How to choose a new vet – Top tips

25 May, 2022

How to choose a new vet – Top tips

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All around the world pet owners worry about care for their pets. Professional veterinary services will vary from country to country, region to region in speciality, experience and insurance cover. This means that as a pet owner you need to do some research to make the right choice for you and your pets. Read this blog on how to choose a new vet to ensure you consider the major decisions to help you make a suitable choice.

How to choose a new Vet: Making the right decision

pet needs medical care
Choose your vet’s surgery carefully to suit your pet’s needs

Whether you’ve moved house or are simply changing vets, choosing a new vet can be a big decision. It is well worth taking the time to research all the options in your local area to work out which practice would be best for you and provide everything you are looking for. Write a list of all the things you need from a vet practice and find one that matches these goals.

When you are considering how to choose a new vet, choose a practice that you’ll want to stay at for the long term.

Convenience – Where is the vet practice located?

Where you can, it is a good plan to choose a new vet which is located reasonably close to where you are living. This means that you will have a shorter journey time for vet trips, which can be beneficial for pets especially when they are unwell, as many pets find travelling to be stressful. Staying nearby can also be a huge relief in an emergency situation, as it can literally save a life.

If you take your dog to work regularly, it may make sense for your vet to be located close to your workplace. However, you should still make sure that you are close enough by to access your vet in an emergency outside of working hours.

pet needs medical care
When you are away make sure all your pet’s papers are available to both sitter and your vet’s surgery

Insurance cover – Is the practice included in your insurance policy?

Often an insurance policy will exclude certain vet surgeries, so do your research if you have an existing insurance policy and make sure the vet you are looking at is covered. Opt for insurance that has a wide cover, for example, Petsure offer pet insurance at most vet surgeries across the country.

Reputation – Look at the reviews

Once you’ve worked out which vets are available to you and close by enough, you should take a look at each practice’s reviews. Talk to family and friends and take a look at online reviews as well as social media pages to get a good overview of the practice and its services and facilities.

What are the vet’s opening hours?

The opening hours of your vet’s surgery are important, especially if you tend to work a 9-5 job. It is important to choose the right veterinarian and opening hours are part of that decision making process.

A lot of vets will work later or earlier than regular working hours on certain days during the week to help fit appointments around your working or school times. Make sure you find a vet practice that has opening hours which are convenient for you.

how to choose a new vet
Choosing a new vet for your beloved pet is an important decision

Emergency care – What emergency services are in place?

Even though we’d rather not think of it, making arrangements for emergencies is extremely important. Work out if your vet surgery has its own out of hours services or if they have a particular out of hours provider. Research the arrangements made by the practice and work out if you are able to travel easily to the practice in the case of an emergency.

Range of care – Which services and facilities do they offer?

It can be useful to research what equipment, services and facilities are available at the vet practice you are considering. Perhaps you have an anxious cat and would prefer somewhere that provides separate wards and waiting rooms for dogs and cats, or maybe you want somewhere with puppy classes and behavioural services. Whatever is important to you, research it and find somewhere that suits your needs.

Preparing for a trip away from home – Find a pet housesitter

And finally, always make sure if you are going away on holiday you choose a good pet house sitter and that you have up to date pet insurance that covers any eventuality for vet care in your absence. Prepare an information pack about your pets to brief your sitter. Make sure the pet house sitter has the number of your veterinary surgeon in case of any emergencies and knows where they are.

This is in the unlikely event that may arise while you are away from home. It’s best to be prepared, for your animals’ sake.

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How to choose a new vet – In summary

Although choosing a new vet’s practice can be stressful, you need to focus on your own needs. If you know what you are looking for and do your research you’ll find a great match for you and your pet in no time. Remember, not to compromise on the things that are important to you.

Whether it is out of hours emergency care, or insurance cover or the range of services check your requirements list before choosing. And always remember to read reviews to see what real customers think of the service and the care offered. Then you can be sure you have made the right choice for you.


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