House sitter hacks for travellers around the world

21 Feb, 2021

House sitter hacks for travellers around the world

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If like me you love travel and have missed the adventure during our global travel restrictions, then consider housesitting. At we are great exponents of the wonders of travel especially as a house sitter. Read on to learn the very best house sitter hacks. It will help you to make the most of the experience, as and when you are ready.

Trusted house sitter hacks

house sitter hacks
Housesitting is based on entrusting your home to a sitter

Traveling the world is on everyone’s to-do list. Whenever the thought of a dream holiday crosses your mind, everyone wishes it would be as easy as packing a bag and hopping on the next flight. However, the reality is that there are multiple complexities to international traveling but there are several hacks to experiencing life in exotic destinations on a budget.

House sitter hacks to help you

Have you heard of house sitting? It is looking after someone else’s home while they travel away on vacation or business. This entails looking after houses, pets, or plants in the absence of the homeowner. It is an excellent solution for people who travel for an extended period and do not want to risk the security of prized possessions and beloved pets within their premises.

However, it is worth understanding the house sitter hacks that can help you secure some great housesits. You might also want to check out house sitting etiquette reddit as part of our house sitter hacks collection.

House sit abroad

If you enjoy affordable travel and working holidays then housesitting might suit you. House sitting offers more than free accommodation. It allows you to experience a unique type of travel by living like a local in a safe well equipped home. You can enjoy touring the city and make a holiday out of your trip without worrying about a place to stay. The only catch is the few responsibilities over your host’s property and pets.

Because it is a responsible post, being a housesitter, it is one of our recommended house sitter hacks that you get checked and show an up to date police and background (good citizen) check. You have to be without a doubt trustworthy and a professional in house sitting. In the best-case scenario, you get a luxurious stay in some high-end homes rent-free.

House sitting jobs abroad

Sometimes an opportunity for housesitting abroad becomes a reality

Becoming a house sitter is suitable for a young person, especially students. But it is also suitable for more mature people who are keen on pets and happy to care for pets in exchange for free accommodation.

You can go on vacations during spring break and seek an opportunity to house sit in your favourite travel destination. It is a strategic way of cutting traveling costs for people on a budget. Below are tips on how to successfully travel as a house sitter. Here are some really useful and practical house sitter hacks.

Maximizing Free and Private Accommodation

When planning a vacation, accommodation is one of the most expensive aspects. Finding and securing a housesit is among the ultimate house sitter hacks. This can make your trip authentic within a new community.

A major house sitting hack is to exchange your services as a house sitter for free accommodation. With house sitting, you omit this cost entirely. You will enjoy private accommodation, which is better than looking for cheap options like second-rate hostels.

Being involved in trusted housesitting

However, your priority has to be meeting your house sitting obligations to clear up your day for exploration. Housesitting has responsibilities and you need to be ready for that in order to learn how to feel comfortable house sitting. You need to demonstrate that you can be trusted to deliver efficient and secure house and petsitting. Most homeowners hire house sitting services because of their pets. You must provide assurances that you are good with different types of pets to win a client’s trust.

Start by building a professional profile. Having a compelling is one of the top house sitter hacks. If you are a lover of household animals, then house sitting is a perfect job for you. You can meet and bond with different adorable furry friends if you have background experience with daily chores. Pet animals range from dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even horses.

Meet the Locals
house sitter hacks
Pets are often involved in a housesit. One of our top house sitter hacks it become familiar with dog and cat minding

Before traveling, homeowners love interacting with their homesitters to clear any doubts. This is one of the great house sitter hacks. Work  you give to people who don’t know you. The first impression to project is a confident, sociable, and warm demeanour.

Once you are there you can also get to know the neighbours when walking the pets to fit in into the neighbourhood.  By meeting the locals, you get to meet new friends, enjoy the local culture, and the best suggestions for places to visit in your stay. Making friends with the neighbours is a huge help and one of the most important house sitter hacks, especially if you want to return.

Housesitters love to explore

One reason for traveling is to tour different places and enjoy various attraction sites. Through house sitting you get to experience more than a typical tourist. Start by creating a bond with the locals and they will be open to give you personal tours of the best the destination has to offer at a budget-friendly rate. Getting the homeowners and the neighbours’ tips for where to go and what to see is one of the top house sitter hacks.

