House-Sitters Sought By Marine Engineer To Care For Pet Dogs in Mallorca

16 May, 2015

House-Sitters Sought By Marine Engineer To Care For Pet Dogs in Mallorca

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One of our earliest members on the HouseSitMatch platform came to us because he needed housesitters. He wanted someone to stay in his home while he was travelling for work as a marine engineer to ensure there was care for pet dogs while he was away. Read our interview with ‘Goldfinca’ our marine engineer homeowner in Mallorca.

A dog owner needing care for pet dogs in Mallorca

Why Mallorca?

HouseSit Match [HSM]: You’ve travelled all over the world in your professional role – Why did you choose Mallorca to settle?

GOLDFINCA: Mallorca has a thriving yacht industry, its the last stop before leaving Europe for the Caribbean for large commercial and private yachts with all of the repair, equipment and provisioning facilities needed. As a marine engineer it is a great location to be based professionally.

Private Yacht South of France - whole crew with owner
Lady Georgina with all hands on deck

I have been fortunate in that I have sailed around most of the world, particularly the warmer, holiday type locations, as I work mainly on private yachts. And because of my work, for years I lived in the Caribbean and all sorts of other exotic places.

However, I soon came to realise that Mallorca has the best of all features from all the places that I have visited. As house-sitters will see when the arrive it has a fabulous climate, stunning scenery, a long and great history and lots of character. Moreover, the Mallorquin are a particularly kind people, independent, proud and also tolerant and relaxed. So overall it offers a great lifestyle.

The only thing is I need care for pet dogs at home when I am away.

Where do you and your dogs live in Mallorca?

HSM: Where is your house-sit based in Mallorca?

GOLDFINCA: I live with my dogs in a wonderful eco-finca. The finca is near Llubi, which is centrally located, handy for house-sitters who stay there to care for dogs. It is equally accessible to all parts of the island but at the same time rural, quiet with beautiful mountain views (which is really one of the main reasons I chose the house I did). By car it is only 10 minutes from Playa de Muro which is certainly one of the best beaches.

And we are only 20 mins to Alcudia and Pollenca, the Northern ports and a half an hour to Palma.  The only thing is that it can be hard to find care for pet dogs in this location.

Goldfinca - Mallorcan Retreat
Goldfinca – Mallorcan Retreat

There are scores of kilometers of ‘Eco vias’ single track roads intended for bicycle exploration. If you like cycling we are only 20 minutes by bicycle to S’Albufuera, the wetland National Park which is particularly popular with bird watchers. I could go on, there really is so much here!

care for pet dogs
Secret Escape – the Garden

The finca sits in a large garden plot of 3 acres, and is very peaceful. This housesit would suit a quiet calm person or house-sitters, the garden is a really interesting space stocked with indigenous plants. Its a restful haven that might suit a writer or house-sitters who enjoy a contemplative existence.

A Contemplative Space
A Contemplative Space

Why house- sitters? Care for pet dogs

HSM: Why do you need house-sitters in particular?

GOLDFINCA: Well my work requirements mean that I must be away at sea for 6 months of the year in three 2 month blocks. My personal life has evolved in recent times so that it comes down to work, or look after the dogs myself. The cor pet dogs can’t over ride the way I earn my living. That’s a career-ending decision.

Finding a couple or a single House-sitter for pet-sitting seemed to be the perfect solution for me. I need a housesitter who knows how to take care of dog s.

I think that I have a great deal to offer the right house-sitters in return for peace of mind about my dogs while I’m away. Without dogs I would simply close the house up and employ a gardener for the garden upkeep during the Summer.

This House-sitting assignment is really all about care for pet dogs. I love my dogs more than anything, and want them just to be safe and happy. They require very little. The main garden is divided in two totally enclosed areas of a bit over an acre each throughout which they roam as they want.

The dog sitters should know how to take care of dogs at home.

care for pet dogs
Project care for pet dogs is about Purdy and Rhubarb

What is the best care for a pet dog?

HSM: What would you say is the best way to care for pet dogs when the owner is away?

GOLDFINCA: There is no doubt in my mind that the best place for dogs to be cared for is in their own home. They will be in a familiar space, with their beds and all the nooks and crannies that they know, their own food and the garden where they like to play. It’s easy.

Once the gates are closed they’re safe. All the sitter has to do is ensure that the gates are secure when they are in, and that they are on their chains on the kitchen terrace before leaving the house.  Feed them once a day in the evening, make sure they always have clean fresh water, then anything else is a bonus.

5 Ways to take care of animals

HSM: Do you have any tips for pet owners looking for care for pet dogs?#

GOLDFINCA: Whatever pets you have there are good ways, best practice ways to take care of them.

  1. Make sure you understand your pet’s routines and document them for whomever takes care of them when you are away
  2. Find pet sitters to care for your pets. In my mind I have a trusted source of care for pet dogs in my life –
  3. Ask the sitter to come a day before you leave, it gives the sitters and pets time to get to know each other – that meet and greet time is useful
  4. Make sure your care for pet dogs is checked, from a trusted source, love animals or you have read references so you have peace of mind while you are away
  5. Keep in touch if you can to hear that all is well, or if you can guide the sitter to get help.

Care for pet dogs in Mallorca

Of course like all dogs they thrive on human contact; stick throwing, ball throwing, rope tugging, working for treats, or even just walking with them around the finca. They just they love playing. While I travel a lot for work it is essential I have care for pet dogs at my finca in Mallorca.

I need a dog sitter to be with them when I am away. They sleep in the house at night on their own beds. They are the best dogs in the world…but then, I would say that!


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