Housesitting or homestay while studying abroad

9 Aug, 2022

Housesitting or homestay while studying abroad

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Renting or housesitting for a friendly local family might do wonders in helping a college student adapt and grow. So choosing either a housesitting or homestay could serve them well.  If they are abroad then it can also help them learn a language and become independent as they will manage on their own. There are quite a few advantages to both. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of housesitting or homestay while studying in a foreign country

housesitting or homestay
Student travel is an opportunity for fabulous new experiences. But the question is housesitting or homestay?

There is no better way for cultural immersion than staying with a host family on a homestay. And the same can be said of housesitting in a local neighbourhood where you are forced to go out and meet new people and speak the language if that is necessary.

Living in another country can be challenging, and living in a whole new culture is even more so. It is possible to avoid the locals if a student wants to, but an opportunity to experience a new culture is valuable. All these points make deciding between housesitting or homestay and good debate.

It does not come up every day. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get such an experience. And whether you are planning a housesitting or homestay the experience will be worth it. Consider the following points if you are considering either option as a student.

Support when away from home as a student

housesitting or homestay
Whether you are leaning towards housesitting or homestay planning your trip carefully is important

If you are away from home as a student you could consider housesitting or homestay as options for your accommodation. Know that when you are studying and away from your home environment and your network you may begin to feel vulnerable. It might be difficult at first to find the support you need as a student.

There will always be an opportunity to get assistance with studies from native speakers via paper writing help or even professional guidance to the cultural differences. In this case, it is not only a possibility to immerse in the local customs, but also to succeed in your professional development.

So, for those who find culture immersion appealing, either housesitting or homestay can both offer a crash course with tons of benefits.

Making friends with the homestay family

housesitting or homestsay
Whether you choose housesitting or homestay meeting people on a regular basis will help you settle in you new location

Getting to know new people back home is easy. You know the language, your local neighbourhood and the best places to hang out. But it can be a challenge if you are abroad and somewhere unfamiliar. Actively looking to build yourself a new social network is one thing. Actually having the contacts and group functions to do so is quite another.

Students who stay outside of the campus dorms have learned the hard way that finding friends can be exhausting and perhaps harder then they had imagined.

Therefore, one of the top benefits of homestay is having a whole family to rely on. Families who register to be on homestay lists are often classified, for example, a couples with no children, families with young or teenage children, or retired couples. This way, applicants can pick what’s most suitable for them.

Housesitting benefits and new introductions

The major advantage of housesitting as a student is that it saves you all the money you would spend on rent. Yes that is the truth. You just don’t pay rent when you housesit so it is a very economical way to live. Compared to homestay it is a major benefit for students and young people who are usually cost conscious.

Then there is the question of meeting people. When you are housesitting somewhere new, the homeowners will usually introduce you to the neighbours and such. So that is another great positive for living away from home. You meet completely new people in a new location. Culturally it can be very exciting especially if you are in a new region or country.

Choosing a housesitting platform

After debating housesitting or homestay if you have gone for housesitting you need a way to access a number of appropriate assignments to apply for.

Consider a managed online housesitting platform.

In the guidelines at Housesitmatch we ask owners as part of their brief to the sitters to prepare a list of contacts. And we also ask them to introduce the sitter to immediate neighbours if possible and also to a good friend or two who can help.

More often than not they will invite the sitter to meet their friends and family as a new contact. It can be great fun and fascinating when you are abroad or away from your locale.

housesitting or homestay
Student success is about academics and personal growth

Learning the new culture

Through the host family, students can be exposed to a new way of life. In addition, this is not a one-way learning process. Both the host and the visitor get to experience each other’s habits and traditions. Regardless of nationality, age, religion, or race, everyone will stand to gain a full insight into another culture.

One thing to be aware of is that cultures can vary dramatically. So don’t be surprised if they appear offended when you politely excuse yourself from family events. Try to dive in and be a part of the family, get to know the.

Chat, listen, ask questions, and even offer to help in the kitchen or garden. Treat them as friends, learning partners, and a source of support and soon you’ll be fitting in without a hitch.

Getting acquainted with a new language

Even if there’s no change in the language spoken, an accent can still serve as a form of barrier. The only way to “master” a particular accent is to keep listening to it. As mentioned previously, engage in conversation as much as possible with the family. It may take a while to get used to how certain words sound, but it will stick soon enough.

Moreover, the best essay writing service reddit emphasizes that it eliminates the worry of sounding weird to them: this family took you in and they would be more than happy to help.

Things can be slightly trickier if there is a need to switch to a completely different dialect but it’s pretty much the same. Keep practicing at home so that when amidst classmates in school, the accent would not sound so foreign anymore.

No worrying about meals

Students generally tend to skip meals or eat unhealthily when exams are approaching. This will be no surprise to a host family. However, staying with a family in a homestay will ensure you have the option of regular meals every day. Although you might make do with chocolate bars as sustenance while burning the midnight oil, chances are your host would not let that happen.

Trying local dishes

Try local foods whether you are on a housesitting or homestay

Ordering take-out can get very boring after a week or so. On top of that, these meals are expensive and probably less nutritious. Eat whatever food the family sets on the table and try every flavor they have.

Not only is this a gesture of respect, but it also guarantees a balanced diet. You eat as they eat. You live like a local. If the taste doesn’t appeal to you, just think of it this way: even the kids staying on campus have trouble maintaining a proper diet while you get served warm, home-cooked meals every day.

Housesitting or homestay – The final analysis

Whatever your options when you are considering living away as a student, housesitting or homestay both have benefits. Whether you like the comfort of a homestay family to support you while you are studying, or the independence of housesitting they are both good options.




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