Home outdoor space – How to maximise its use

22 Feb, 2022

Home outdoor space – How to maximise its use

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Homeowners the world over like to enjoy their home environment. Many of us really like having a dedicated home outdoor space to relish in the warmer seasons. Here are some top tips on how to make the most of any outdoor space you happen to have at your disposal.

Home outdoor space is precious – Here’s how to maximise that space

improve your home gardening
Many of us dream of a rose garden – But do we succeed in achieving our ideal home outdoor space?

It’s probably no surprise that homes with outdoor features are much sought after. This is especially true since a global pandemic has changed how people spend their time at home. With people spending more time at their property, maximizing outdoor space for outdoor gatherings is key. And this will become even more so as we head into Spring. While giving backyards a refresh is a no-brainer, there’s another area of the home outdoor space that homeowners are transforming to great effect.

The front porch

Even homeowners with limited front space are finding creative ways to make this area extend beyond the front door. Many create a real feature making it a nice architectural detail. In fact, in a recent survey from the real estate experts at HomeLight, agents found that a well-maintained and usable front porch could add an estimated $5,686 in resale value. If you want to maximize your front porch, take a cue from the experts.

Create the ideal home outdoor area

Even the tiniest of homes likely have some space that could work as a front porch. Your first step is to assess the space you have. See if you can make additions to create space at the front of your home. Aviara Pavers shares that the use of ‘hardscaping’ like a small deck or pavers, can work wonders in this area.It can create the space that will be your “front porch” if you don’t already have one.

Ideally, you’ll want enough space for a couple of chairs and maybe even a table and some form of green. Your outside spaces will be more comfortable and functional with excellent patio furniture. A little stone patio may be transformed into an alfresco dining destination with a large table and comfortable seats. If you’re seeking outdoor furniture that can withstand our harsh weather, checking online or websites like windwarddesigngroup.com is likely your best option.

Think about how you might streamline your space to give you room to get creative. If you’re thinking about selling your home, updating your front porch can also add what agents call  curb appeal. This will attract home buyers.

home outdoor space
Surround yourself with plants, it’s therapeutic

Add some green to your outdoor space

Plants are one of the core elements of creating a welcoming outdoor space and for your front porch planter boxes can work well. The type of plants you pick will depend on your home’s climate and how much time you want to devote to watering and maintenance. You may want to consider low-maintenance succulents or you can add an irrigation system to be sure that they are always looking their best.

Make your home out door space comfortable

To create an outdoor space that you will actually use, outdoor seating is a must. If your space is limited, a couple of cafe chairs and a table can do the job to give you a place to sit and have a conversation with friends or neighbors. For outdoor areas with more space, rocking chairs or loungers with cushions can add some extra comfort.

the perfect garden
Using outdoor lighting can create a wonderful sense of occasion any time of year

Enhance that space outdoors with light

As the days get longer, the front porch can be a place to gather even into the evening by adding a little light. While you probably already have lighting in the front of your home so you can see your front door at night, you can make your front porch cozy with a few different light sources. An overhead light, string lights, or stake lights that rest in planter boxes can all be ways to add a secondary light source that goes beyond just lighting the front of your home for safety. Be intentionally adding light, you’ll create an ideal place to spend warm spring and summer nights.

By giving your front porch a little TLC, you’ll have a space to relax while enjoying the great outdoors.



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