HouseSit Builds Trust – by Lamia Walker

6 Sep, 2019

HouseSit Builds Trust – by Lamia Walker

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Recently, Lamia Walker our founder was asked to launch the first #HouseSitChat on Twitter on how Housesit Builds Trust. It was an interview about housesitting and petsitting for affordable travel, and the questions sent were focused on how HouseSitMatch builds trust in the housesitting industry.

X ‘ (formerly Twitter) Q&A which was a fun and rapid fire set of interactions with some great people keen to learn more about housesitting and how it benefits both housesitters and pet and homeowners.  Here is a summary of the Questions and Answers offered in the main discussion. Thanks for reading.

Housesit builds trust

Q1 Welcome to the first #HouseSitChat @LamiaHSM – can you please introduce yourself?

LW – I am the founder of HouseSitMatch my name is Lamia Walker, a lover of travel, animals and flowers from all around the world. Here’s a snap of my own garden

Housesit builds trust
Building trust in housesitting is vital because we care for peoples homes and pets

Building a housesit business from scratch

 Q2 What inspired you to start HouseSitMatch @LamiaHSM? #HouseSitChat

LW – An Australian friend told me about a year’s housesitting in Australia and saving $50k in rent. We decided to build a housesitting travel business together to help both home/pet owners and sitters travel affordably…so HouseSitMatch was born. We built it with our own values of security, savings and service. We were focused on ensuring that Housesit builds trust in housesitting.

Housesit builds trust
Our core values under our name

A Housesit means someone is caring for pets at home

Q3 What are the advantages of using a #housesitting or #petsitting service for home owners @LamiaHSM? #HouseSitChat

LW – We believe pets do better when cared for in their own home. Doubtless inviting a housesitter into your home as a petsitter ensures your absence is a less stressful experience for your animals. The bonus is that our checked sitters won’t charge you, so you save money too! Moreover, we check every member for the safety of our network #HousesitBuildsTrust.

This is Mika, she loves playing with her sitter. Having housesitters in her home caring for helps her owners believe that Housesit builds trust.

petsitting in the home
Mika loves playing with sitters

Housesit builds trust in housesitting

Q4 For anyone considering trying #housesitting or #petsitting – what should they expect @LamiaHSM? #HouseSitChat

LW – For anyone who loves animals and is of a collaborative nature housesitting is a great way to exchange your services for free accommodation. It is a win win! Homeowners can be wonderful local hosts and give you the inside track on the best places to see and visit in their area. #LiveLikeALocal You get to visit places all over the world with a personal suggestions list from a local.

Work with us to see how Housesit builds trust.

Housesitting is a great way for pet lovers to enjoy a working holiday

 We can help you get started in housesitting.  And we can show you how housesit builds trust. We provide support services to individuals and first timers in housesitter. Therefore, we can help build your profile, get you checked, and can help you secure your first match. #HousesitBuildsTrust

 Management of the housesitting networks ensures safety

 Q5 What steps do you take to protect privacy and ensure that homeowners and house sitters are protected @LamiaHSM? #HouseSitChat

housesit builds trust
Privacy protocols are of paramount importance to us at

LW – We are very privacy and security conscious as a company. As a result, we manage the privacy protocols carefully as a result we feel accountable for the privacy of our members. We take rigorous protocols including veiling your real identity online. So, we do not expose real names, no contact details and no real addresses.

We ID check every member and we police and background check sitters. We also take an active role in managing the network to ensure an optimal experience for all. #HousesitBuildsTrust

Housesit builds trust
Building trust with the pets is essential when you care for them

Thank you for your time today @LamiaHSM #HouseSitChat

The #HouseSitChat is a weekly chat covering all things #Housesitting and #Petsitting – join us next week at 10am UK time

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