HouseSitChat with Kemkem

4 Oct, 2019

HouseSitChat with Kemkem

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Recently, one of our home and pet owners KemKem author of the travel blog joined in our Twitter series #HouseSitChat. #HouseSitChat is a Twitter chat about housesitting that takes place on a weekly basis. By answering some of our Questions on housesitting from a homeowner perspective she helps us understand her worries as a pet owner who travels a lot for her work and how she manages her pets in her absence.

Petowner in Spain talks to Lamia HouseSitMatch founder

HouseSitMatch was key it turns out to solving the pet care conundrum in her case.

It was an interview about housesitting and petsitting to enable pet owners to travel, and how can assist especially in the case of Kemkem and her husband who are creatives and digital nomads, travelling to collect content for their blog and for pleasure. The Twitter Q&A which is a fun and rapid fire set of interactions with some great people keen to learn more about housesitting and how it benefits both housesitters and pet and homeowners.  Here is a summary of the Questions and Answers offered in the main discussion. Thanks for reading.

HouseSitChat with Kemkem Travel Blogger

Twitter chat about housesitting

We recently recorded a video interview with KemKem about how she finds the best care for her dogs, when she travels and wherever she is living in the world. To view the video FOLLOW THIS LINK

Q1 – Welcome to the Chat Kemkem @nextbiteoflife, and thanks for taking part in our Twitter chat about housesittig. Can you please introduce yourself? HouseSitChat

A1 – Thanks for having me. I’m Kemkem, an early retiree who left the pharmacy world behind six years ago in search of a more relaxed way of life. I am a blogger living in Spain with my husband and two dogs.

HouseSitChat about Housesitting

Q2 – How does a service like help you travel the world? @nextbiteoflife #HouseSitting #HouseSitChat

A2 – Without HouseSitMatch, it would be impossible to travel as much. The stress of worrying about our pets would be too much. It would be traumatic for the pets too. Leaving our dogs in good hands in their natural habitat is great. #HouseSitChat.


Lamia’s Tweet Response (@LamiaHSM) – That’s a real compliment thank you Kemkem @nextbiteoflife we love travel too and try to find ways to support clients, especially when pets are involved #HouseSitChat #housesitting @Housesitmatch

Twitter Chat about Housesitting

Q3 – Why is it important to tell your story via your #blog? @nextbiteoflife #HouseSitChat

A3 – The Blog @nextbiteoflife started as most blogs do, an online journal of sorts to keep my family informed as to our whereabouts. It has evolved to become a depot for others looking to take the leap and wanting to know what to expect.

Malta, our first destination had very little information about life on the island. I wanted to help others relieve some of the anxiety of uprooting, and started writing about Malta, including the true cost of living, it grew from there.

We are also an interracial couple and so our experiences can sometimes differ. Being a black woman, it’s important to share views and treatment in places we visit, and I think  it helps other people of colour move outside of their comfort zone. #HouseSitChat

Lamia’s Tweet Response (@LamiaHSM) – So helpful today, and the digital communications makes sharing such knowledge and experience easy and valuable to others! Love your blog @nextbiteoflife


Q4 Why are people so interested in #travel, #food and #culture and how can #housesitting help with this?

Travel broadens more than the mind – housesitters enable travel

A4 – For me, and I suspect for most people, the urge to #travel starts from curiosity. Once find that there is so much to see outside of your little bubble, you want to experience more.

Being able to use #housesitting and #petsitting services is beneficial to both sides. The homeowner has responsible pet lovers who have been vetted to care for their loved ones.

The pet sitters have free accommodation in exchange for doing something they love and they also get to discover new places and new #cultures. We have become friends with past housesitters too. A win-win situation on both sides #HouseSitChat

Living #history is also a big reason why we love to travel. I was never a fan of history at school, but to walk wheer for instance the ancient Romans used to in Rome, see remains of the Berlin Wall is mind blowing. It’s just incredible!

Also, my husband and I consider ourselves foodies, and we absolutely travel for #food, him being Italian, #food is very much part of his culture as it is mine as a #Nigerian, so that is also a big part of our #travel.

I think the best part of the #housesitting services is that your pets get to stay in their own home, no disruption of routine and that makes a big difference, especially when you have skittish or pets with ailments.

Why Kemkem loves Spain so much

Q5 – You currently live in Spain. Tell us what are some of the amazing things about visiting Spain. @nextbiteoflife #HouseSitChat

A5 – Spain is an excellent reason to visit. World famous dishes like #paella in Valencia, gastronomy in Bilbao. Spain has over 45 UNESCO sites icluding the Alhambra in Granada. There is also the historic centre of Cordoba, incidentally one of my most favourite places and Aragon.

Living in Spain has been wonderful for us. We are approaching our fourth year in Spain and have barely made a dent as far as seeing different cities. Spain as a whole is an amazing place to visit. Most people are familiar with Barcelona, yet there is so much more to see.

Thank you for your time today Kemkem @nextbiteoflife HouseSitChat

The #HouseSitChat is a Twitter chat about housesitting. It takes place weekly covering all things #Housesitting and #Petsitting. Join us next week at 10am UK time and follow our Twitter account @Housesitmatch


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