Hosting housesitters or guests? Ensure their comfort

8 Aug, 2022

Hosting housesitters or guests? Ensure their comfort

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If you are planning to have visitors come to stay, whether you know them or not plan to make them comfortable. And whether you are hosting housesitters or guests you know better it is always a better experience if you plan to ensure their comfort. Here are some top tips on what to do.

Hosting housesitters or guests? Here’s how to ensure their comfort

hosting housesitters
When you are the host ensure you make every effort to make your guests comfortable

When you are hosting housesitters or guests, the last thing you want is their discomfort. As much as possible, you want your home to be a haven for them. Your home can be somewhere they can relax and enjoy themselves. Here are a few tips to help make sure your guests have a comfortable visit.

Dedicate a place for your guests or housesitters to sleep

One of the most important things you can do when you are hosting housesitters, is to make sure your guests are comfortable is to give them a place to sleep. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to set up a guest room just for them. If you don’t have the space, a sofa bed for your guests or even an inflatable mattress can work.

Just make sure that you prepare for the number of guests you’re expecting. And make sure it is comfortable. For instance, if you have a family with small children, an air mattress might not be ideal.

In this case, a sofa bed would be better since it would accommodate the adults. What is more it provides a barrier between the children and the floor. Do make an effort to ensure that wherever they’re sleeping is clean, comfortable, and private. 

hosting housesitters
Greet your housesitters like welcome guests

Clean up your home

Another important thing to do is to make sure that your home is clean and presentable. While you don’t have to go overboard with cleaning, do tidy up enough so that your guests will feel comfortable. Don’t forget to also clean up any common areas that your guests will be using. This means the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. 

If you have pets then you may need to make an extra effort because pet hair sheds in on soft and hard furnishings. Shedding pets can be a big problem in some households with multiple pets especially. Vacuum and dust to bring your home into a clean state before you guests arrive.

Tidy public and private areas ahead of visitors arriving

Most pets like to sit on the furniture

The living room and kitchen are especially important. As we always say they are the places people spend most of their time. In the bathroom, make sure to put out clean towels and any other toiletries that your guests might need.

Your guests will likely want to take a shower or use the toilet during their stay. So make sure that everything is clean and in working order.

Additionally, if you have pets, make sure to either prepare your guests, and prepare your pets so that your guests don’t feel uncomfortable.

If your guests are housesitters then they should be ready to play and engage with the pets. Just give them time to get to know each other.

Prepare some snacks and drinks

Another way to make your guests feel comfortable is to have some snacks and drinks ready. Without preparing anything too fancy it’s always nice to have something to munch on or drink on arrival.

Also, check ahead of time if your guests are allergic to anything or have any dietary restrictions. That way, you will be able to prepare something that they can eat or drink without any problems.

A welcome meal is always welcome

If you’re not sure what to prepare, you can always ask in advance. Or just buy some snacks and drinks that are generally safe for everyone.

Take into account the number of guests you’re expecting and the amount of time they’ll be staying.

That way so that you can prepare sufficiently for the duration. And if you are going away and leaving the pets with sitters, remember to provide the right amount of pet food and snacks to cover your absence.

Give them access to your Wi-Fi network.

In these modern times, most households have Wi-Fi. And it has become a necessity for many people especially housesitters moving from assignment to assignment. Some are digital nomads and travel with their work.

If you have guests staying over, or you’re hosting housesitters, they will likely want to use your Wi-Fi to stay connected with contacts or work. So, make sure to give them the password to your network. And make sure they can access it whenever they need to.

You can also give them a list of other important passwords, such as the one for your home security system. This way, they can come and go as they please without worrying about access. But remember to change the passwords as soon as they leave so that your home is secure. This is a standard and important safety protocol.

Let them know about your house rules ahead of time

Every home has its own set of rules, and it’s important to let your guests know about them ahead of time especially when you are hosting housesitters. This way, they can avoid doing anything that would make you or your pets feel uncomfortable. If you have pets there will be rules for where they can go, where they are fed and if and when they can go outside. For example, you may not allow smoking and disposable vapes are an effective alternative.

Also you may have rules for human visitors. For example, when hosting housesitters you need to communicate whether or not you allow smoking in your home. Let them know so that they can smoke outside. Or if you have a curfew for when everyone needs to be home, let them know so that they can plan their night accordingly.

By letting them know about your rules ahead of time, you can avoid any potential conflict or awkwardness during their stay. More often than not, your guests will be happy to comply with your rules as long as you let them know what they are.

When hosting housesitters, make them feel at home

planning holiday home and petcare
Petsitters are taking care of your pets and property, help them feel welcome and feel at home

Last but not least, one of the best ways to make your guests feel comfortable is to make them feel at home. When you are hosting housesitters on a temporary basis this can be especially important. This means being hospitable and accommodating to their needs.

A meet and greet for the humans and the animals

hosting housesitters
Introduce your pets to your guest or housesitter. It really helps early on when hosting housesitters

Be sure to introduce them to everyone in the household and make them feel welcome. And if they are housesitters make sure you introduce them to friendly neighbours in case they need help.

Offer access to your amenities and local facilities

When hosting housesitters try to help them out as much as you can. Let them know that they can come to you if they need anything and that you’re always available if they need anything. For instance, if they need to use the bathroom, show them where it is. If they need a place to put their luggage, show them where they can keep it safe and out of the way. You can also provide them with some entertainment options, like TV and streaming networks.

You can also give them access to your book library particularly if they have to stay with you for an extended period. The same goes for any free travel passes you can share with them during their stay. It would be especially when hosting housesitters who will be long term residents in your home. By making them feel at home, you can ensure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. 

hosting housesitters
Clean towels are important for your guests

Final thoughts on hosting housesitters and guests

And finally if you are hosting housesitters or guests plan ahead to make the most of the opportunity. These are just a few tips to welcome your guests and housesitters. By managing each of these steps you can help make sure your guests have a comfortable visit. And you can increase the likelihood of you earning a good trusted house sitters review.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your guests will feel right at home and have a great time while they’re staying with you. Rest assured that with a little bit of effort, you can make sure that your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable visit.  For housesitters, make yours the very best of house sitting jobs they like to do. So go ahead and start preparing for their arrival.



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