House-Sitting Makes It Easier and Cheaper to Travel

19 Sep, 2022

House-Sitting Makes It Easier and Cheaper to Travel

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In today’s economic climate travelling is not as cheap as it once was, particularly with the exorbitant costs of hotel accommodation. This is where International House Sitting and Travelling comes in as a very viable alternative for house-sitters with what amounts to free accommodation. Essentially house-sitting makes it easier to travel affordably.

House-sitting makes it easier to travel

House Sitting and Travelling – find out why they go together perfectly if you are looking to immerse yourself in the local culture or reduce your travelling costs in this HouseSit Match blog…

When it comes to House Sitting and Travelling, the benefits aren’t just for the individuals who will be house-sitting! For property owners too there are also cost savings, as well as peace of mind due to being able to leave your pets in their own home without the expense of kennels or catteries.

House-sitting makes it easier to maintain home and pet security

Another big plus is the security of having someone living in your home making sure that gardens, pools and the like are attended to. House-sitting makes it easier to keep tight security on your pets and property.

The best part of House Sitting and Travelling by far though is the authenticity of experiencing living in another country as a local would rather than in a sterile generic hotel environment that removes you from reality.

house-sitting makes it easier
House-sitting makes it easier to travel by offering both parties an exchange of services

Australia: Why Wouldn’t You?

Did you know that four Australian capital cities rank in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. If you need any more convincing that Australia is a great place to visit then have a look at this video from Tourism Australia and check out their website to be inspired.

Although the weather is pretty good year round Down Under, it is a consideration for planning the timing of a visit so make sure you check out the weather for your destination.

As the world’s smallest continent and largest island, Australia is a country of contrasts. The temperate winters and gloriously hot summers tempt visitors from all over the globe. The cosmopolitan cities, fabulous beaches, great fusion cuisine and award-winning wines meet anyones desires for an amazing holiday experience.

United Kingdom: Where Does One Begin?

The UK has so much to offer the tourist: history in abundance, amazing shopping and truly great food all packed into one compact little island. Don’t be fooled though, the UK may be small but it is jam-packed with experiences that may only be a few miles apart geographically but a world apart culturally.

You need time to explore this truly great island nation and house-sitting gives you the luxury of time to do this destination justice.

Need a few hints? Then have a look at this guide from Visit Britain for much more information. And when in Britain make sure you check out the tourism offices in each town or city you visit, they are all extremely good and offer invaluable insights to the specific area.

How house-sitting makes it easier

Of course accommodation is expensive in Britain. Which is why house-sitting makes it easier to travel because you exchange your services as a house and pet sitter for free accommodation. It is a win win.

What to do in London when house sitting

One thing I always insisted that Australian visitors did when they came to visit me was to do the London Big Bus Tour. Because the city is so sprawling it is not very easy for visitors to get to grips with the lie of the land, this trip will ensure that you get a comprehensive over view of the city which really helps when you take to the London Underground as well.

On thing that the UK is certainly renowned for is its weather but hey, you can’t have everything so make sure you check it out before you go and pack accordingly. Irrespective of the time of year, layer dressing is essential when you can literally get four seasons in one day!

House Sitting and Travelling – Useful Information for Both Destinations

The distance between Australia and the UK is roughly 15,000 kilometres depending on where exactly you want to go. If you want to know exactly then use this distance calculator. It costs a lot of money to travel between the two countries across such long distances.

However house-sitting makes it easier to travel because it cuts out the cost of accommodation when you get there.

A final tip is to check out all the boring customs stuff too as regulations and allowance do vary from country to country: Australia and UK.

So whether you prefer the idea of House Sitting and Travelling with International House Sitting or House Sitting closer to home, HouseSit Match can help.


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