House-sitting in Costa Rica

12 Feb, 2023

House-sitting in Costa Rica

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House-sitting Costa Rica was one possible option discovered by accident when searching online that became a reality for a young American couple. After a strenuous commercial period in running a business Tim and Kristie decide to take time out to enjoy a belated honeymoon in a tropical paradise. Housesitting seemed like a great idea. Here’s is their story.

House-sitting Costa Rica – Belated honeymoon

Infinity pool at the villa in Costa Rica - House-sitting Costa Rica
Infinity pool looking out to sea – fab advantage to house sitting Costa Rica. Look at that view!

After selling a business in the US and marrying his sweetheart Kristie, Tim wanted to take some time out for a belated honeymoon.  House-sitting Costa Rica seemed like a great idea. They had both been working so hard for years without a break.

At a party a friend mentioned house-sitting as a way to travel, it seemed like a good way to go somewhere far flung and exotic, an adventure on a budget. Honeymoon House-sitting in Costa Rica began to form as an idea!

An opportunity for house-sitting Costa Rica

They found an opportunity to go House-sitting Costa Rica on the house-sitting platform HouseSitMatch.  They applied and were accepted. Within three months they had moved out to a stunning property 35 minutes from the airport at Palmar Sur with a panoramic ocean view over the edge of the infinity pool, which encompasses the Sierpe River delta, historic Cano Island, and the San Buenas Golf Resort.

It was sheer bliss and a far cry from working crazy hours running their own businesses in Georgia, US! They simply couldn’t believe their luck, a three month posting in a beautiful property where they could even bring their dog Pierce and finally enjoy each other’s company without the stresses of daily life.

sunny patio area overlooking the pool
Breakfast on the patio

Why does this homeowner need house-sitters..?

“Using house sitters has been a solution for us for a number of reasons.  Since we are absentee owners and the house is for sale, we feel more comfortable having an established presence at the property.

Rather than advertising for short-term renters, we have chosen house sitting couples who have wanted/been willing to spend several months at the property when it’s not being rented on a long-term basis.

The house sitters are generally willing to pitch in and take care of minor repairs, they make sure the house is clean and tidy for prospective purchasers, and they keep us informed of any issues that arise or need attention.”

Janice Milstead, Homeowner

The Costs Rica Housesit Homeowners

The homeowners are American and prefer to spend the rainy season in Costa Rica traveling elsewhere. Which means this spectacular property would be empty for about four months a year if they didn’t use housesitters. So house sitting Costa Rica became a really good option.

Even though the owners are very friendly with local neighbours down the valley, who help to maintain the house and gardens, a house is always better maintained if it is lived in.

Pool maintenance while house sitting Costa Rica

The pool needs regular care, and daily cleaning.  There are various tools you can use like pool skimmers or pool vacuums. In addition, there are certain chemicals which must be applied to ensure a pristine appearance at all times. This is particularly important in a tropical climate. Pool care is a serious business.

The garden is a beautiful and exotic mix of cultivated plants and naturally occurring trees and shrubs.  When the owners first identified this plot as the location for their holiday home they planned to incorporate the mature trees and bushes in their landscaping. The results are stunning, and do need to be managed in order to retain a sense of order in the visually stunning scenery.

Lush garden all around the property
Looking over the garden gate

House-sitting duties

As the resident house-sitters, while House-sitting Costa Rica, Kristie and Tim have taken on the responsibility of looking after the best interests of the owners as regards the house, property and the pool. They work with the cleaners and the gardeners to make sure the house and pool are maintained to a high standard at all times.

Cleaning and overseeing housekeepers

Cleaning a large property in a tropical climate has challenges that they didn’t expect. For example, the high humidity affected the corners of rooms and closets. It also impacted light bulbs which needed to be changed regularly, and the fallen insects which need to be cleaned out.

There housekeepers who managed the weekly routines but we were living in.

They are certainly living in a beautiful paradise but the property must be maintained so this takes daily management. The drive way in particular needs careful attention weeding and cleaning, as it forms part of the first impression of the property as visitors approach.

The property is for sale

The property is for sale. And as housesitters they were ready to offer a guided tour when prospective buyers call. Although property managers or commission based property sales agents are available within an hour’s drive, having house-sitters resident to maintain the property and show buyers around is the best solution for this situation.

Living and House-sitting Costa Rica

Tim and Kristie explained that the costs of living when House-sitting Costa Rica were unexpectedly high. The costs were high in some ways and remarkable cheap in others.  As imports cars are expensive in Costa Rica so they had planned to bring a car with them. The import duty was extremely high. The import taxes were about the same cost as the car’s value.

However, they knew they would need a 4×4 to negotiate the off road access points to this property which is an hour from the nearest town. Petrol is expensive locally so they manage their travel as best they can.

In addition the insurance to run a car is very expensive, approximately $40 per day at time of writing this piece. This is one of the challenges we experienced when house sitting in Costa Rica.

Living costs while house-sitting Costa Rica

Their living costs in summary:

  • Car insurance = £1000 per month for the 4×4
  • Electricity for the house = £150 per month
  • Internet at home = $24
  • Food and other sundries = $350 per month
Belated honeymoon - House-sitting Costa Rica
Out in the local town

House-sitting Costa Rica – A way of living

In their first few weeks house-sitting Costa Rica they tried to live like locals. They ate the local diet of fish, meat and eggs, beans, rice and salads on a daily basis. And from the garden they cultivated and harvested avocados, lemons, limes and all manner of fruit and vegetables. Their food expenses were minimal.

After some weeks, however, they found they missed chicken and pasta and the foods they were accustomed to at home. The foods that make up the more American Caucasian diet are more expensive locally. So their food bill began to rise. Wine they noticed is very expensive with a limited selection in their local shops.

Stunning location and an enjoyable experience

They have thoroughly enjoyed their time house-sitting Costa Rica. The stunning natural surroundings to the property with wildlife and fantastic tropical botanicals. They are learning Spanish and the details of managing a large property to a high standard.

They plan to return to the US to build a new business. Perhaps next year they will try house-sitting somewhere new.

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