheepskin or leather rug.

modern living room with lit fireplace
A few extra touches can improve home heating such as adding rugs, blankets and better insulation

Photo by Clay Banks

Add blankets to each room

There is a reason why people take blankets with them when they go camping. that’s an easy place to miss the comforts of home heating. Blankets are brilliant at insulating the ground and your bodies, keeping the heat in and the cold chill at bay. Well, why not embrace the use of blankets in the bedroom or else where the home to add to your home heating strategies.

One thick woven blanket spread over the duvet can provide an enormous amount of warmth. It can help you to sleep like a baby all winter long. If you really feel the cold, then why not experiment with an electric blanket, beloved of the older generations. Just be careful because if they are not used correctly, they can be a fire hazard. And while we want warmth, we don’t want an inferno!

Good home heating keeps you warm

Sleeping with a loved one is one of the most intimate experiences possible. Doing so in Winter allows you to share body heat, keeping you warm through the long cold nights. If you are single, it is as good a reason as any to find a partner, and not only will you get to share the warmth, but you will have great fun indulging in all the extra bedtime activities aside from sleeping.

Top home heating ideas in summary

So, find yourself a partner. Make Winter pass with a rosy smile on your face, rather than with a chill through your bones. 

As we have learned, there are many ways to manage your home heating, and warm up your bedroom without breaking the bank. A thicker pair of curtains will help to insulate the windows.

A rug or a blanket will provide extra warmth to your feet and body. Also remember that an electric heater is much more efficient and safer than an open fire. And failing all of that, you can always find a partner to share your bedroom. And who knows what sort of fun you’ll get up to whilst staying warm at the same time!


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