House of your dreams – What to consider

27 Jul, 2021

House of your dreams – What to consider

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Every would be homeowner dreams of a certain kind of home and location. Each person’s dream is unique to them and their particular circumstances.  To help you realise the house of your dreams what are the major points you need to consider

Planning the house of your dreams – What should you consider?


house of your dreams
Choosing the right location can make your home ideal to you

Most of us dream of owning a house in our early twenties. The dream shapes up as we grow old. But do you consider all the critical aspects beyond the conventional designs and beauty of the house?

People pay the least attention to factors that are pivotal to the house. They may be the neighborhood, the impact of the climatic conditions on the house, or the type of materials used. So what should you keep in mind while making the most important investment of your life?

Choosing a neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood is crucial not only for you but also for your children. If you are already a parent or in the pursuit of being one, then a neighborhood with good educational facilities should be part of your plan. You can research the proposed new neighborhood to check on the same.

Another factor paramount to your neighborhood shortlisting is the crime rates in the area. A declining general crime rate in the proposed new neighborhood is a good sign. The availability of the medical facilities also plays a pivotal role in the selection process as you may need to opt for such services in the future.

Other fundamental aspects that should be part of the process are 

  • the availability of the markets nearby, 
  • distance from the workplace, or 
  • recreational centres, like theatres and food joints, .etc.

The conditions for the house of your dreams

Environment plays a chief role in the house building process. Checking the historic weather data of the area on sites like can help gauge the weather patterns. 

Heavy downpours or wetter winters can be specifically affecting the buildings. Such places need a proper collection and drainage system for the meltwater and rainwater. Areas with a milder climate have an impact on building materials’ durability. The indoor climate will have significant alterations like a higher need for cooling in summers.

There are greater risks of storms along the coastline, factoring in protection against the storms is a must. The buildings in areas with increased groundwater or higher stream or watercourse levels need protection against seepage and flooding.

So buildings being vulnerable to climate change can have an increased 

  • risk of declining health, 
  • risk of collapse, or 
  • significant loss of value.
house of your dreams
Getting an architect to design your home will mean you can choose all the materials that matter to you

Materials to opt for

When you make a house, it is not only about the selection of roofing, siding, doors, and windows. These choices can make it a great-looking house. However, the crucial factor is to make the building withstand any weather anomalies. At any point in your life, the proposed home can face a calamity or severe weather condition. It may be by either the rain, wind, hail or something else.


There are too many options to choose from for the roofing materials. The choice of the best one depends on the kind of weather that the material will experience. Metal or tile and heavy slate roofing can be great for windy areas. However, if you are in a region with frequent hail storms, you can choose impact-resistant asphalt shingles. 

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) ratings of various materials can be helpful. These agencies rate the material as per their withstanding capacity in different weather conditions.


The choice of siding has a similar impact on the house.  It may make all the difference when it comes to building the house of your dreams. The chosen material should give the house protection against the adverse effects of weather conditions. You can consider the following pointers to shortlist the appropriate material for your new proposed house:

  • Sitting on the top end of the expensive siding options are wood, brick, and stone sidings. These are very durable against hail and wind.
  • Wood can hold the wind and rain out but can get molds or rot due to humidity. You will end up spending more time and money on maintenance.
  • Vinyl sidings are economical but can not stand winds or hailstorms.

Other variations of siding include aluminium, stucco, pressed cement, .etc. Ideally, to shortlist the siding appropriate for you, you can look at

  • Installation, replacement, and maintenance costs
  • Resistance ratings of wind and impact

Doors and Windows 

Blown debris and wind impact resistance are the crucial concerns for shortlisting the doors and windows. Impact-resistant glasses that use multiple layers of glass and clear film can do the job.

If the shortlisted location of the house is prone to frequent windy events, doors and windows with impact-resistant materials can be the saviour.

A final thought on the house of your dreams

So there are a host of crucial factors that you can consider while planning for your new house. The choices that you make will have a lasting impact on your livelihood. Being informed about the impact of the natural conditions on the house can help you brace better.



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