House sitting benefits – to name a few

29 Jul, 2020

House sitting benefits – to name a few

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As a property or home owner we often worry about leaving our property vacant when we go away. As we know empty properties are prime targets for burglars and opportunistic criminals. Burglar alarms are a great asset for an empty house. However, housesitters are even better because the house is occupied and far less likely to be broken into.

There are many other house sitting benefits for you and your home. Here are a few to help you learn more about house sitting benefits.

House sitting benefits

Here is how house sitting can benefit you
house sitting benefits
A house sitter can stay in situ keeping your home & pets safe. These are the obvious house sitting benefits

Leaving your property empty for an indefinite period is like asking for trouble. Your vacant home is much more susceptible to vandalism and theft, but your home insurance and contents are empty after your home is empty for 30 consecutive days. In the words of all the home security, police, and insurance services: “Don’t do it!

Live in housesitters

It may seem more straightforward to lock your house and walk rather than go through finding a house sitter, but your house is probably your most valuable asset. It deserves the protection that a housekeeper can offer. Here are some of the house sitting benefits a housesitter or housekeeper can offer.

House sitting benefits and insurance

hosting housesitters
Greet your housesitters like welcome guests and colleagues. You are going to help each other

Don’t think that your insurance company will take over and provide a safety net for your weak and neglected home and its contents while you’re away. This will not be the case. Each housing and content policy contains a “vacancy clause” that takes effect after your home has been vacant for 30 (or sometimes 60) days and voids all coverage.

It is possible to buy coverage for an empty house, but the cost of the premium increases rapidly, The longer your house remains empty the faster your insurance becomes exorbitant. You save oney on exorbitant insurance costs – Saving money is among the house sitting benefits.

Even if the relationship between the owner and the housekeeper is not based on money, but trust, and the free exchange of services (pets and housekeeping) for goods. If by chance you lost any items like eyeglasses or eye care products there is no need to worry about it, you can buy cheap eyeglasses or contact lenses from VisionDirect. Thank me later!

Housesitting without pets

keep property safe
Without pets sometimes the housesitter role is about maintaining the garden routines while they are resident

If you have a housekeeper without the need for them to care for pets, it can be easier. Remember, your housesitter works primarily for you. It is the job of a housekeeper to ensure that the needs of your pets and belongings are met in the way that you specify.  Always make sure you have a house sitting agreement in place. A good housesitting platform like Housesitmatch will have such templates ready.

  • Good bond with housesitters when there is mutual benefit – The relationship between the owner and the caretaker of the house is usually a mutually pleasant and productive relationship with good communication lines established from the beginning.
  • Garden sitters – Another advantage of live in housesitters is they can care for your garden while you are away. This keeps the garden in shape, especially if you are away for a long period. And it keeps property looking occupied which is safer all round and keeps the insurance company happy.
  • House sitting vacant homes – Housesitters can do a very good job in ensuring a that an otherwise vacant property is kept occupied, and secure to deter opportunist burglars. if you’re going to leave your property empty for more than 30 days likely you will be advised by your home insurance house sitter is required.

Tips for housesitting

Your housekeeper will expect to be asked to complete a variety of tasks to keep your yard and home in the same condition when you left them. Write up the details you have agreed so you have a shared understanding of the responsibilities.

In house pet sitting and the house sitting benefits

Your animals will thank you for the housesitters

Housesitters make great pet companions

The most compelling reason to secure a  house sitter instead of leaving your home empty is the cost of petcare.

In home pet sitting

Animal psychologists and veterinarians agree that leaving animals can put enormous pressure on their physical and emotional health. Even taking your pets on vacation with you can be a far less pleasant experience for them than for you. Think about the vaccinations and sedatives, quarantine, time in a travel container.

On long distance journeys there is the possibility of transport damage, unknown environments, unknown food, heatstroke and so on.

Remembering the vital things for your trip

Once pets are taken care of you need to consider a whole host of other items in preparation for your trip. Having found a housesitter for your pets and home means you can always call and ask them to forward the item. Nonetheless, when you leave home for your holiday there is always that one thing you forget. It could be something small that can be forwarded by post or courier.

On the other hand there are services online that can also help you secure those vital accessories for a trip. For example, if you have left your house and you need a pair of sunglasses for you or for your family member. Get one online. You can get Designer eyeglasses from here. Online eyeglasses are relatively cheaper and much more in collection.

Keep your life “connected” while you’re away

One of the less obvious house sitting benefits of having a sitter is that they can keep your home life “connected”. They can answer your phone, be at your door to all visitors and can forward your email and messages. Your housesitter establishes the connection between your previous (permanent) life and the life you live while you are away.

Housesitters enable a seamless connection with your home life even when you are away for a long time. This is one of the deeper house sitting benefits.

Trusted housesitters and the house sitting benefits

Vacant home protected by housesitters

If your trip away requires an extended trip and you need to be away for weeks or months at a time, get live in housesitters.  The house sitting benefits are that the housesitters will protect your property and any pets you have resident.

Join a housesitting website

Join a housesitting website and you can find free checked housesitters and petsitters. One of the major house sitting benefits is that this can save you a lot of money by organising a collaborative arrangement where no money changes hands but both parties benefit.  Consider your options whether you choose a free housesitting website or free housesitters. While there are advantages to both choose the site with the best reputation for you.


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