Home maintenance: Building foundation repair work

8 Jan, 2021

Home maintenance: Building foundation repair work

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Owning a building makes you responsible for the maintenance. You know as a homeowner that some items are easy to monitor and fix yourself. Others are more difficult and need a professional assessment and treatment. The foundations of a building can actually threaten the condition and therefore the investment for your entire home. That’s why finding the right grounder workers and securing the best professional foundation repair is necessary. Here are some top tips for the signs to look for that your foundations need professional attention.

foundation repair
Character properties may need regular foundation checks

Home Maintenance: Signs that Foundation Repair Work is Needed

There is no doubt that the foundations of a building are the single most important part of your home. Without a solid foundation holding everything up and together, you can’t expect your house to stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to check your foundation for any issues or damage. More often than not, you’re going to have to check the actual house for signs of trouble in the foundation. Once you detect a problem, it’s best to postpone any repair or home improvement plans you have in mind until you have sufficiently tended to the structure’s foundation. Otherwise, futile time and effort beautifying a home that is about to collapse in a matter of years. You will need to take action and begin foundation repair work.

Signs to check for to minimise foundation repair

To prevent this from happening, keep your eyes peeled for the following signs of foundation damage:

Cracks on the wall/ground flooring

One of the clearest signs that you need to hire Kansas City foundation repair services is if your KC home shows cracks on the walls, brick exteriors, or ground-level flooring. Take note that not every fracture or fissure in a wall indicates serious foundation trouble.  However, it’s still better to act rather than wait until something worse happens before you call in the professionals. At least check the building regularly for necessary foundation repair work.

With any luck, the cracks you spotted may just be cosmetic in nature, but as in all things, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have an air conditioning system and are finding cracks in the walls around the unit, this will also need attention. You should make regular checks on all your units, ideally with an air filter replacement service.

Sinking floors

If you’re absolutely sure that your house is set on level ground, be wary of any changes in inclination. Over time, you might notice that one end of the house is sinking lower than the rest of the place, or maybe it’s the center that will have settlement issues.

This is another clear indication that your foundation needs work. Luckily, settlement issues are not uncommon, so repair service companies would know how to deal with them. They will likely just install foundation piers to lift up the foundation. Don’t worry, this problem is highly fixable, although expect the house to get majorly messy for a while.

Rising floors

Just as much as sinking floors indicate foundational problems, parts of the house that appear to be elevating or upheaving out of the blue could also indicate foundational problems as well, especially related to excess moisture. Hallways, doorways, and garage doors are usual suspects for moisture-related upheaval,. So make sure you periodically check these areas for any levelling problems. This could be caused by extraordinarily heavy rains or a plumbing leak.

If it’s the latter, you will get another indication in the form of unusually high water bills. So if you feel like a part of your house is suddenly higher than you remember it, check it out. You may also notice you are getting bigger water charges. This could be another sign. Then you’ll need to get your plumbing checked as it might be a cause of the foundational troubles in your house.

Foundation upheaval is usually a precursor to foundation cracks manifesting. Then if you see those two signs together, you know it’s absolutely time for some serious foundation repair work.

foundation repair
Some issues are very obvious such as cracks in the walls


Larger Gaps in Windows and Door Frames

If you stay in the same house every single day, it’s almost impossible to notice slight changes in the inclination of the ground. Hence, foundation trouble might sneak past you without regular checks.

Luckily, there is one more indicator you can check — your windows and doors. A new house (unless it’s made haphazardly), would have smooth-closing doors and windows. Over time, however, gaps may develop, making it hard to ‘fit’ windows and doors in their frames.

You might notice that doors appear lopsided, in that one side is higher or lower than the other. You might also observe an unusual amount of light or wind entering your windows because of larger gaps around them.

These may be caused by shifts in the foundation, which means you either have to get the foundation lifted or treated for water damage.

In conclusion

When it comes to your residential property, you can never be too careful. Early detection of any issues is key in ensuring that you minimise and foundation repair work. And that any repairs do not evolve into something more serious.

Large foundation repairs could be detrimental not just to the property, but to the safety of everyone living in it, too. So whatever you do, do not ignore the foregoing signs that your foundation might need repair work.





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