HouseSit Match Funny pet photo competition

2 Nov, 2021

HouseSit Match Funny pet photo competition

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Every year we invite all our followers to participate in our Housesitmatch Funny Pet Photo Competition. And each year we receive wonderful submissions from Petsitters and pet owners alike. This year your submissions have been adorable, hilarious and remarkably thought provoking. It was really tough to choose a short list. Somehow we managed to do that.

Read on to see all these wonderful pictures. And above all, enjoy the pets in all their funny poses. It’s only cats and dogs this year, but all have been caught in really funny moments by the camera.

Winner of the 2021 Funny Pet Photo Competition is

After a public vote to our Housesitmatch members and followers we are delighted to announce a couple of joint winners. Congratulations to Claire Tomkins for ‘Dog Graffitti in Malaga -Life imitates art‘; and Jacqueline Lamb with ‘Mendy makes a break for the border’.


Why we run the HouseSit Match Funny Pet Photo Competition

Over the years we have been running we have been privileged to meet and care for a large variety of pets. Sometimes the pet owners and the petsitters send us some wonderful photos of the pets doing charming and delightful things. And sometimes they happen to be snapped at an inopportune moment, or indeed a classic pose that makes one chuckle. So we thought these fun photos should be shared amongst our wider readership and followership.

We now have an annual competition in its 5th year!  Thanks to all the participants and bravo once again to the winners of this year’s competition:

Claire Tomkins

Jacqueline Lamb


HouseSit Match Funny Pet Photo Competition

funny pet photo
” Say what ..? ”  Winning photo in the 2020 competition

Pet lovers pass time

Like you we simply love animals. We love their antics, we love their company and at Housesit Match we always love to hear your stories about your pets and see the pictures. We find like many pet lovers in our network that we spend a lot of time taking snaps of the pets we know and love, and sharing them around the office. Funny pet photos is our all time favourite pet lovers pass time.

Dog sitting in Denmark or Cat sitting in Costa Rica

Whether you love dogsitting in Denmark or cat sitting somewhere exotic like Costa Rica it is always worth taking those funny pet snaps as soon as the pet in your care does strikes a funny pose or you see them performing a funny act. Not only will these pictures make you smile whenever you look them up, but they could also win you a free Housesitmatch membership.

It is an absolute delight to be able to share this wonderful collection of photos, all submitted by members of our community.

Previous funny pet photos

We have run this competition for a few years now. And many a worthy winner has made us laugh out loud in the shortlisting process.  Here are a few stars from previous years.


Photo bomber extraordinaire
Feline’s quick 40 winks








Stuck in the middle again
Ziggy’s best smile




Which would you have voted for…?

Driving Miss Daisy – Photo 1

funny pet photo
Photo 1 – Driving Miss Daisy

Toby and Twiggy catch some rays – Photo 2

funny pet photo
Photo 2 – Toby and Twiggy catch some rays


Has she gone yet? – Photo 3

funny pet photo
Photo 3 – Has she gone yet..?


Nobby the copy cat – Photo 4

Funny pet photo
Photo 4 – Nobby the copy cat


Mendy on the run – Photo 5

funny pet photo competition
Photo 5 – Mendy on the run


Life imitates art – Photo 6

funny pet photo competition
Photo 6 – Life imitates art in Malaga


Annie always waits to be served – Photo 7

funny pet photo
Photo 7 – Annie always waits to be served




2019 – Funny pet photo competition

2018 – A housesitting year – Blog competition winner

What is house sitting?

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