House sale taking too long? A housesitter can help

5 Sep, 2019

House sale taking too long? A housesitter can help

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When we make the huge step of trying to sell our home it can be an emotional and physical upheaval. Then when the house sale takes far longer than expected that can take its toll. Here are some ideas about how you can optimise your chances of a speedy house sale.

Why Isn’t my House Selling, and What Can I do About it?

Once you’ve made that decision to put your house on the market, and perhaps moved out to let a housesitter looker after your home the sooner someone puts in an offer, the better. The state of the market, however, can frustrate the sale.

Don’t lose heart, there are a few things that you can control, that will improve your chances of a house sale. So if your house sale isn’t happening, here are some of the reasons why that may be, and what you can do to help it.

house for sale
Each house sale is unpredictable – Sometimes even new beautiful properties take time to sell

You’re with the Wrong Estate Agent for this house sale

Potentially the biggest reason your house isn’t selling could be that you’ve chosen to go with the wrong estate agent. Believe it or not, choosing the right one is paramount when ensuring the success of a slightly quicker house sale. They can assist in selling your home in a number of ways. But here are some options to consider.

Considered a house sale online

Compared to high street estate agents, you might want to save a little money and go with an online company. One of the best things about doing this, is the far wider number of potential buyers your house is more likely to reach.

As many as 95% of potential home buyers said when they were going to browse what options were available, that there first port of call would be an online search. Therefore why not make it easy for them, and you, by having your property readily available to view on one of the top online home selling platforms?

These estate agents offer a different selection of packages for your house sale, each one varying in price and service. Whether it’s the bare minimum or a premium package you’re after, most of them have it all.

Finding an estate agent to manage your house sale

When it comes to finding the best estate agent for you, all it takes is a little bit of research, and being sure about what it is that’s going to be best for you. After all, there are more options available to us now than there ever have been before. There are comparison tools all over on the internet, and most of them are free to use, so just make the most of them.

If you are set on using a high street estate agent, however, similarly you should look at reviews and success rates of them before deciding on one. Another top tip, is pick the few you’re most interested in and book several valuations.

Whoever gives you the best agent fees, has good contacts and seems to be offering the best service is likely the right one for you. Don’t be afraid to swap estate agents if they’re not successful in the task you’ve given them, remember that you don’t actually owe them any loyalties if they’re not providing the service you’ve paid for to a high standard.

house sale
Keeping well maintained house plants gives a fresh look to each room, and will help to speed up a house sale

Another service level to consider is do the estate agents stage the house for you. If you have already left the property you are reliant on house sitters or an estate agent to present the property on your behalf. Better to find an estate agent that can offer that service in order to help bring the property to life in you absence.

If you have house sitters in situ ensure they have good instructions as to what you would like them to do to make the property appear well looked after and very presentable before each viewing. This can really help the house sale especially if you are not available to manage the property yourself.

You Haven’t Improved Your Home

If you’ve lived in the house a long time and have only just decided to sell, take a moment to prepare your home. The chances are that there are likely to be one or two things about the property that could do with being improved, fixed or refreshed.

You may have become used to living with them now and barely notice that broken gate to the front of the house, the wonky light fitting in the hall or the worn paint as you enter the vestibule.

However, even if you don’t notice the home improvements that your property so desperately needs, you can be sure that potential buyers will. And this may prevent any interest in your house sale.

One of the biggest telling points is curb appeal. This is very simply, how appealing your home looks from an outside, on the street view. A lot of people who are curious about properties in the area will drive around and peek at the available house’s exteriors well before even booking a viewing.

A few well chosen plants in the front garden will improve curb appeal

That being said, paint your fence, trim your hedge, and cut your front lawn! Even consider replacing or sprucing up your front door, and adding either some colourful flowers or hanging baskets to give it that extra edge. Entice people from the word go – it could be the different between selling and not selling.

You’re Advertising it for the Wrong Price

Last but not least, it could be that your house is up for the wrong price.

A great way of avoiding this is by seeking several valuations and then finding the average. You could also look at similar sized houses in the area, and see how much they’re selling for. If there’s one thing that’s likely to put people off, it’s overpricing.

Be sure not to sell yourself short, however if you’re getting little to interest, it could be worth doing a little research and considering dropping the price. After all, a slightly lower, but fair, selling price is better than no sale at all, right?



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