HouseSit Match Listed in Top 101 Internet Start-ups

28 Dec, 2020

HouseSit Match Listed in Top 101 Internet Start-ups

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A few years ago now an Australian friend and I were having dinner and she was telling me a fabulous housesitting adventure she had enjoyed. For a whole year she cared for a dog in Perth W Australia who had been posted abroad for work. The dog was elderly and unable to travel, and they had no one to care for him at home. So she was placed there by an agency to housesit.

That’s how the start up conversation began… and now in 2020 we’ve been listed in the top 101 start-ups in Welp Magazine in the category ‘Internet of things’.

Listed by Welp Magazine in their top 101 Start-ups

In December 2020 we were listed in Welp Magazine’s top Start-ups in the Internet of Things Category. We were thrilled to learn of this honour.

Housesit Match has been listed!

A start-up idea forms

My friend said she was thinking of setting up an office for an agency. This was because she wanted to help other people might benefit as she had. Just as she said that the penny dropped for me. I had realised that this idea could travel, and help others travel too.

Suddenly, I saw it.  Firstly, housesitting could become a new way to collaborate with people you didn’t know via the internet for mutual benefit. There would be people who owned properties and pets they simply wanted looking after. Secondly, it could become a way that housesitters could travel without paying for accommodation by exchanging their services for free board. Moreover, the home and pet owners could offer free accommodation for the sitters care and attention over their property and possessions. Above all it would be a fair exchange of services for all participants.

Why start a business in housesitting?

Just like my friend I had worked in private sector businesses my whole professional career. I had been searching for an idea that would tempt to leave the safe world of a monthly salary. Here was a change to begin my own venture.

Like many I had wrestled with the challenges of home and pet care. Managing gardens, household budgets and organising while working full time can be stressful. Our holidays were complicated and often more expensive because we needed to book paid resources to care for property and pets. It all took extra time and money to make arrangements with au pairs, neighbours, neighbour’s au pairs, sitters etc

start up
Travel costs can be cut by housesitting

Love travel to new destinations

I love travel, and exploring new places. Moreover, I especially love visiting friends who live in other locations, staying in their homes where it is more personal and authentic.

Hands down it’s more real to travel by staying in real homes. That’s the secret of AirBnB. And yet, certainly you could do that with new friends you make via a website set up to facilitate housesitting. As a housesitter, if you find your accommodation to new locations via a housesitting website it can save you a great deal of money.

This is especially true if you are planning a long or a long distance trip where costs will be extensive. As each trip adds up over the year, you realise the extent of your savings. It can certainly even pay for more holidays. As a start-up go, we believe that this idea Housesit Match has a place in the travel world. And now Welp Magazine has given us a vote of confidence by show casing our company among the top listed start-ups.


Gardening is a passion

Love pets and gardening

Wouldn’t this be especially attractive if you could work with these new friends and not pay for accommodation?  Most importantly, as a housesitter you would look after their pets and gardens while you are staying as an exchange for their free bedroom and the right to stay.

As a collaboration housesitting is an even balance of benefits to all concerned. This is particularly helpful to a pet owner worried about their pet having to leave their home to find care in a kennels or cattery, or even someone else’s home.

Pets are always happier and safer in their own home with a carer living in. Their routines will be more easily maintained. They will experience less stress especially if you ask the sitter to arrive a day or so earlier to ensure both can get to know each other.

At home I have always loved animals and garden extensively in my own urban patch so it seemed a natural thing to do for others.

And as a family we love active holidays so a few duties while staying in a housesit is natural. This year we housesat as a family in Cornwall and cared for Puffin the Collie dog. We certainly enjoyed the pet sitting experience and she seemed pretty happy too.


How HouseSit Match works

Dogsitting in Cornwall for Puffin the Collie was great fun

What if you could just sign up to a very affordable service where you can swap a spare bedroom or two for free home and pet care. It would make a holiday very affordable and you could make new friends in the bargain. People could meet via a safe website, where everyone would be checked for ID and police records. It would inspire confidence and you could travel anywhere.

The internet makes it all possible through start-ups like

What does it cost to join Housesit Match?

Housesitting itself as a concept is excellent value. It’s a free exchange of services between new online colleagues.

Housesit also offer amazing value. Why? Because for as little as £ 69 GBP / $ 80 USD annual fee you can build a standard profile, get ID checked and join as:

  1. Housesitter – join this housesitting platform and as a housesitter apply for assignments around the world to stay for free!
  2. Pet and homeowner – join this housesitting platform as a pet/homeowner, find sitters to care for your property/pets for free!

For our premium package priced at £ 89 GBP annual fee you buy a premium package with more photos, a video and extensive profile description.

One of the Trustpilot rated Start-Ups

Over the first few years of our life as a start up we have been very fortunate to be backed very loyal clients and members. Because these are people have taken the time to try our service and to write about their experiences on the rating platform Trustpilot, you can check out our reviews by clicking here.





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