Home makeover? Some quick and affordable ideas

27 May, 2020

Home makeover? Some quick and affordable ideas

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Ever considered a home makeover? Many home owners are usually put off committing to home decoration or renovation because of the time and cost any such work is likely to involve. Here are some top ideas to help get you started.

Quick and Affordable Home Makeover Ideas

home makeover
A number of small touches can improve even a small living space

When it comes to remodelling and restyling our homes, it’s easy and fun to let our imagination run wild. Most people imagine a new kitchens, bathroom and even flooring. There’s no doubt that there’s always something we’d rather change or update, but money and the potential disruption nearly always puts us off. Well the good news is that little tweaks can be just as effective in helping you enjoy your interior rather than spending thousands of pounds of your hard-earned cash. Therefore, whether time and money or even both are an issue, we’ve come up with some ideas that can help liven up your space cheaply and easily.

 Jazz Up Those Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a common feature in our homes, used not only as a means of storage but for decoration too. Experiment with quirky shapes such as diagonal shelves, paint it different colours and include other decorative measures such as plants and art work to complement the books. Arranging the books in height order also allows them to appear neater. Not only will it look stylish after these changes, but the order will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for and encourage more reading!

Keeping shelves clutter free creates a good impression

The easy home makeover – Paint!

While painting is seen as the easiest and cheapest way to improve and freshen up the look of your room, it can be disruptive. There are ways to reduce the inconvenience. If the thought of an entire House interior painting project or even just one room is a daunting prospect, then why not consider an accent wall. They’re a fantastically quick way of adding character to a room. Moreover, creating accent walls can often be more satisfying than repainting the entire room. We’d recommend going for a bright colour to really draw attention to it. Bear in mind the rest of the room’s décor and furniture when choosing your accent colour.

Transform Your Plain Walls

Sometimes, your walls can wind up looking a little dull and boring, especially if you leave them completely blank. So that’s why many homeowners are now turning to the wonderful world of wall art print. This gives you the opportunity to jazz up practically any wall in your home with a bright, beautiful and, critically, interchangeable painting. 

Transforming your boring walls doesn’t have to be a chore. Find a piece of artwork that inspires you and run with it. If in years to come, you don’t like it or want to change your décor, you can always swap it out for another piece. 

Paint Furniture

Painting over old furniture will give them a new lust for life – whether that’s out-dated cabinets, a dresser or even the bed. Again, this costs nothing but the price of a paint pot and gives you a way to introduce a new colour scheme into the room if you want to. For example, if the furniture is a dark wood and you’ve grown tired of the old fashioned and dingy tones, then repainting the furniture is a fantastic way to allow your room to appear more modern for next to nothing.

Fresh paint on walls and furniture can brighten up a room

 Sand Down and Refinish Your Floors

If you’re lucky enough to have wood flooring in your home, then you’re probably aware that you can sand it down and refinish it, allowing it to look good as the day it was bought! A floor can either make or break a room, so we’d certainly pay special attention to it. Eradicating any stains and scratches that have developed over the years will certainly freshen up your interior. Fresh paint will help your home look totally different. This can be done more than once, so you have many years of enjoying your flooring ahead of you.

 De-cluttering – the inexpensive makeover

Purge Your Home of Unwanted Clutter

This is the best way to improve your living space is to declutter as much as you can. This is the same rule for everyone, no matter how big, small, modern or traditional your interior is. Release yourself from the claustrophobia by tackling your room one at a time and seeing what you don’t really need.

 First Impressions

You know what they say about first impressions and this is in no way exempt from your home. So, start by paying close attention to your front door and paint it a colour that suits the interior. Other ideas to consider include cleaning and painting wood panelling if you have it. Try introducing plant pots and keeping the lawn clean and tidy. Replace your post box, get a new doormat and polish your brass door knobs. Wipe away dust and cobwebs. These are all relatively inexpensive changes that can make all the difference.



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