Home improvements to reduce stress – Some great ideas

4 May, 2021

Home improvements to reduce stress – Some great ideas

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Living a stress free life is a goal for many of us today. As a homeowner you will likely have a mortgage and financial commitments and a job. finding ways to create a sanctuary at home becomes essential. Here are some great ideas to help you do that in an affordable way. Read on try these home improvements to reduce stress at home..

Stress-Reducing Home Improvements You Should Consider 

home improvements to reduce stress
Choose calming paint colours for a relaxing atmosphere

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Home improvement is undoubtedly central to homeownership in the UK and beyond. As reported by Wales Online, property owners across the UK spent a whopping £39 billion on improving their homes in the last year alone. There are numerous projects you can carry out to enhance your property. However, since stress is a significant aspect of daily life, it makes sense to invest in refurbishments that help you better cope.

Read on to learn some easy home improvements to reduce stress

If you want to know more about stress-reducing home upgrades you can try out, please consider the following points:

  • Create a dedicated relaxation space

Taking time to relax is crucial to stress relief, but this isn’t easy if you live with other people. Consequently, investing in a dedicated relaxation space is your best bet to finding some alone time within a crowded home. A proper relaxation space offers you an area where you can unwind without much interference from others. Additionally, a space like this can also make it easier to meditate and gather your thoughts. This can help to combat physical and psychological stress symptoms.

Depending on your living situation, your meditation or relaxation space can be anywhere within your home, ranging from an unoccupied room to a quiet attic space. You can also take your relaxation outside to connect more with nature. These areas can be as simple as yoga mats in patio corners or extravagant like backyard hot tubs that can help shake off the day’s tensions with warm, soothing baths.

  • Adjust your lighting

Super bright lights around the home may improve visibility significantly but can be bad for stress relief. According to studies, over-illumination can induce stress and anxiety. So manage how many bright interior lights you set in your home. This is a significant stress reduction step worth taking. Over-illumination may even be responsible for regular migraines you experience at home.  47% of respondents in a survey identified bright light as the second-leading cause of their migraine episodes.

Bright lights have also been linked to fatigue, which is a significant stressor. In light of these factors, you can invest in dimmer switches for your home to reduce bright light within your living space. Alternatively, you can cut back trees and shrubs behind windows and spend on skylights, bi-folding doors, highly reflective tiles, and glass blocks to allow more natural light into your home and reduce your dependence on bright, artificial lighting.

A wooden floor can soften a room’s atmosphere
  • Change your flooring

Your home’s flooring has several benefits that extend beyond improving a room’s aesthetics. Individuals who suffer from allergies can benefit from changing their flooring to hardwood, laminate floors, or tiles, primarily if they use carpets. Carpets are excellent breeding grounds for dust mites and other allergens, and they are also challenging to clean. Therefore, investing in allergy-friendly flooring options can benefit your health because fewer allergens improve your overall physical and mental well-being. Easy-to-clean flooring also means reduced stress in general since you’d have to deal with less household cleaning as part of your home maintenance routine.

  • Repaint walls with stress-free colours

Multiple scientific studies have established the fact that colour has a profound influence on behaviour and mood. Since you spend much time at home, the colours within your interior space can significantly reduce or contribute to your stress. Therefore, you can give your walls a fresh coat of paint to help you better manage your stress. Natural and gentle hues are best, so a peaceful green or light blue theme can work wonders. Other calming colours like yellow, pink, purple, white, orange, and the right shade of grey are excellent choices. They create a calm atmosphere and help you relax, so keep this in mind.

Try to avoid overly vibrant hues like red. Viewing such striking colours can increases your heart rate and blood pressure. It goes without saying that we are culturally sensitive to some colours and they can set our mood. Therefore, try to avoid black, because it evokes dull and heavy moods rather than a conducive and relaxing disposition.

home improvements to reduce stress
Surround yourself with plants, it can be therapeutic
  • House plants are easy home improvements to reduce stress

House plants have a broad range of mental health benefits that make them worth considering as investment-worthy home improvements. They can reduce stress by 40% since they remind us of the outdoors and nature. Seeing house plants within the home has an instant calming effect since human beings are reportedly wired to respond positively to our natural environment. 

House plants in the home also enhance your indoor air quality and improve oxygen levels in rooms. They create a more natural space allowing you to be more comfortable within your living environment. Therefore, consider rich green and scented indoor plants and herbs like jasmine, aloe vera, mint, basil and lavender. They provide an excellent and natural aide to help you cope with life’s everyday stressors.

The importance of home improvements to reduce stress

We tend to lead busy lives. We manage hectic work schedules, some of us also juggle families and careers and home maintenance. And as we get older it becomes increasingly important to manage our stress levels and commitments to extraneous stimuli. Creating a home atmosphere to help us stay calm and collected, and manage our unnecessary stimulation can help. Every homeowner should consider these simple home improvement ideas. They will help to create an environment that helps you remain calm with natural elements and soothing colours.



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