Now we are ‘HouseSitMatch house-sitting’

6 Mar, 2019

Now we are ‘HouseSitMatch house-sitting’

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If you have considered trying housesitting either as a housesitter or a homeowner try HouseSitMatch house-sitting. You wont regret it! We check everyone for safety, we can help you to optimise your profile and sometimes, if you ask nicely we even help you to learn how to use the site. Check out our house sitting services and Trustpilot reviews currently rated 4.9/ 5.0.

Whether you are petsitters home owners pet owners read on to learn more.

Fancy HouseSitMatch house-sitting..?

A French summer home with pool ideal for house-sitting with HouseSitMatch
HouseSitMatch house-sitting

Since starting the HouseSitMatch network I have heard some fabulous stories about people who when house-sitting with HouseSitMatch have collaborated through our site to solve their travel, as well as their pet-sit and home care challenges. The aim of this blog is to share some of those stories and describe some examples of house-sitting with HouseSitMatch.

New House-Sitters – tell us about house-sitting with HouseSitMatch

Early on I had received an email full of questions from a retired artist wanting to visit her daughter in Melbourne, Australia and was curious about house-sitting, could it really save her money on travel..?

Eventually we found her an apartment in Melbourne which was not too far from her daughter – both would have their independence over the long visit and she would save a great deal of money on accommodation.

Her latest emails to me were from Melbourne and were headed up with Now we are house-sitting in Melbourne!

Melbourne house-sit overlooking a park!
Melbourne house-sit overlooking a park!

Adopting a House-Sitting Lifestyle

Initially, our clients were either the brave early adopter types, Ill try anything if it can help me, or the inquisitive customer who knew using such a network could really help them but they were nervous because they didn’t know exactly how it would all work out. Over the last couple of years, we have even converted some newbies to a whole new lifestyle as house-sitters.

If you are interested in HouseSitMatch house-sitting please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions and to help you get started.

24 hour Emergency Pet-Sitters

One of our clients from last summer called us in a crisis situation. She and her partner had recently moved to a new town in Buckinghamshire England, far away from her family in Shropshire. Within one week of their move they had received a phone call calling them back because an elderly relative was very ill and both they and their elderly dog needed care.

Kate and her partner had to leave within 24 hours, but what to do with their own dogs (two), cats (four) and fish (three)…? They called us and within that time frame by working through the network we were able to find a suitable pet-sitter, already HouseSitMatch house-sitting, who could step in, take a brief and care for the animals in their new home for four days.

Fortunately, Hannah a University student was at home and looking for work to earn funds for college … she stepped in just in time!

Despite only a 24-hour notice Hannah made sure she met the pets first.
Despite only a 24-hour notice Hannah made sure she met the pets first.

And Finally, Take Time to Relax on Holiday

Over time, we have heard some great ‘HouseSitMatch house-sitting’ stories about how by selecting suitable people online home and pet owners were able to travel safely away from home having briefed the chosen sitters with their specific instructions.

And how some homeowners felt so liberated at the thought of someone capable that they had selected would look after everything while they were away that they were actually able to relax on holiday, and save a significant amount on kennel bills to boot.

Housesitters for horses

Sarah C contacted us looking for someone who was very comfortable around horses, and large dogs. In exchange she could offer a beautiful home in the country for a week, lots of dog walking and daily riding exercise.

We introduced her to Harriet who though young was a very experienced horsewoman and had always had large dogs at home. They met, they rode together and Sarah said she could finally relax, going on holiday comfortable in the knowledge that her beloved pets would be in safe hands. House-sitting with HouseSitMatch had worked out for them.

How to get started as a housesitter

I hope this article offers you some tips based on experience of how to get started as a housesitter.

The most important thing is that you consider your own appetite for housesitting and you are honest with yourself about your skills and temperament. It takes some reflection to plan to get started as a housesitter.

Only then can you ensure that as a housesitter you make the most of housesitting as an opportunity to travel and live affordably and you offer a good service. And only at that point can you decide if housesitting is for you and you’ll see that housesitting is a real win win for both you and the homeowner.

Sarah with Alex, one of the horses in her stable. HouseSitMatch house-sitting
Sarah with Alex, one of the horses in her stable.

Could yours be our next house-sitting story

Lamia Walker is the founder of

To find your petsitters through our trusted network register with HouseSitMatch as a homeowner

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