How real estate agencies benefit from DAM Software

21 Dec, 2020

How real estate agencies benefit from DAM Software

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The business of real estate of helping people buy property and creating new homeowners is a high ticket business.

real estate
The real estate business is a high ticket business

How DAM software benefits real estate companies

As someone within the real estate industry, you’ll understand the immense pressure and hard work that’s expected of you. The sales are for high ticket items, whether large estates or apartments. The challenges are significant, from meeting your client’s needs to finding them their perfect home.

Whether you are representing new clients or helping them navigate the entire sales process from start to finish. There’s so much more to this demanding yet rewarding career than property tours and home staging events.

Negotiate the offers

You’re also responsible for negotiating offers and repairs, property inspections, marketing, selling, placing homes on the market and so much more. Whether you’re helping a seller or consulting with a buyer, the demands of this role require high levels of organisation across all areas of the company, as without it, you can expect your real estate company to collapse.

Believe it or not, more real estate agencies than ever before are turning to DAM software to help them handle large amounts of data and keep control of their assets. By managing digital assets you and your realtor teams can streamline responsibilities and roles, improve the customer experience and even your working environment.

Also, real estate software development will facilitate your work in the future.

Want to know more? Read on for how DAM software can benefit your real estate company.

Keep all your property visuals and files together

When it comes to enticing buyers and encouraging interest, striking property visuals are key. These include stunning photos, videos, 360 tours, even drone footage and property walkthroughs. You may also have measurements and 3D drawings, as well as information about utility providers and energy efficiency.

Having files like these are essential, however when you’re handling hundreds of properties each with its own plethora of digital files, organisation is key.

This is where DAM software comes in. This centralised library is the perfect place to store all your digital assets. Its functionality and intelligent search capabilities mean you can locate the files you need for certain properties within seconds. Streamlining the entire process.

Access permissions

If you work for a real estate agency with numerous offices throughout the local area, across the country or even internationally, then collaboration between your offices is key. DAM software keeps all your files in one easy to manage place. Access is via user permissions and controls given to those who need them.

It promotes teamwork and productivity. In addition it creates a stronger brand image across your agencies to ensure everyone is using the same branding, logos, colours and tone, whether they’re answering a query or closing a house sale.

Share large files in an instant

As a realtor, you’ll regularly handle large files and important documents including CAD drawings and videos. These can often be laborious to share between realtors or to upload elsewhere. But with DAM software you get the benefit of all files and formats being accepted and uploaded with ease thanks to file embed codes that you can easily copy and paste.

Ideal for agents who may be out in the field at property tours or staging events.

Final thoughts…

As you can see, DAM software is quickly becoming an essential tool for real estate agencies. Reach out to for more information.


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