Save on Food and Transport

Saving on food and transport is one of the major house sitter hacks. Ordering take-outs and eating at restaurants can be costly. With house sitting, you can cook for yourself and make quick runs to the local market. This is a great way to save.

House sitting also saves you from hopping from town to town which accumulates additional costs. Consider also that some homeowners allow you to use their means of transport like cars, bicycles, and motorbikes.

What to do if you lose a key or get locked out of the premises you are house sitting?

At times when house sitting, accidents do happen. Believe it or not most are lock-related. One of the top house sitter hacks people wish they had thought of was how to deal with getting locked out. Managing your locks and keys is one of the most important house sitter hacks.

Without knowing how to get around such problems, you can end up making rash decisions. Consulting with a reliable local locksmith service offers a quick fix to such issues. The first step is to get permission from the homeowners. Explain the situation to them, and if they have a trusted locksmith, they can call him to assist.

Some homeowners leave behind essential details like their driving license number, phone number, etc. Such information saves you, the homeowner, locksmith, and police a lot of time and trouble when the need arises as they can easily verify identities.

If you have to look for a locksmith yourself, below are some steps to ensure you get a trustworthy and licensed service.

  1. Get the assistance of a local locksmith. Do not opt for distant experts. You can check online or ask for referrals from neighbours.
  2. Verify the locksmith’s license online before contacting them. You have to be cautious as it is not your house, and you would not want anything to go wrong.
  3. When calling a locksmith service, be sure to inquire about the estimate of the service charges.
  4. Ask to see the locksmith’s license when they arrive. If they refuse and you sense they are fraud, call the police immediately.
  5. Insist on a receipt that has the company name, local address, and phone number. Also, ensure the receipt includes the exact amount charged.

You can now plan your vacation or holiday housesitting with our house sitter hacks. Enjoy as you home sit in one of your favourite travel destinations.

What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is some one that a home or pet owner invites into their home to care for property and pets in their absence.

house sitter hacks
Most housesits are for the care of the pets – One of the top house sitter hacks is show your love of pets

Housesitters – What you need

House sitting gives you the chance to travel to new places, earn, and have a place to sleep while on the road. The practice is fast becoming the go-to option for many traveling homeowners due to the benefits it brings to the table. Are you searching for a way to get in on this train? You might be thinking how do I start house sitting. Here are 5 tips on how you can go about becoming a house sitter.

How to become a house sitter

It is good to consider all the elements that make up a good trusted housesitting arrangement. And as far as house sitter hacks goes these five points come high up in the list.:

  1. A love for pets – You must have a strong affection and way with pets before you become a house sitter. Most homeowners have these furry companions, and her hoping to find someone to care for them too. The more passionate you are with animals, the more jobs you can land online.  Pets often range from dogs to cats, fish to hamsters, lizards to birds, and more. Having one yourself or owning a farm is an extra touch.
  2. Obtain a criminal record check – Having an up to date criminal record check or background check available to show owners speeds things up. This is especially true if you are new to housesitting and don’t yet have a reference. Clients often take their time to check out potential sitters. But presenting such documentation can help you gain their trust and become a house sitter, faster. You can get one online via the police website or by visiting your local government building. At when you register as a housesitter we ask you to get an up to date background check through out system. Our online facility means you can do this online no matter how far away from home you are.
  3. Sign up on a house sitting platform – You’ll need to sign up for a house-sitting platform online like to begin your journey. Many of these websites, but reading through their reviews and services can help you decide the right fit.
  4. Create an outstanding housesitter profile – There are many house sitters out there, so you’ll need to convince homeowners that you’re suitable for the job. There’s a problem; you can’t appear before everyone to tell them how great you’d be at taking care of their homes. But your profile can achieve this feat. This is why many home sitters have some of the best resume writing sites to prepare house-sitting resumes for them. This way, they know they are putting their best foot forward.
  5. Housesitter profile – A profile that stands out features the following information will help you become a house sitter more readily.
  • A clear picture of you.
  • Your previous job and pet experiences
  • The qualities you bring to the table
  • Your relevant skills and qualifications
  • Your passion for pets
  • References

Having a unique profile can significantly improve your interview call-ups and help you to become a house sitter. Many house sitters who get assistance from top resume writing sites don’t even have to send applications anymore. Their profile and introductory messages attract homeowners to shortlist them for interviews right away.


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