Home Storm Safety for Pet owners – 5 Top Tips

13 Mar, 2021

Home Storm Safety for Pet owners – 5 Top Tips

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Wherever you are in the world as a pet owner you know how fearful your animals are of loud unexplained noises. Storms can go on for hours which increases their fear. Whether your home is in an area susceptible to storms or worse hurricanes, here are 5 home storm safety tips to protect your pets.

Hounds and hurricanes: 5 Home storm safety tips for pet owners

home storm safety
Care for pets in bad weather is critical to their well-being

If you live on the Gulf of Mexico coastline, you know you’ll spend between June and November stawking weather reports. Between heavy flooding and storm-force winds, the Atlantic hurricane season can be incredibly devastating for those unprepared to weather storms. Even before the skies begin to darken, it’s essential to prepare for hurricane season by establishing a disaster plan, preparing grab-and-go emergency kits, and securing your home with protection services like these.

While you’re creating your emergency plan, ensure that each family member has a role to play. And that part of your plan includes your pets’ safety. Many animals have a unique ability to sense mounting storms, and this can cause intense anxiety for them. As a hurricane approaches, your dog might begin to panic and exhibit symptoms like pacing and howling. Your pet is an irreplaceable part of your family, so keeping them out of harm’s way when a hurricane is approaching will be of the utmost importance to you. Consider these five tips to keep your pets safe when in the face of a storm.

Include pet essentials in your go-bags

When officials issue an evacuation order, it’s easy to overlook packing essential items. Typical omissions left behind in the rush to evacuate include phone chargers or flashlights. Pre-packed go-bags, prepped before hurricane season even begins, ensure that you leave none of the necessary items during evacuation.

However, with a pet, there are additional items to consider. Leashes, a can opener for canned dog food, litter, water bowls, and a sturdy carrier are necessary if you have a pet. Packing a separate go-bag for your furry friend or including pet essentials in your go-bags can ensure you don’t forget anything your pet needs.

Microchip your pets

Dog tags engraved with addresses and phone numbers are the most common way of making sure your pet will always make its way home. However, should your pet’s collar come off or tags detach remember a microchip is a permanent way to ID a lost dog. If someone comes across your pet, they can take them to a shelter or vet to scan for your information. All you have to do is keep addresses and phone numbers current in the microchip database. Then you’ll never have to worry about putting up “lost dog” signs again.

Keep your pet calm

Anxiety can completely change your pet’s demeanor. So keeping your pet calm is a priority as a home storm safety tip. Typically placid and quiet dogs can quickly become aggressive and stubborn during stressful situations. Managing their anxious behavior will make it easier to keep your dog under control and responsive to your commands.

Some pet owners find that veterinarian-prescribed anti-anxiety medication helps their pets remain calm under pressure. However, if a more natural method is preferred pack comfort items for your dog. You may want to pack a familiar blanket or favorite chew toy. These will occupy your pet and provide them with a sense of safety.

home storm safety
Storms and hurricanes are a regular threat in some parts of the world

Research pet-friendly shelters or boarding options

In the case of an evacuation order, it’s crucial to have a plan in place for your pet. Whether you’re planning to board them or take them with you make a plan you can action. As you plan your evacuation route, keep a list of pet-friendly shelters or hotels to hand. It will help you make easy arrangements for your family.

If you’re planning to board your pet in a safe zone, check availability ahead of time with kennels and veterinarians. Additionally, bring your pet’s medical records with you, as most places will not board them without proof of current vaccinations.

Acquaint your pet with shelter areas in your home

A primary home storm safety tip if you’re riding out the storm at home, is to identify safe structurally-sound rooms.  Bathrooms and closets are go to places as they are often well built, enclosed and allow you to bunker down. Once you’ve identified safe spaces, familiarize your pet with those rooms as well. If you can’t find a small space to shelter in, keep your dog on a leash or create an enclosed area to keep them safe and calm.

The bottom line on home storm safety

Pet owners around the world want to protect their pets from storms, hurricanes and even simply loud noises like fireworks. As a valued member of your family, your pet’s protection is sure to be a key priority for you. By developing and adhering to a pet-friendly disaster plan, you can secure your pet’s well-being as you face an oncoming storm. Remember these home storm safety tips, they could save someone’s life.


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