Home interior design trends to look out for

9 Nov, 2021

Home interior design trends to look out for

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If you love your home and keeping the look and design fresh and current you’ll be on the look out for home interior design trends. Every homeowner does some decorating at some point while they live in their home, or maybe they specify a new look and get decorators. Read on to learn about the latest trends and what you can do to adopt a current look.

Top Home Interior Design Trends For 2021 and Beyond

home interior design trends
Crisp clean and uncluttered is one trend

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As more people spend more time indoors, revamping indoor spaces has become popular. You may want to give your interior a fresh look for several reasons. These may include creating more space, making your home more comfortable, or creating a relaxing atmosphere that can be a respite after a hard day’s work. Thankfully, interior design trends are constantly evolving, giving you a wide range of options to choose from to reflect your personality and style. According to research, interior design existed even in prehistoric times and varied depending on culture, income, etc. Here are some contemporary interior design trends to consider for your interior as 2021 draws to a close and goes into 2022.

Home interior trends

  • Rattan and bamboo

Nature-inspired designs are becoming popular and are evident in different styles, with one of the latest being rattan and bamboo. Aside from using these materials for garden furniture, more people are incorporating them into their interior design. You can try some intricate designs from weaving a combination of rattan and bamboo, be it for your lighting or furniture. It helps create a rustic, natural look that will bring a fresh touch to your home.

  • Stripes  

More people are trying out stripes to bring in a cheerful look into their indoor space. You can mix and match different designs to create the appearance you desire. This style allows you to be playful and creative. You can start with your bedroom, using some striped pillows, bedsheets, etc. You can also bring some striped patterns into your living room as well with some throw pillows and complement it with blinds in your preferred colours and designs. It’s all about finding the combination of stripes that work for you to create your desired effect. 

  • Antique displays

This style is trendy among those who love history. One great way to embrace this style is to mount classic artefacts or sculptures on your wall using shelves or cabinets. You can also add an even more personal touch by placing objects you got or found during a trip or that are part of you and your family’s memories. Not only will this revive your indoor space, but also occasionally take you down memory lane. 

  • The Provence style

home interior design trends
The Provence look is ever popular

If you want to bring a touch of France into your home, the Provence style helps capture your desired look.

This trend combines different colours, especially red, white, and blue.

It’s a modern combination of a rustic and minimalist design and helps enhance comfort in your home. You don’t need too many items to achieve this design.

You can start small with colourful tablecloths and light pastel shades that bring in a semblance of spring, such as lilac and blue.

The final touch to this design is some lavenders, just like the Provence villages in France.

You can either opt for fresh, dried lavenders or a painting of lavenders in a garden. 

  • Sage green

Sage green has been in vogue throughout 2021 and is set to continue in 2022.

This trend is more prevalent in kitchen designs.

You can achieve this style by painting your walls sage green or using other items such as tiles, cabinets, etc.

This shade of green is versatile and will help bring a relaxed and fresh look into your interior, especially if you spend lots of time indoors.

Other green hues such as olive green have also become trendy, as it creates a sense of nature.

  • Creative storage

This design trend is an all-time favourite because it combines style with functionality and helps you make the most of your space. You can now explore creative ideas using storage units such as wardrobes, shelves, etc. Combine the surface textures to suit your preferences and take your simple storage spaces’ appearance up a notch. Also why not try to get some furniture with storage compartments or foldable couches to help you make more room if your interior space is limited. It also enables you to divide your interior into zones such as a living room, play area, workspace, etc., to make your home more flexible. 

  • Biophilic design

This interior décor style is the ideal choice for nature lovers and has become even more popular in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and among people who mostly live in the city. Experts describe this design as a combination of architecture and design that helps people consciously connect with nature. You can start with houseplants around your home and incorporate more aspects, such as large windows that give you a great outside view along the way if you prefer.

If you’re thinking of ways to bring a part of the outdoors in because you’re mostly indoors, the biophilic design is an option worth exploring. It will undoubtedly have some benefits for your well-being as it embraces nature. 

  • Statement vases

Vases have constantly featured in various homes, often on their own or to store flowers and green plants. However, a new trend has developed over time, known as statement vases. These are usually larger and come in a wide variety of colours and shapes. They’re a simple yet bold way to transform your interior space. They bring a touch of colour and style wherever you place them, be it as a centrepiece, in some corners, or your home office if you work from home.

home interior design trends
Vibrant colours accent a room
  • Textured design

This design trend focuses on surfaces in your home to create a three-dimensional, textured look that appeals to both your eyes and hands. You can achieve this using wallpaper or paint. A more modern option these days includes furniture, such as desks, wardrobes, drawers, etc. You can also get creative by hanging a bright rug on your wall to give your room a cosier feel. Aside from adding aesthetic value to your indoor space, it also comes in handy if you need to cover any marks on your wall that may have developed over the years. 

  • Eco-friendly designs

Aside from being more conscious about connecting with nature, people are also paying greater attention to the impact of their habits on the environment. As a result, eco-friendly designs have become a preferred interior décor design choice for many. Choosing this design involves little to more significant changes, such as recycling old items into décor pieces. You can also find ways to use less plastic in your home décor, such as carpets and rugs made from natural fibres. You can also consider buying second-hand pieces such as reused furniture. All these play a role in positively impacting the environment. As a plus, it will also help you to save costs and become more hands-on in decorating your home.

  • Warm colours and earthy tones

Subtle and neutral colours, such as grey and brown, are becoming trendy once more. Contrary to popular belief, these colours aren’t always dull; you can bring them to life by pairing them well with other shades and decorative pieces. You can even combine it with bolder colours, such as dark blue or red, to create your desired look. 

  • Home offices

The working world has changed for good. This transformation is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, more people are working from home. Additionally, homeschooling has also become a preferred option for most parents. As such, home offices have become common, and people are getting more creative with transforming part of their indoor space to a working area beyond just a desk and chair. The current home office designs highlight both aesthetics and practicality. Being more conscious about how your home office looks will help increase your productivity and reduce potential distractions while giving you the ideal environment to work and achieve your goals. It can also double as an area for your kids to study if the room is free.

  • Squares

Squares are a fun and modern way to revamp your interior space. This style is often used in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Their linear design helps create a contemporary look in your home, and it’s relatively affordable to implement. You can also enhance comfort in your interior with some checkerboard designs. Some practical ways by which you can create this look is using tiles, coffee tables with square edges, etc. However, if you want a softer look to complement your square flooring, you can add some furniture pieces with rounded edges. 

  • The minimalist design

The minimalist design is timeless, has stayed in style throughout 2021, and promises to continue in 2022. It makes the most of your interior space and combines simplicity with functionality using symmetry and as few items as possible. It also helps to create a relaxing ambience in your home. It’s best to ensure that your space isn’t overcrowded and declutter as often as possible to maintain this look. 

A final thought on the the latest home interior trends

As you see there is a wide variety of interior options and home interior design trends to choose from. As a result, you can easily find the one that works best for you. These designs can help you make the most of your interior space, reflect your personality, and give you the perfect environment to spend quality time with loved ones and relax after a hectic day. 



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