Home Jewellery making – What you need

21 Feb, 2021

Home Jewellery making – What you need

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Many of our Housesitmatch members have started asking us for information on what other members are doing from home during lockdown. It seems hobbies and crafts are becoming particularly interesting the world over. Home jewellery making is a craft that can easily be started as a home hobby or even a business venture. If you have always wanted to try hand crafted jewellery and you have time at home then read on. Here is a great summary of all that you will need to get started.

Things you need to get started with jewellery making


home jewellery making
There are some essential tools you will need

Suppose you are looking for the perfect guide to walk you through the essential supplies involved with jewellery making. One excellent way to learn the craft of making jewellery is by starting with the supplies and then learning the intricate procedures, techniques, and aesthetics. If you have just begun on your jewellery-making hobby, this guide will help. It will not suffice for people trying to assemble advanced beading jewellery involving metals, seed beads, etc. Another thing to make clear at the outset that the world of jewellery making is vast, and the various types of supplies at your disposal is extensive. The approach encouraged by this article is to start with essential supplies and extend your supply repertoire only when you are adequately skilled in the craft.

Home jewellery making

The basic tools you will need

 Through the use of jewellery making tools, you can manipulate the jewellery supplies into something that resembles more of a jewellery piece. While you are shopping for such tools. Buy only items designed for use in putting together jewellery. Such specialized tools will enable you to carry out finer, more delicate jewellery work. Besides cutters and pliers, you would also need drills. A review of jewellery drills by industry professionals at drillingadvisor.org/best-drill-for-jewellery-making/ is sure to help for the latter. The specialized tools you need are as follows:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers  
  • Wire cutters
  • Drills

You will find all of these tools with a great variety in their prices. Experts opine that beginners would do best to stick to mid-range instruments that did a pretty decent and convenient job without you unnecessarily spending on the same. Only choose the expensive high-end tools when the time comes, and the situation demands their extra finery and utility explicitly. Another good home jewellery making option, especially for beginners, is to buy a toolset first. Doing so will usually give you some pretty neat bonus tools like tweezers meant to help you manage your beads. These additional tools might not be essential, but they are indeed helpful.


home jewellery making
Beads are usually an essential part of the jewellery supply kit

Using basic findings to build your jewellery

When we use the word “findings” in home jewellery making, we refer to the bits and pieces of metal that comprise jewellery pieces. Findings again come in a comprehensive and diverse variety. Another essential term for you to consider in this context is “components.” In contrast, this term refers to not so crucial parts of a finished jewellery piece. Spacer bars and links are some common examples of such components. Experts would advise you to start making jewellery using primary findings and components. Of course, feel free to use the occasional extraordinary findings to spruce things up, which will significantly facilitate your creative juices’ flow.

These items that comprise jewellery pieces can be found in a large number of styles and metals. Again it is still important to stick to basic options of such articles for beginners’ purposes. As per industry professionals and coaches, you should acquire both these jewellery elements in gold and silver plates or tones. The most essential of such findings and components happen to be:

  • Headpins
  • Crimp beads and tubes
  • Eye pins
  • Jump rings
  • Earrings
  • Wire
  • Rings
  • Necklaces and bracelets
  • Pendants

Essential components in home jewellery making

home jewellery making
It is remarkable what you can make with glass findings

Chains, strings, and cords for use by beginners

Having a variety of strings, chains, and cords at your disposal is in no way essential for picking up your jewellery making skills. But having them helps, and it helps a lot. People having an attraction towards strung beads should go ahead and pick a suitable string. On the other hand, hobbyist jewellery makers might want a chain for the authentic and sophisticated look it gives the jewellery piece. Cords are meant to give your jewellery a trendy and colorful appearance.

The basic jewellery beads newbies need to be aware of

Beads are one thing that most jewellery makers can’t get enough of. What makes it especially attractive is its potential uses as decorative accessories on a host of other items besides other benefits. Beads can spruce up something as mundane as hangtags of water bottles, Tetris magnets, and even cork magnets. The various types and look of beads, along with their plentiful potential usage options, deserve an article on its own.

Home jewellery making can turn out to be an expensive hobby, especially for beginners when they have just started on the journey of making beautiful jewellery.  That is sad considering that there is no need for the same. Only consider buying every supply for each craft in packages that comprise 100 or even more units, and you will get the idea. It does not make sense at all. But suppose you pay heed to the advice provided by this article and start with only the essential supplies. In that case, the whole proposition becomes a whole lot affordable.

The best thing about home jewellery making

And if you have time on your hands as a housesitter, while waiting for that next gig, then what better way to unleash your creative juices. Hope you turn out to be a crafty practitioner. Home jewellery  making can be great fun. It is a wonderful craft to do from home!


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