House-Sitting Pastime: The Top Five Guide

27 Mar, 2015

House-Sitting Pastime: The Top Five Guide

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The Top Five Gide to House-Sitting Pastimes

For many of us who house-sit, it can be something of a working holiday. A change of scene and location, a break from our standard routines, and the chance to live another life, somewhere else for a few days.

But house-sitting can also be a slightly alien affair, as you have to live in strange unusual surroundings whilst looking after a new property and caring for unfamiliar and sometimes an exotic collection of pets!

House-sitting a Pet Ferret
Pet Ferret

So how do you ensure that you stay entertained whilst pet-sitting, keeping an eye on the property and the much loved pets?

Here’s a list of five fun ways to pass your time when house-sitting.

1. Food

One of our favourite topics and needless to say, one of the best ways to live like a local when you are living in a new country or location is to sample the local foods and delicacies. When house-sitting it’s important to realise that you’ll be setting up camp for more than a few days. So make sure that you stock up the fridge, as it’s fairly unlikely that the person you’ll be house-sitting for will have left you any treats! Of course many of our house-sitters talk to us about how easy it is to get carried away in the local supermarkets.

It's too risky to shop when hungry
It’s too risky to shop when hungry

Easy to forget yourself in exciting new supermarkets

One thing many house-sitters agree on is the exceptional value to be found in buying food from the local markets and buying fresh farm produce.

Local farmer's market can be fun and good value
Local farmer’s market can be fun and good value

It is usually worth the trip to visit the local farmers market

Take the opportunity to taste the local specialty, try local foods, produced in the region and ask about how the food is prepared – you may be surprised by the authentic flavours and ingredients of foods you thought you knew well.

Discover authentic recipes when house-sitting
Discover authentic recipes when house-sitting

Nicoise-style pizza (with thanks to BBC Good Food magazine)

With the extra time to spare, it’s a good excuse to have a go at some new recipes. The BBC have a great recipe finder website that will give you all that you need in order to finally perfect that roast lamb dish. Just remember to do the washing up afterwards!

2. Movies

Another great way to spend those long evenings house-sitting is to treat yourself to a selection of movies.

Relax with a movie while house-sitting
Relax with a movie while house-sitting

It’s fun and easy to use a movie-streaming site such as Netflix.

These sites often grant the user one month’s free viewing upon signing up, and your account can be accessed no matter where your location is. Just check which output socket the homeowners television has before signing up, as there can be a bewildering array of options!

3. WI-FI

Many homeowners will be happy to let you use their Wi-Fi connection so that you can stay in touch with friends, and even keep up to date with your studies or employment.

Keeping in touch with friends and relatives

However, if on a long-term house-sit the owners may ask you to pay for the wi-fi in their absence this is quite common with house-sits of 3 months or more.

And needless to say there’s a plethora of games to play online too from the madly addictive Bejeweled Blitz, Farmville2 and Angry Birds amongst others. For more serious players there are online casino games that give you the chance to win big such as RubyFortune to great vintage web games like Doom that enable you to relive gaming days of old, there’s many an easy way to pass the hours from the comfort of your laptop!

4. Gardening

One reason as to why people are often called in to house-sit can be to look after a particularly prized and well-tended garden. And this can be an eye-opening experience for those without a little green-fingered experience.

Time to polish your spade with those green thumbs
Time to polish your spade with those green thumbs

So if you’re at a loss over whether you’re over-watering that row of prize petunias, then check out the Thompson and Morgan website for assistance!

5. Exercise & Pep Therapy

And most of us who house-sit can agree that the biggest reason we love house-sitting will be is we get to look after a much beloved pet.

Fresh air and regular exercise
Fresh air and regular exercise

Whilst dogs will require regular walking that will give you a great opportunity for regular exercise, cats can be a little more self-sufficient and will offer you the chance to go for a good jog and get acquainted with the local area!

It's hard to substitute the pleasure of puppies
It’s hard to substitute the pleasure of puppies

All in all house-sitting can be great fun allowing us to live like locals in a new country or region, relishing in the care and affection of the adorable resident pets, or sampling the delights of leisure time in a home environment. Why not try it yourself…?

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