House Match or HouseSit Match. Which?

24 Jan, 2024

House Match or HouseSit Match. Which?

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As HouseSitMatch begins to mature as a start-up business we are finding people use all kinds of search terms to find us online. Some type House Match, others partly remember our name and look for Home Sit Match, some try Home Match then occasionally people get it right and find us with Housesit Match. What should you use to find us online if you forget to bookmark our website?

Read on to learn our top tips and house sitting keywords to search for when looking for our website.

House Match or HouseSit Match. Which keywords do you search for?

a house match between housesitters and homeowners
Working with a housesitting platform like HouseSit Match your organise a house match with sitters

What is a House Match?

A ‘house match‘ does reflect part of our proposition but not entirely. In fact house match is really a corruption of Housesit Match our official name. if you check the Oxford English Dictionary you will see that the term ‘house match’ simply is not recognised as a term or phrase. So House Match is not a term to use to search for HouseSitMatch.

So it is a corruption or dilution for our name. And yet people type it into Google every day of the year looking for us, the house and pet sitting network

What is the History of Housesitting terms?

It means you have a partial HOUSE-SIT-MATCH. Perhaps this comes from the desire to use the term match, and not quite remembering the word HOUSESIT, which in fact is relatively modern as a word in common parlance.  In fact the Oxford English Dictionary traces its’ earliest use as a verb to as late as 1969, so it’s a pretty modern word.

Origins of House Sitting Related Terms

In fact the whole vocabulary around housesitting is relatively modern. Look at the earliest dates identified by the OED for these useful terms which you will have seen on this website related to what we do and the housesitting assignments we facilitate:

  1. House sitter, (noun) – 1950 – OED’s earliest evidence for house-sitter is from 1950, in the Stars and Stripes.
  2. Housesitting, (noun) – 1968 – OED’s earliest evidence for house-sitting is from 1968, in the Washington Post.
  3. House-sit, (verb) – 1969 – OED’s earliest evidence for house-sit is from 1969, in Popular Mechanics.
  4. Pet sitter, (noun) – 1976 – OED’s earliest evidence for pet sitter is from 1976, in the National Observer (U.S.).
  5. Petsitting, (verb) – 1978 – OED’s earliest evidence for pet sitting is from 1978, in the Washington Post.
  6. Pet-sit, (verb) – 1977 – OED’s earliest evidence for pet-sit is from 1977, in New York Review of Books.

Origins of House Sharing Terms

Culturally and in our language we have been articulating house sharing, or sharing domiciles perhaps for financial economy, for nearly 200 years! So the concept of sharing a living space has been a both a formal and informal arrangement for some time before the Sharing Economy was a thing (Sharing Economy – the term was first used publicly in 2004, in Communication World Magazine).

  1. House-sharer, (noun)
  2. House-sharing, (noun) It is as certain as anything that in the future there will be more house sharing than there has been in the past: houses are difficult to obtain in these days. – Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica) 13 February.

What is HouseSit Match and what do we do?

pet sitter shaking a dog's paw
Housesitting and pet sitting through HouseSitMatch enables safe, secure and stress free home and pet care

Photo by Jenny Kaye

What we do at HouseSitMatch

HouseSit Match is one of the international Housesitting and Petsitting platforms that facilitates the fair exchange of affordable home and pet care between registered members. We enable affordable travel by cutting out the pet and home care costs you would incur with professional sitters, and we enable the elimination of accommodation costs for housesitters through this fair exchange.

We conduct in depth ID checks with all members to ensure that the site is safe.

Plus, we offer housesitter/ pet sitter and home/ pet owner members a range of guidelines and legally approved template contracts and documents to enable a smooth process. Both members review each other after a completed housesit assignment.

What’s special about HouseSitMatch

The thing you need to know is that we are a family run business, founded by Lamia Walker a marketing professional, and still run by Lamia, her family and a few select team members. The special secret recipe we have is that you can always reach a human being to help you if you have questions. Plus Lamia and her family also housesit on a regular basis in the UK and elsewhere. So we could be visiting you and caring for your pets very soon!

Lamia and David selfie with Daisy the Spaniel
Lamia and David Walker took a selfie with one of their pet charges Daisy, the Spaniel

Photo by Lamia Walker

What other keywords might work to help you find us online?

Apart from ‘house match’ you could also try searching the following keywords to find us online when you next search to find us:

  • Housesit Match – This is the very best term to search for when you sea4rch for our housesitting and petsitting platform.
  • Housesit – This is a great term to search for because it is the start of our business name.
a housesitter matched to care for dogs at this home
Using this housesitting platform you can make a house match, using a pet sitter to care for your pets and home

Photo by Jenny Kaye

Get started with HouseSit Match

Joining as a pet sitter and housesitter

If you love pets and especially dogs (they are the most popular pets in this network) consider joining as a house and pet sitter. Becoming a house and pet sitter on this housesitting and petsitting platform is a straightforward process:

  1. Register as a house sitter and pet sitter on HouseSit Match.
  2. Complete the ID check for added credibility and trustworthiness.
  3. Build your profile to showcase your experience and reliability.
  4. Apply for dog sits across the housesit listings and connect with homeowners and pet owners.
  5. Embark on an exciting journey as a trusted house sitter caring for pets and especially dogs.

Join as a home and petowner to find a dog sitter

Joining HouseSit Match as a petowner is a straightforward process:

  1. Register as a homeowner pet owner on HouseSit Match.
  2. Complete the ID check for added credibility and trustworthiness.
  3. Build your profile to showcase your pets, and home.
  4. Offer your dog sits by posting a housesit advert and listing and connect with pet sitters.
  5. Embark on an exciting journey as a member of this community meeting and working with dog sitters and house sitters.

Final thoughts on House Match and HouseSit Match

So whether you have recently searched for the term house match or you are looking for housesitters and pet sitters and you remember to search for us with the keywords ‘HouseSit Match’ remember we can help. Remember the term ‘House Match’ is a corruption of the full term ‘HouseSit Match’ so worth noting the full name somewhere safe.

Alternatively why not bookmark the website web address then you’ll always be able to click the bookmark link and find us!


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