Home renovation and installing cameras

8 Nov, 2019

Home renovation and installing cameras

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Housesitting as a collaborative arrangement is based on trust. Increasingly with home renovations and new builds construction cameras and spy cameras are being introduced into a domestic environment. Housesitters and homeowners have varied feelings on the matter. We stand neutral as a housesitting platform, however, we understand the need for cameras in some instances, most especially construction cameras when there is a home refurbishment or a commercial project with a huge investment at stake. As for home renovations and installing cameras in the home, some homeowners are insisting on their validity. Here are a few reasons why they may be useful and appropriate.

home renovation
Construction cameras are made for domestic or commercial use

Cameras in Home Renovation or Commercial Projects

Factors to Consider before Installing Construction Cameras

Given how these modern devices can capture and transmit “live feeds” 24/7, construction cameras are now recognised by construction firms for their many benefits. Apart from aiding security, these cameras are helping project managers monitor the job site wherever they are. These gadgets keep all stakeholders in the loop and allow the keeping of visual records possible.

To experience the numerous benefits of using construction cameras, you need to consider the following factors before you install them in your project area:

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TrueLook camera for indoor use

Camera Type

 There are many types of cameras used for construction available in the market. The range available today includes a wide variety whether for home renovation or commercial projects. Each one of them has its pros and cons, depending on your requirements. For instance, if you think that your camera lens should be able to focus and zoom on images, you should avoid an all-in-one camera type.

If you intend to create a time-lapse video recording, consider installing a fixed camera than one that moves frequently. Ultimately, you should ensure that the camera type you are selecting suits your project needs. If working in a domestic situation on a home renovation with access to power then you will have greater access to power and an internet connection.

Home construction offers access to power and internet

Power Source

 Keep in mind that your construction cameras can only do the work and benefit your company if they connect to a reliable power source. You may need a contingency plan if your project is relying solely on generators or a temporary power supply. Keep in mind that your cameras will be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and for the entire duration of the construction work.

Internet Connection

Apart from the power source, you should make sure that you have an internet connection in your project area. Transmitting and sharing real-time videos is only possible if you can connect to the internet. Note that, just like power, you need a reliable internet connection to maximize the use of your cameras.

When choosing an internet service provider, make sure to inquire about their upload speed as your camera will be uploading data instead of downloading them. Make sure to find a provider that offers unlimited transfer so you can save money.

Researching the best satellite internet providers is really important before you make a commitment. Depending on where you want the installation, whether it is in a well serviced urban area or in a rural area with poor reception make sure you find out what works. Then draw up a short list and make a commitment to the best provider for your location and property.


home renovation
4G Security Cameras give best internet connection

Location Set-Up – Commercial Project or Home Renovation Installing Cameras

 The area where you are going to install your cameras also requires planning. Choose a location that is high enough to give the best view of the construction activity you want to monitor. Considering that cameras are sensitive to light, the area should also be far from any factor that may produce glare. This includes sunlight.

Moreover, make sure that the spot stays undisturbed until the project is complete and readily accessible. Adjust the cameras regularly and maintain them for optimal performance. Mount them in manageable locations to make this maintenance viable.

Priority Activities on a home refurbishment and installing cameras

Maximize the use of your cameras by scoping the most critical project activities beforehand. This way  you can monitor and capture appropriate footage of your most critical construction scenes. These activities should be those that where any delay will impact the quality and timely completion of the project. Knowing your priorities will help in identifying the type of camera you need, as well as the location set-up.

 The items above are just some of the essential elements that you need to consider before beginning your commercial project or home renovation installing cameras. Review your home refurbishment or commercial construction project carefully before you begin to reap the full benefits. The cameras you choose will optimise the construction project, making both your home refurbishment or your commercial project investment more secure.

Make sure to do your homework before contacting a supplier so that you can find the most suitable construction camera for your needs.



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