Housesitting and Brexit – HouseSitChat

12 Oct, 2019

Housesitting and Brexit – HouseSitChat

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Occasionally, Lamia Walker our founder is asked to take part in an interview about how and why she founded and to explain ‘What is Housesitting’. Recently, Lamia was asked to take part in a Twitter Q&A which was a fun and rapid fire set of interactions. She talked about why she loves housesitting and Brexit, and what impact she could foresee. The #HouseSitChat Lamia also talked about how it benefits both housesitters and pet and homeowners.  Here is a summary of the Questions and Answers offered in the main discussion. Thanks for reading.

Who is Lamia Walker and What is HouseSitMatch ?

Q1 Welcome to the chat @LamiaHSM, who are you and what brings you here?


LW – My name is Lamia Walker. I am the founder and CEO of an international housesitting and petsitting network. We help people manage affordable pet care and home care solutions by matching them to house and petsitters who exchange their services for free. So You join as a member of our network and you exchange free accommodation for free house and petsitting.

Wet dog walk with Susan a HouseSitMatch homewner in France

LW – This is me on a wet dog walk when #housesitting in #IldeFrance – I’m with a homeowner known as Ryanell on our site, who over the years has become a friend. I #dogsit for her when she goes home to the UK for a visit or on holiday for a change of scene.

Housesitting – a unique way to travel

Q2 How does #housesitting differ from things like renting or hotels?

@LamiaHSM #HouseSitting #HouseSitChat

LW – Housesitting offers you the opportunity to secure free accommodation in exchange for your time and services giving free house and pet sitting. So, for a year’s membership it’s excellent value offering you free accommodation for your collaboration in the home and pet care.

housesitting and Brexit
Room with a view – Housesitting Ile de France

This is the view from one of my regular housesits in Northern France – #lovehousesitting

It’s perfect for a #digitalnomad like me who adores living like a local anywhere. My preference is pretty much anywhere in the French countryside. Plus it’s a fun way to travel and meet new people!

Digital Nomads Love Housesitting

Q3 With the rise of #digitalnomads. Is something like #housesitting a viable way to see the world?

@LamiaHSM #HouseSitChat

LW – We find there are many #digitalnomads who use #housesitting as a way to travel around the world, finding #housesits as they go to make their lifestyle affordable. At we have housesits all over the world, from Thailand to South Carolina and then on to Perth Western Australia and to Ireland. You just have to pay for your travel.

Digital nomads just need a good wifi signal and then your portable office is viable anywhere, you’ll always pick up a furry companion or two while #petsitting

Q4 Why is it important that pets are looked after at home #petsitting rather than using kennels or catteries?

@LamiaHSM #HouseSitChat

LW – Our homeowners tell us that they prefer having housesitters to care for their pets at home, so that their routines stay the same, and their environment can be a comfort while their owners are away from home. It seems to reduce their stress levels to stay at home with sitters.

Duke, Flea and Barrie playing at home in Ile de France

It keeps the pets relaxed in their own home with their feeding and exercise routines maintained. Most pets prefer it!

Playful pets love companionship at home

It’s always easier, and more cost effective, and relaxing for the pets to care for a family of dogs in their own property.

Housesitting and Brexit

Q5 Will something like Brexit be an issue or opportunity for HouseSitMatch?

@LamiaHSM #HouseSitChat

LW – The uncertainties of Brexit have meant that many British expat homeowners in Europe have been travelling ether back to the UK or other places in Europe and need #housesitters to care for pets and home when they travel.

A number of our homeowners especially in France and Spain have found us to be a handy service in order to gain assistance in pet and home care when their expat friends and neighbours have returned home to the UK in anticipation of Brexit.

TOP TIPS – For Housesitting and Brexit

Housesitters from the UK wanting to housesit in Europe will need to consider a number of important factors before committing to an assignment.
The advice from the British Government for British Nationals travelling to Europe after Brexit on 31 October 2019 is as follows:

  1. Check your passport expiry date – ensure you still have at least 6 months before your passport expires.
  2. Get travel insurance to ensure you are covered for any eventualities concerning your health.
  3. Check you have the right travel documents with you, any visas you need for your destination and a return ticket.
  4. Travelling with a pet? You need to contact your Vet at least 4 months in advance.
  5. Travelling on Business – you need to follow some extra steps – FOLLOW THIS LINK TO FIND OUT MORE

Please try to stay informed, as the situation changes daily at this current time.

Brexit aside, we have gained more housesitting assignments one way or another and continue to grow our safe and friendly community.

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