House Sitters in Cornwall: Trusted Care for Your Home and Pets

20 Aug, 2021

House Sitters in Cornwall: Trusted Care for Your Home and Pets

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There are some places in the world that attract a lot of visitors, regularly.  None more so in the UK than Cornwall. And yet homeowners in Cornwall are always worried in case they fail to find house sitters in Cornwall.  When they start looking for a house sitter it is highly likely that they will find housesitters. It is a beautiful county with many attractions.

Equally if you are a housesitter and love coastal assignments, there are many attractions to draw you back to Cornwall time and time again. Read on to learn more about our latest family experience as housesitters in Cornwall.

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house sitters in Cornwall
Housesitting Cornwall is a wonderful active holiday

For the last couple of years we have been fortunate to find a wonderful housesit in the town of St Agnes in Cornwall. This made us house sitters in Cornwall for the Summer. In fact the assignment was a dogsitting gig in this charming village a short walk from Trevaunance Cove.  The owner needed someone to care for her two year old Collie cross dog called Puffin.

Like many people and in fact housesitters we love visiting Cornwall. We have relatives here and the beach is always such a treat.

Dog care for Puffin in her own home

Our dog sitting assignment was for our friend Puffin, whom we had cared for last year.  At the time of publication she was two years old and just as playful as ever.  Her love of playing ball is inexhaustible we discovered. Which  makes in house dogsitters the best solution for her owner and a great alternative to kennels.

house sitters in Cornwall
She loves playing ball

Just as well we are a housesitting family and each took it in turns to throw the ball and throw again, and again and again!

We had a good routine prepared for us as we looked after her. She was less our dog charge and more an extended member of the family who came with us on practically ever trip.

Advantages to housesitting in Cornwall

The obvious advantage to being house sitters in Cornwall is the variety in the landscape and the beaches. The variety of terrain and quality of the beaches around both North and South Cornwall never fails to impress. One of the things we did on this trip was take Puffin on slightly longer walks.

The Cornish coastal walks

I had brought a book with me called ‘Walks in the Footsteps of Cornish Writers’ by Sue Kittow. It offered some excellent options, especially around the North coast or Cornwall where we were based. It is such a treat for UK housesitters to discover a familiar country or region through the descriptions of famous literary characters.

This well thumbed book inspired some wonderful expeditions

We walked in the footsteps of Winston Graham author of the Poldark sagas. And we roamed the coast around Godrevy Lighthouse near where Virginia Woolf holidayed as a child.

The dog loved these days out. We took a picnic for us and snacks and water for her and we were off.

Some walks lasted long into the day and evening. The sunsets are so picturesque in Cornwall and the beaches stunning at any time of day or night. No wonder this county has such a draw for  house sitters in Cornwall.

house sitters in Cornwall
We all loved walking on the Cornish beaches, including Puffin

The food we enjoyed was wonderful, and included some great Cornish fare. Although our daughter is vegan so we had to be mindful of the choices we needed to make for her we all had options. We had wonderful Cornish pasties from the St Agnes Bakery – highly recommended. I loved the chicken and chorizo and my daughter really rated the sweet potato vegan pasty.

My husband was flabbergasted by how wonderful the crab rolls were from the Shellfish Beach Deli in the High Street in St Agnes.

And our son loved the Rowe’s chicken herby pasty, now available by post!

Classic Cornish attractions – Visiting St Ives

Doubtless if you have been to Cornwall you will have your favourite places to visit. With Puffin in tow we managed a few ourselves on this trip as a family. We had a day visiting the busy beaches and tiny back streets of St Ives.

It is hard to go to St Ives and not visit the Tate Museum

And what is more this stunning building is so close to the beach that you simply can’t pass one without the other!

The only downside to our day in St Ives was our fear of the somewhat aggressive seagulls. They were everywhere and rather shameless. In fact last year we lost a cone of ice cream to a flock of gulls who obviously work in organised street gangs. This year we observed them raiding overflowing bins!

How brazen is this sea gull?

Cycling the Camel Trail

One fun thing to do as house sitters in Cornwall, though it is harder with a dog is to cycle the Camel Trail following the river out to the estuary. We took the route starting at Wadebridge and cycled all the way to Padstow.  We then stopped and parked our bikes at the wharf to have some Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips. I strongly recommend the Thai fish cakes and the tartare sauce with whatever you have.

We then continued walking on through the town and above the hill past Green’s Restaurant out to the fields and war memorial behind.  We walked along until we found a delightful small beach called St George’s Cove. What a pretty quiet beach it was – we made a note for another day. Another day and another housesit in Cornwall. We can always plan this into next year!

Pretty little beach in Cornwall
Pleasure of house sitters in Cornwall – At home with the dog
Dogsitting in Cornwall kept us very busy!

For house sitters in Cornwall there are countless options for places to go and things to do. One of the great pleasures for us at this repeat housesit was to stay in the house which was very characterful and play with the dog. She was such a treat to be with.

Whether we were relaxing in the house, reading and planning our next day’s activities or doing chores about the house Puffin kept us entertained throughout.



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