How a roof adds curb appeal

6 Jan, 2023

How a roof adds curb appeal

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Every homeowner dreads the day when they need to replace their roof. It can be a huge task and costly. Doubtless it will add value to your property to have a new and attractive roof. However, did you know a roof add curb appeal to your property if the right style and materials are chosen. Read on to learn more about how a roof adds curb appeal and value.

Ways how a roof adds curb appeal to your property

roof adds curb appeal
A well chosen roof adds curb appeal 

When a family purchases a home, they look at the whole structure, including the roof. If the roof detracts from the beauty and security of the home, they will look at the next house on the list with a good, attractive roof. No one wants to purchase a house with a worn-out, leaky roof that will need to be replaced soon at great expense.

But it goes further than that. A roof that is solid but ugly or clashes with the rest of the home exterior is also a big turn-off. But, an attractive roof that looks newer and blends with the home’s exterior décor will help a family in their decision to purchase a home. One roofing material that is especially attractive is copper roofing.

Consider copper roofing

When a homeowner is considering replacing the home’s roof for security, aesthetics, or resale value, copper roofing can be a winning choice. Even in homes where the owners cannot afford a whole new copper roof, copper roof accents add value and curb appeal.

There is a long history for copper in use as a roofing material because of its curb appeal and longevity. Copper roofing resists hail, fire, high winds, mildew, and mold while lasting up to 100 years. What is more copper does not scratch, dent, or blemish easily.

attractive wisteria clad house with curb appeal
A roof adds curb appeal but your home may benefit from other external attractions

Copper roofing reflects the light

Copper roofing sheets will reflect the sun’s UV rays, making a home more energy efficient. It is a lesser known fact that copper tiles weigh less than many roofing materials putting less strain on the rest of the home’s structural materials.

In addition, people like the look of copper roofing as it ages and gets a patina of dark brown, black, blue, green, or a combination of the colors depending on the climate where it is used.

What is the cost of copper roofing?

The first question many homeowners ask about copper roofing is its cost. Copper roofing costs more than some roofing, but it lasts for up to 100 years and looks like a jewel for the whole time. Copper roofing looks rich. A homeowner can expect to pay from $20 to $30 a square foot and should always leave the installation to well-trained professionals.

A roof is a major investment for homes with large, complicated structures, but a good roof adds curb appeal and value. Some homeowners choose to use less-expensive roofing for the bulk of the house and copper roofing as accents on a porch. dormer, entryway, or bay window roof.  

Steel and aluminium roofing is cheaper

As a comparison, steel and aluminium roofing costs from $10.50 to $18.50 a square foot installed, but they do not look like copper. Copper shingles will cost less than copper standing seam panels. A copper roof costs as much as four times as much as an asphalt shingle roof but looks so much richer and lasts at least four times longer.

In addition, the copper roof is almost maintenance-free.

Is a copper roof the right choice?

roof adds curb appeal
Copper is a strong and pliable material

Because of the cost, copper roofing is not for every house or every budget. It is important to look at other homes in the neighborhood and what materials they have used. Does copper roofing match the style and construction type of the home? Does the roofing budget cover copper roofing? You may want that your roof adds curb appeal but there are other considerations to take in to account.

Copper roof adds curb appeal

Copper roofing will enhance curb appeal on the right houses. But, if the home is on the lower end, in poor overall condition, or of the wrong style, a copper roof might be the wrong choice. Using a few copper accents might give the allure of copper without the whole $35,000+ expense.

Think about copper gutters and downspouts, copper entryway roofs, or copper facias. A good roof adds curb appeal but it is always necessary to think about return on investment when choosing roofing materials.

How a roof adds curb appeal in summary

There are huge advantages to using copper for your roof. It has a long history in use because of it’s longevity and durability. Doubtless if the cost of the material is within your budget you will see how a roof adds curb appeal to your property. It can be worth the investment.


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