Homeowners moving to Ontario – Here are some top tips

20 May, 2021

Homeowners moving to Ontario – Here are some top tips

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If  are emigrating to Canada is a dream about to happen, then consider the following thoughts. There are so many things to consider and careful planning will deliver the best results for your move. If more specifically you are upping sticks, lock stock and barrel like other homeowners moving to Ontario then you really need to consider these 4 top tips on how to go about that move.

4 Tips for homeowners moving to Ontario

homeowners moving to Ontario
The natural landscape is a major reason people move to Ontario

The idea of emigrating to Canada is a dream come true for so many of us. Is it the beautiful scenery, welcoming attitude or high standards of living?

Whatever it is, Canada has something that draws in hundreds of thousands of people every year to pack up their city lives for a more rural existence or enjoy their twenties in some of the world’s most beautiful and multicultural cities.

Ontario, in particular, is a province on the up and quickly finding itself at the top of many new resident’s lists. But what should homeowners looking to make the change know before moving to Ontario?

Do your research on the most popular areas

This is a golden rule before you move anywhere really.  Doing your research into the most popular cities and towns is an important part of choosing the right Canadian province for you.

Some of the most popular areas in Ontario include:

  • Toronto: Ontario’s bustling capital city.
  • Ottawa: A historic location surrounded by luscious nature.
  • Waterloo: A quiet South West city close to Toronto.
  • Oakville: A suburban area ideal for families.
  • Kingston: Known for its vibrant cultural community.


It’s been said that the area you live in is just as important as the home you choose. So, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for and select a town or city within Ontario that suits.

Lean from expert advice and opinion

Actually getting down to it and buying a new home can be a complicated process. It will require research, determination and a little bit of luck.

If you’re moving to a new area for the first time, take advice and expertise from local real estate professionals. They’ll have a more complete view than most national outfits. Plus, they have the time to delve into the local data of how the area has changed over time.

This kind of insight can make your new home a better investment and help you scout out areas that are perfect for family life, experiencing nightlife or getting out of the hustle and bustle of a city. You’re not just dealing with the prospect of choosing the right area either, but navigating perhaps wildly different legal parameters.

That being said, national outfits with local experts on hand are also an asset. International buyers thinking about moving to an Ontario city could look into local mortgage options in London or surrounding areas online, as actually sitting down and having a conversation with a local expert would be close to impossible. However, if you can arrange a video call with an advisor or housing expert beforehand, it could offer some new insight into your future home.

Consider rental opportunities

When moving abroad, it’s important to consider the rental opportunities available to you. Rental opportunities include both how you’ll live once there, and what you can do with your existing home.

Homeowners with some additional capital behind them and less of a reliance on selling their existing property to fund their dream home should consider turning their home into an exciting money-making opportunity.

If you live in a high-profile rental spot (e.g. major city or near a student area), consider becoming a landlord. It could finance your emigration. Managing a property from abroad has never been easier, thanks to the accessibility of property managers and a range of online systems to advertise your rented home through, such as Spareroom.

Likewise, you could consider turning your home into a holiday destination through platforms such as Airbnb, although this too would require the investment of a property manager. With a little commitment, this can be a great money-earning exercise, especially in the age of staycations.

Find somewhere that suits your occupation

The promise of a more exciting and rewarding work life is one of the main reasons people all over the world emigrate to Canada. However, it’s important to research whether or not your expertise and skills are both transferable and needed in your chosen destination.

Ontario boasts a diverse workforce and thriving manufacturing and agricultural industries. In recent years, a developing tech industry between Toronto and Waterloo has attracted creative and innovative professionals.

A 2020 study showed that Ontario is a strong choice for many of the most desired jobs across Canada, making it a brilliant destination for in-demand workers.

If you’re moving to Canada on a whim, do just a little research. Find out which roles you might be applicable for and may excel in. Some of Canada’s top-paying jobs include:

  • Nurse practitioner – Median salary $104,000
  • Utilities Manager – Median salary $114,000
  • Physician – Median salary $150,000
  • Engineer – Median salary $106,000

Prepare your pets for the move

If you have pets to take with you, especially dogs, it is a good idea to prepare them. One way might be to walk the local parks. Find a few pathways that you can discover together before you move.

Your pets

Special consideration needs to be taken for your pet family. A step by step approach is best and thought for each kind of pet and how you will move them to their new location.

The pet nanny

If you have a number of pets and they will need specialist care, medication with specific routines to be maintained you could consider a pet nanny. There will be a cost, however, you may feel it necessary to ensure that your pets are well cared for during the short period of moving and a day or so after.

Dog minding

It might help if you organise dog minder for the day of your move and perhaps the day after. That way you can organise the move from one place to another without increasing the animal’s stress levels. It will be a challenge enough to help them get used to your new place and their new home.

Dog boarding

If there are no friends or family available and you are struggling to find a sitter you could consider dog boarding, at a kennels.

It can make the final moving out and into a new neighbourhood less stressful.

Cattery and cattery alternatives

Unless your cat is an indoor cat, it is harder to keep changing the home environment for a cat. So a cattery might be the answer for a day or two.

Rehoming a pet

In extreme cases, perhaps if you are moving overseas you may need to rehome your pet. You could start with friends and family, people who know and appreciate your pet. Then perhaps consider a wider circle and finally a rescue home that specialises in rehoming pets. Naturally for most pet owners rehoming a pet is the last resort, though just occasionally there is no other option.

And finally for homeowners moving to Ontario

Ontario is a varied and beautiful location for homeowners across the world to find themselves in. As with any big life decision, make sure you do your research and find yourself ready to commit.



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