Home Water Heaters – Points and Options to Consider

27 Feb, 2020

Home Water Heaters – Points and Options to Consider

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If you are a homeowner and manage your own property it is likely you will have home water heater of one description of another.  Choosing and maintaining your home water heaters can be a challenge. However, regular checks or calling in a trusted contractor on a regular basis will help maintain your heater to optimal efficiency. If you are in the process of choosing a water heater for your home it is worth considering the benefits of all the options available.

Home Water Heaters – Best Options

home water heater
Check your home water heater regularly

Unwinding after a long day of work by taking a hot shower can easily be one of life’s top blessings. Water heaters are not really shown off a lot on social media and they may go unrecognised for their efforts for a while. But once your water heater breaks down, you’ll start to realise how many people take it for granted.

It’s important to note that the energy that water heaters use comprises around 14 to 18% of the total utility bill. Taking your time to find the perfect water heater is going to save you money and add to your overall comfort.

It’s easy to get lost in the spectrum of modern water heaters today. You’ll want to take into consideration some aspects like the number of people in your household, electricity bills, and budget to be able to narrow down the search for the perfect water heater for you.

Read our home water heaters mini guide

Check out this mini-guide to help you get acquainted with the different types of home water heaters to pick the one suitable for your home.

You may also want to consider consulting a trusted contractor if you need help in your decision-making process. Just a click for water heater services and you can easily find professionals who can offer expert advice based on your needs.

Regardless of your choice in home water heaters you choose, keep in mind that regular maintenance and check-ups are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Proper Budgeting

As most homeowners will admit it can be tempting to go with the cheapest possible solution for anything that is considered a capital investment. Needless to say, it’s often the worst idea. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it will offer a good long-term solution. And since water heaters are long-term capital expenses,  costing a lot, minimal change is best.

Choosing the right home water heater, and the maintenance method will therefore be essential to ensure longevity.

Energy efficiency ratings

Read the energy efficiency ratings of the heater to understand the costs it can incur annually. In this way you’ll know how efficient it can be. If you’re going with a storage tank heater, make sure to select the size that’s suits your home and usage. As the homeowner you should take into account the number of people in your household.

If you’re at a loss, make use of the services of professional plumbers from my trusted contractor when you’re installing any type of heater. Setting heaters up can be a complicated job that can involve piping, conversion of fuel sources, and more. Whatever heater you choose, make sure to find one with a good warranty contract as heaters are supposed to live longer than most of the appliances in your house.

home water heater
Choosing the best home water heaters and support helps ensure long term solution

Home Water Heater – Storage Tank Heaters

Storage tank home water heaters are very simple in their mode of operation. They are called storage tank heaters because the hot water is constantly being heated and stored in a tank. The water is ready for use when you need it. This translates into an instant supply of hot water.

Without involving any complicated and expensive systems, you divert the water to faucets and showers.

Their only weakness is the risk of running out of hot water. The reason being, it takes some time to get the water in the tank heated to a good level. People who live alone will rarely be faced with such a problem. However, big households know what kind of inconvenience this can create.

The challenge of small living spaces

If you have a lot of space in your home, then storage tank home water heaters shouldn’t pose much of a problem. However, homeowners with small living areas know that a big tank will cramp the space.

You should be aware that storage heaters can drain power constantly. This is because they are continuously heating water to be ready at all times. High-efficiency models can come equipped to handle either a gas or electric fuel source with less consumption overall. The more efficient versions cost a bit more, but they pay back the difference over time by saving money otherwise spent on bills.

Home Water Heaters – Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters are commonly referred to as on-demand heaters. This is because they are only operational when you are in immediate need of hot water. They don’t pre-heat water to high levels for it to be ready when you need it. Instead they heat the water on-the-spot. This creates a noticeable difference in the standby energy losses between both options. It’s an important point to note.

Turning on the tap acts like a trigger for this heater. Once the tap is turned on, cold or room-temperature water runs through a heating chamber that operates on gas or electricity as fuel sources. The almost infinite supply of hot water removes the risks associated with households with many members during peak hours.

Final thoughts on home water heaters

The main noticeable difference is that the flow rate of tankless home water heaters is usually less than that of storage tank heaters. It’s because the supply of hot water flow rate is directly proportional to the ability of the heater to heat it. While they can save your utility bills, they can cost a bit extra in installation. This is because they require a more elaborate setup compared to the storage tank heater.

On the plus side, they can be installed almost anywhere since they are usually compact.

If your home water heater breaks down it is easy to react quickly and make a distress purchase. However, the distress purchase may not be your optimal choice. Choose the right one for you. First it’s important to understand the features of each type and how important those features are for your home. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for budget or vice-versa. Just consider your options and choose with knowledge.


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