Housesitters or Property Management Companies

18 Jul, 2019

Housesitters or Property Management Companies

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At Housesitmatch we are often asked if housesitters could do the job of a property management company.  The issue of housesitters and property management comes up quite regularly, and we usually respond with a horses for courses response. The reason that people need housesitters is often related to the care for pets in the home or a human presence in a domestic situation while the owners are away. This could be for a short or an extended period. The reasons you would look for and appoint a property management company are varied. Usually the reasons are related to the scale of the project. The length of time work is needed or the professional rental accommodation on the property are related. Here is the top line guide on what kind of property management company you might look for and how or when you might appoint one.

property management
Housesitters or Property Management Company ?

Choosing Housesitters or Property Management Companies

You may have a large property, perhaps with an AirBnB facility or a residence even multiple long term renters already resident, and you need to consider who will look after your property in your absence.  As a housesitting platform we have a rule of thumb that we are happy to share with our members, however, rules are flexible and for the right candidates are easily broken.

We have housesitters who are eminently qualified to care for rental properties, or large remote estates because they have this in their life or professional life. So housesitting somewhere new and doing this for someone else is part of their repertoire.

However, there comes a point for some property and homeowners when they are a little perplexed about how and when to choose housesitters or property management.  If you are hesitant about housesitters because of the scale of the project, then here is the top line guide on Property Management Companies.


property management
Sometimes scale dictates the need for a property management company

What To Look For In Property Management Companies

Just as you will need to have tight screening procedures when you look for housesitters before you invite them into your own home, there are similar screening procedures for selecting tenants. You will want to have very similar procedures in place for shooing property management companies as well.

The responsibilities for your selected property management company will be to oversee your tenants, maintain your properties, and collect monthly rent to name a few things.

This is why you cannot afford to go with a low quality company to manage your business for you. Instead, you will need to go with the very best company you possibly can.

We’re going to help you out by walking through the top qualities that you will need to look for in  a property management company. If the management company you are considering lacks just one of the following qualities, do not consider them.

Here are the top qualities that you will want to look for in property management companies:

Rock Solid Reputation

A solid reputation will need to be the very first thing to look for in any property management company, without question. The good news is that it is very easy to conduct research on virtually
any kind of company these days, so there’s no excuse for not doing your homework.

property management
Look for a company with an excellent reputation

Go to online review websites like Trustpilot. Run a Google search and look for as much information as you can. Visit business research websites such as the Better Business Bureau. Just taking one hour or so of research should give you all of the information that you need to know.

A Larger Client Base

You should beware of any property manager who does not have any clients. Note for how long they have been in business. It’s a clear sign that they have had difficulty with managing
tenants and rental properties. Always look for a property management company that has a large existing client base. Don’t be fearful of asking for references either. This is the best way to verify what they are truly capable of.

Regular Cleaning Services

You should also get a property management company that performs regular cleaning services and from where you can easily order home cleans. You see, the role of your property manager is about far more than just setting rental rates. They make sure that your tenants pay on time and all that. In addition they are also fully responsible for the maintenance of your properties.

Therefore, not only should they take good care of the lawns and dispose of garbage, but they should also fix any maintenance issues in the properties as well. Tenants should have no difficulty in requesting repairs as well.

Fair Rental Rates

The next quality you will want to look for is the management company setting fair rental rates.  When interviewing a company, you should specifically ask them how they set their rental rates.
If a management company simply sets whatever rate they want to, that’s a real negative sign.  Instead, there needs to be a very specific reason behind why they set the rental rates do: they  should carefully research the market and how comparable homes or apartments are being rented  out. Based on this information, they should then follow a rule such as charging 1% of the  property’s value as the monthly rent. You should also inquire about how often the property management company raises rental rates. Make sure they explain their justification for the rise in rent.

Formalising arrangements with a signed contract

Providing Written Contracts

Last but not least, you absolutely will need to go with a property management company that  provides written contracts. If the company is unwilling to provide a written contract to being with, you should not work with them because it’s an overwhelmingly clear sign that they do not have their act together. True reputable property management companies will be more than willing to provide you with and sign a contract. This will outline all of the terms and conditions of the agreement. This way, both parties will be fully in the loop and will be contracted by a legally binding document.

Choosing A Property Management Company

A high quality property management company can be a good asset to you. That being said, your property manager is also going to be making very critical decisions about your properties, so you
really need to be sure that you do your homework when hiring.

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