How much energy does a dishwasher use

31 Oct, 2022

How much energy does a dishwasher use

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Today during our cost of living crisis many of us are wondering about cutting out electrical luxuries and energy costs. So perhaps like other homeowners you are wondering about the costs of running electrical luxuries with questions like – How much energy does a dishwasher use? Read on to learn about what that might mean for you and how to control these costs.

So how much energy does a dishwasher use..?

how much does a dishwasher cost to use
When choosing a dishwasher become familiar with the eco-cycle and varying weight loads to reduce the cost of running it

It is often believed that washing your dishes by hand is more eco-friendly than using a dishwasher. This is a common misconception since modern dishwashers are far more energy-efficient than they used to be. 

Using a dishwasher not only reduces the amount of water you use but also saves you time and effort. What most do not understand is that a dishwasher can also reduce your energy consumption. How much energy does a dishwasher actually use?

Dishwasher energy consumption

How much energy a dishwasher uses depends on three factors that make up the total energy consumption.

  1. The size of the dishwasher: The bigger you go, the more water it can hold and therefore the longer it will take to run through a cycle. For example, a 24-inch model will use more energy than a 19-inch model.
  2. The setting of the dishwasher: Where possible choose an ‘eco’ or ‘green’ setting which uses less water and electricity than other settings. This is particularly important if you live in an area where water restrictions are in place.
  3. The efficiency of the dishwasher: Newer models use less electricity than older dishwashers so make sure yours is as efficient as possible by checking its Energy Star rating before purchase.

Energy use depends on your dishwasher model

When you ask how much energy does a dishwasher use you know it varies by model.

Since the amount of electricity consumed by the model can vary greatly enormously depending on the manufacturer’s design and the cycles you select to run, it might be difficult to offer an accurate estimate of how much energy a dishwasher requires. 

Asking how much energy does a dishwasher use varies with what you wash

The kind of dishes in the load and the settings for the dirt level will have an impact on factors like water pressure and volume. Another choice you may have is heated drying, which effectively doubles the base power cost to generate additional heat. 

Your experience may differ, but by utilising typical usage rates, we can estimate how much the dishwasher will cost you each month in utility costs. Learn more at Utility Bidder to understand how your energy consumption is affected by your household appliances.

Ask how much energy does a dishwasher use before committing to a model
Your decision to use a dishwasher might depend on which domestic appliance in your home will save you the most time

What Time of Day Is Best To Use the Dishwasher?

The best time of day to run your dishwasher in terms of cost and energy efficiency is at night. That’s because energy providers’ off-peak hours are typically at night when running a dishwasher costs a bit less. Customers consume the most power during peak hours, which also increases production costs.

Ask your local energy provider when their “peak” hours are and run your dishwasher during those hours. This also applies to bigger appliances like washers and dryers. Running a load during off-hours may be possible if your dishwasher is a more recent model.

How to use your dishwasher economically

You can reduce how much you spend on electricity for your dishwasher and other kitchen equipment. To use the least amount of electricity possible, try these tips:

  1. To limit the number of cycles you run in a week, fill up your dishwasher with a full load of dirty dishes before running it.
  2. Additionally, avoid overfilling the dishwasher because proper water circulation is necessary for the operation.
  3. As soon as your dishwasher’s cycle is over, open the door immediately to speed up evaporation. By doing so, you may save a lot of electricity and avoid using the hot dry option.
  4. Switch to a new energy-saving dishwasher model. As you can see from the aforementioned instances, contemporary dishwashers have drastically increased their efficiency.
  5. During the warmest period of the summer, avoid using the dishwasher. Your air conditioner will have to work harder and consume more energy if you create additional heat within your home.
  6. To avoid soap scum, limescale, and food particles blocking the spray arm and filter of your dishwasher, which can lower efficiency and prevent efficient washing cycles, clean it regularly.
  7. Using a dishwasher consumes less water than hand-washing dishes, specifically if you have a high-efficiency model. However, consider cleaning your dishes by hand if you have less than a full load. 

Final thoughts on how much energy a dishwasher uses

When it comes to energy use, dishwashers are pretty efficient. But when you finally ask yourself exactly ‘how energy does a dishwasher use’ you need to factor in these key elements. From the model, to the eco design, to the cycle you are using, all are important in the matter of energy use.

One of the easiest ways to get a dishwasher that uses less energy is to buy one that’s Energy Labelled and comes with an eco-program setting. These energy-efficient models can save you as much as 20 per cent on your utility bills.


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