Housesitters: Keep your holiday home safe

30 Jul, 2019

Housesitters: Keep your holiday home safe

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Owning a holiday home has many homeowner benefits. One of the best things about keeping a second home in a place where you love to visit, is being able to holiday with all your home comforts in a much-loved location. But how do housesitters keep your holiday home safe? Trusted house sitters keep your holiday home safe. They are a really great solution.

Trusted housesitters keep your holiday home safe when vacant

In a popular holiday region such as the beautiful English countryside in the Western counties of Devon and Cornwall, there are a very large number of holiday homes left abandoned and empty at the end of each holiday season.  Ever considered that you might need house-sitters? Left empty they are vulnerable to attack and burglary.

Most homeowners today take precautions and find suitable housesitters to take care of their property in their absence. This is essential if the owners are absent for weeks or often months at a time. Reliable long term house-sitters can be much in demand.

Cornish coastal home - house-sitters love beach locations

Here we suggest a few tips that can help you maintain your property housesitters keep your holiday home safe when you are not there:

Install security precautions and find suitable housesitters

View of the sea from a Cornish housesit

The first thing to protect your home is to ensure all openings such as windows and doors are secure in your absence. Unoccupied properties are very vulnerable to intruders such as squatters, vandals and burglars. Do remember that housesitters keep your holiday home safe.

The risks to a vacant holiday home

An empty property is a target – Housesitters keep your holiday home safe

Maybe one of the most obvious precautions when leaving any property unguarded for a period of time is to fit your home with a good security alarm. This is one way to keep your holiday home safe when empty. New technology over the years has created some brilliant alarm systems that allow you to set it so you are immediately alerted to potential intruders however far away you are.

However, another deterrent is to install motion sensor lighting, these care activated only when motion is detected. Security cameras are also easily fitted and their footage viewable and recordable virtually with affordable camera equipment. These options offer security and a basic level of protection. And of course it is always better to ensure your home is occupied, housesitters keep your holiday home safe when you are away.

Vacant property is vulnerable

However, a bright light at night will not just divert any intruder away, and a camera is easily detected by seasoned burglars and can be disconnected by an experienced hand.  Though most burglaries take place on the lower level floor, make sure even if you own a flat, that any entrances are sturdy and can still offer some protection from burglaries.

The very presence of housesitters in your property is an off-putting signal to any potential intruder.

If your home is on the beach with few present neighbours you are even more vulnerable.

housesitters keep your holiday home safe

Holiday homes by the sea are particularly vulnerable – Housesitters keep your holiday home safe

How to keep your holiday home safe – when empty

Use housesitters – the human burglar alarm

House-sitters can offer you a great peace of mind. It helps knowing that a responsible individual that you have selected yourself is looking after your holiday home whilst you’re away. Not only can a house-sitter deter any intruder, they can maintain the property whilst you are is away. Moreover it can be the first line of defence against bad and inclement weather.

Empty property

When a property is unoccupied for a long periods of time many complications can occur. Problems occur such as mould on walls, mouse infestations, frozen pipes in cold winters and radiator leaks and floods! House-sitters can protect your home or at least mitigate any serious issues, as they are on site. Housesitters keep your holiday home safe and secure and also well maintained.

Home maintenance

Having house-sitters look after your property helps. They manage your heating while you are away while helps prevent the onset of mould, a serious challenge once set. Resident housesitters and also stem or stop any leaking or frozen water pipes which can cause serious damage. Also they can make sure your property is cleared of any food waste and cleaned and so minimising the chance of rodent infestation.

Housesitters keep your holiday home safe and will maintain the property

Finding house-sitters to keep your holiday home safe and secure can also minimising the of otherwise expensive insurance. Homes that stand empty for the larger portion of the year ( longer than 30 days) incur penalties. Many homeowner policies don’t extend coverage to homes unoccupied for more than a month. Using a house-sitter can help reduce these costs.

Long term house-sitters can also make contributions towards the running costs of your holiday property which can make the whole proposition more affordable. If you are leaving pets at the property, then house-sitters double up as pet-sitters saving you even more in kennel fees.

The housesitters themselves will save a great deal of money as you are giving them free accommodation in exchange for the care of your home and pets. It’s a win-win deal!

Therefore not only are you profiting by using housesitters they are too, by caring for your holiday home rent free, allowing them to enjoy the beautiful area you so love to holiday in.

New to housesitters and housesitting?

If you have never used housesitters and are new to house-sitting, the having someone unknown in your home can seem daunting. Here are a few tips to make this easier. When searching for housesitters, go to a reputable housesitting platform. Look at their profile, check out their experience and online reputation, the more experience house-sitting they have the better.

Take a closer look at their profile, their professional lives, their interests and hobbies. Check the pictures and statuses they have shared on the site and elsewhere. This will help you become familiar with the person and feel more confident leaving your home in their care.

Also police and reference checks are a great way to help give you peace of mind. You can always ask for these. Most people also ask to speak to the housesitters as a way of getting to know them, a Skype or telephone call can help you ask more direct questions, and receive more fluid answers face to face!

When planning for a trip housesitters keep your holiday home safe

Free housesitting websites and free housesitters – which is best?

There is an old adage ‘If you’re not paying for it, you are the product’. This is largely true. Always ask yourself how is the other party benefitting? If they appear to get nothing from the arrangement then you maybe the star turn on offer!

If you are considering all the housesitting websites available, think before you sign up. Consider all your options. Do you choose a free housesitting website or free housesitters from a paid site?

Housesitters help care for your holiday home
Do you have a holiday home? Housesitters keep your holiday home safe

Pretty waterside cottages are lovely, but a concern in wintry weather if you’re absent

Get to know your neighbours and introduce your housesitters to them

We also suggest that getting to know your neighbours. This can keep your holiday home safe and secure, assuming your neighbours are resident year round. Becoming friendly with a few locals who live close to you can be invaluable. Not only can they make a quick call if anything seems amiss whilst you’re away, but you can also make some great new friends in the process!

A final word on why trusted housesitters keep your holiday home safe

Keep your holiday home safe this year whilst you are away. Use these tips and register on HouseSit Match to find trusted house sitters. Ensure your property is kept secure and well maintained. Our experienced pool of housesitters are ready to look after your home.

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