Match in 24-hours Solves Pet-Sitter Emergency

12 Jul, 2013

Match in 24-hours Solves Pet-Sitter Emergency

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Student solves professional couple’s pet-sitter emergency

Here’s the meet and greet photo Story

Meet Kate and Tom, they just moved to the area and needed a new house-sitter in a hurry, they were let down by a new contact and found themselves in a pet-sitter emergency. So they called up HouseSit Match to see if we knew anyone who was free for a 5-day house-sit at short notice (24 hours actually!), and that someone must be happy caring for 2 dogs, 4 cats and some fish. No problem we said, well chat with the network and see whos free!

Kate and Tom with Kiai, their dog
Kate and Tom with their dogs Kiai (German Shepherd, and Tess Jack Russell Border Collie cross)

And yes you guessed it the dogs are only a part of their fur family, these pet lovers also have four cats! Meet Bo Jangles the elder Tom, and the three kittens Milo, Bells and Tilly. This was turning out to be quite a hands on pet-sitter emergency with a large fur family to care for.

Bo the cat
Bo Jangles – ‘Bo’ for short
Three cats behind the sofa
Guess who’s hiding behind the sofa?

At HouseSit Match we like to keep in conversation with the network of sitters so we can help assist the matching if appropriate and desired by both parties. Enter Hannah, a young student who is saving for her next year at University. Fortunately, she happened to be available and happens to love cats and dogs. Once through the door for her ‘meet and greet’ session she fell in love with Tilly, the youngest kitten in the litter.  The pet-sitter emergency suddenly took on a more friendly feel with a kitten to care for.

The reins drawer
Here’s where we keep all the reins
Hannah the student cuddles Tilly in the pet-sitter emergency
Hannah the student cuddles Tilly the kitten

As this was Hannah’s first house-sit at Kate and Toms home it was essential that she learns the ropes, and the routines. This is where the leashes are kept and a harness if you are going on a long walk in the big park.  Care for the pets was paramount in this pet-sitter emergency.

Kate prepares to hand over the dog walking
Kate prepares to hand over
Hannah takes over the dog walking seamlessly
Hannah takes over seamlessly

Part of the role of the meet and greet was to show Hannah the dogs favourite walk and get her used to handling them togetherit can be tricky managing several dogs at the same time. Here Kate prepares to hand over the reins Kiai and Tess start to lead on their routine walk, and show Hannah their favourite path to the park…

Peaceful dog walking
All are on their best behaviour, until…
Dogs tangling their leads around a tree
…they smell their favourite tree
Dog on lead
That was a great walk – thanks Hannah!
Hannah with a dog at a tree
Actually this tree is pretty good too – just a minute

Dogs love their routine, and after their late afternoon walk they always have their evening meal. Scrumptious… Tess doesn’t waste a minute. Thanks Hannah, but I’m busy right now.

Dog eating it's dinner
Hey Bo, leave some for me – it’s dog food remember. No worries Tess, it’s just a quick snifter until I get my next meal.
Cat tries to steal dog's foodNow the meet and greet’s over what about that pet-sitting assignment – What’s that Mum you’re going away for how long..?

No worries, Hannah our HouseSit Match sitter will look after us right here. Just don’t forget to show her where you keep the treats! The pet-sitter emergency was over, Hannah the student had met the pets, and the pet-sit was organised. All were happy, including the pet owners!

By Lamia Walker – Founder of HouseSit Match

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